• League of Explorers Heroic Boss Guides

League of Explorers Heroic Boss Guides

by JR Cook on         follow @Eldorian

Doing the adventure modes in Hearthstone can be quite challenging and tough to do, but you want that card back. Some of the bosses are easy and others you just keep pulling your hair out wondering how you can possibly win. Luckily for you, I’ve put together some guides for each wing that gives a brief description of the strategy, provides the deck list, and also has a video of the match to show you how the deck is played. Check out the full guides for each wing below!

Temple of Orsis

Heroic Zinaar, Sun Raider Phaerix, and Temple Escape


Heroic Scarvash, Minecart, and Archaedas

The Ruined City

Heroic Slitherspear, Giantfin, and Naz’jar

Hall of Explorers

Heroic Skelesaurus Hex, Steel Sentinel, Arch-Thief Rafaam, and Rafaam Unleashed