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Uldaman: Heroic Deck Lists and Videos

by - 3 years ago

The 2nd wing of League of Explorers released today (yesterday I guess as I finish writing this) and with it we have some deck lists and guides for how to beat the bosses on heroic. This week one of the bosses is not like the others in the fact that you don’t actually get to create a deck for it. The Mine Cart has a premade deck so you only get 2 deck lists from us and also an explanation on how to beat Heroic Minecart.

As always check out our spoiler list to see what cards you get to unlock this week (and upcoming weeks!)

Heroic Scarvash

Mulligan hard for Doomsayer. It’s really hard to win this fight without it. I was able to in the video with Fiery War Axe and execute but the fight took longer than it probably would have. Once you deal with the initial threat it’s really just a matter of playing minions on the turn you can and spells on the turn you can. What’s nice about playing Warrior is that weapons don’t count as either minions or spells so does not get hit by the mana increase. Also, as you can tell, all spells are odd and all minions are even, this is to try and make the curve on when you can play as efficient as possible. This deck took me 2 attempts to finish.

Heroic Scarvash
Class: Warrior

Warrior (21)

Neutral (9)

Heroic Minecart

As stated in the opening summary, this isn’t a custom made deck. Instead you have 9 turns to try and escape the Troggs on the Minecart. You have 2 mana the entire fight and all your cards cost 1 mana. So every turn you can play 2 cards (or 1 card and 1 hero power which does a random 3 damage).

The trick to this fight is to try and get your draw 3 cards very early. This gives you many options later in the game. Don’t worry too much about taking early damage. Once they have the board nearly filled you can pop two of the “deal 3 damage to enemy minions” cards to wipe their board clean. Once you feel you have board control you can also pop the cards that reduce the timer down even more. Use the “deal 10 damage” cards on the 6/6 guys.

This seems to be a relatively easy and fun fight all things considering, but it might definitely take some RNG luck to have it go your way. Using this strategy however I did beat this on the first try.

Heroic Archaedas

Every turn Archaedas gives you an 0/2 statue and a 0/5 statue for himself. He’s playing with buff cards that help give his minions attack. So in return, we need to play a deck that basically does the same. The idea is to get out your flametongue totems, dire wolf alphas, and even the frost wolves to put pressure on him early. Once you get a near full board, Blood Lust becomes your finishing move. The more of your own statues your able to kill off the better, you’ll also want to be mindful of taking out his statues as well.

Hold on to Elemental Destruction as your last ditch effort if you need to nuke the board completely.

I was able to win easily on my first try with this deck.

Heroic Archaedas
Class: Shaman

Shaman (19)

Neutral (11)

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