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Hall of Explorers: Heroic Deck Lists and Videos

by - 3 years ago

The final wing of League of Explorers is here and we have 4 bosses to deal with. This week I build a couple decks to take advantage of some dumb AI in the game, a control priest style deck, and then just a plain old weenie deck. Once again, the first boss in this wing was by far the hardest.

As always check out our spoiler list to see what cards you get to unlock this week.

Heroic Skelesaurus Hex

This guy took me the longest to figure out and you have to have some decent RNG to pull it off. I’ve had him drop turn 1 Grommash Hellscream and turn 1 Variann Wrynn before. If he does that, just concede and try again.

The trick of this deck is to get out Animated Armor. He won’t attack it with his minions. So you’ll only take 1 damage and you can hold him off longer that way. With that said, you might also have to just rely on some good RNG as well. It took me a good 10 tries before I was able to take him down and this deck seemed to be the most consistent in doing so.

Heroic Skelesaurus Hex
Class: Mage

Mage (25)

Neutral (5)

Heroic Sentinel Steel

This fight is pretty easy. Him and his minions can only take 1 damage so we fill the deck up with 1 attack minions and things that deal 1 damage. Add in some Equality + Consecration (or Avenging Wrath) Combo and you have a pretty simple win. Just keep putting dudes on the board and let your knife jugglers do some work.

Heroic Steel Sentinel
Class: Paladin

Paladin (12)

Neutral (18)

Heroic Arch-Thief Rafaam

The easiest fight.. because you control what your opponent’s deck is. He’s not a rogue, so fill his hand with worthless cards. On top of that, fill his hands with things he will mill himself with. The AI is dumb so he’ll do things like shadowstep his Coldlight Oracle or Novice Engineer.

Heroic Arch-Thief Rafaam
Class: Rogue

Rogue (18)

Neutral (12)

Heroic Rafaam Unleashed

Mulligan heavy for Shadow Word: Death because you will need it on turn 4. After that just control the board. Keep things like Lightbomb, Entomb, and Mind Control for his big creatures. The fight is pretty easy if you take care of the early big threat right off.

Heroic Rafaam Unleashed
Class: Priest

Priest (22)

Neutral (8)

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