• The League of Explorers Spoiler Card List

The League of Explorers Spoiler Card List

by JR Cook on         follow @Eldorian

The League of Explorer’s is the 3rd Adventure Mode to be released. It will cost 700 gold per wing. If purchased by real money $19.99 for all 4 wings, $14.99 for 3 wings, $9.99 for 2 wings, or $6.99 for 1 wing.

The set has 45 cards and 4 wings that will open up over the course of 5 weeks. The week of November 26th there will be no released wing as that is the Thanksgiving Holiday in the US.

There will be 9 class challenges that will reward 1 new class card. Below is a break down on what cards you get for each wing.

Cards Received When Purchasing Adventure Mode (Gold or Real Money)

Week 1 – Opens Nov. 12, 2015

Temple of Orsis Wing

 Warrior Class Challenge

Warlock Class Challenge

Week 2 – Opens Nov. 19, 2015

Uldaman Wing

Paladin Class Challenge

Priest Class Challenge

Druid Class Challenge

Week 3 – Opens Dec. 3, 2015

The Ruined City Wing

Shaman Class Challenge

Hunter Class Challenge

Week  4 – Opens Dec. 10, 2015

Hall of Explorers Wing

Rogue Class Challenge

Mage Class Challenge