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Blackrock Spire: Heroic Deck Lists and Videos

by - 3 years ago

Wing 3 has arrived and with it I have some deck lists for how to beat Heroic. I’ll be honest, the deck lists for Omokk and Rend Blackhand should serve you well. However, the fight for General Drakkisath (or who I eventually started calling General Dickweed) is a complete crap shoot. Seriously though, that is the worst and most frustrating fight in Adventure Mode history and the only way I pulled a victory is through the AI being stupid. So hey, good luck and here are the deck lists and videos. If you have a better way of beating Drakkisath I would love to hear it in the comments.

Highlord Omokk

His heroic ability costs 0 and destroys a random enemy minion. Because of this, we just have a handful of minions in this deck. I didn’t do this in the video but playing Kel’Thuzad with duplicate can be really fun. On normal mode I had 3 Kel’Thuzads and they just keep duplicating themselves until you have a board full of them eventually. Control the board and potentially have some fun being Ragnaros for a bit. If you need an alternative strategy, you can always fill the board up with small minions.

Class: Mage

Mage (26)

Neutral (4)

General Drakkisath

I hate this fight. You get 1 mana crystal and everything costs 1 to play. He gets 2 mana crystals. So he gets to play 2 things a turn to your one. What sucks is it’s near impossible to control the board this way. Sure, you can clear the board in some cases and then he plops 2 more things down. It eventually comes down to if you have a Kel’Thuzad and a taunt minion in play, he won’t attack. This is probably a bug but it seems to be the only way you can actually beat him which is pretty ridiculous.

I put Lorewalker Cho in there hoping to get some of his spells to use against them. Foe Reaper 4000 is also really good with this deck.

Dannie Ray suggested getting multiple Kel’Thuzads on the board to stall until you can taunt up proper, you can check out his decklist here.

Class: Druid

Druid (16)

Neutral (14)

Rend Blackhand

Rend Blackhand cycles through his hero power and can summon different minions with it. It usually starts out with 3 2/2 whelps and then 2 2/2 orcs with taunt. So getting an early Explosive Trap can help set the mood for the game. He can also get an 8/8 so having a couple Big Game Hunters can help. The toughest part of this matchup is just keeping board control going. Once you have it though you can just continue plunking away at him and overall it’s a fairly easy fight.

Dannie Ray used roughly the same strategy, but check out a slightly different decklist and some extra tips here.

Rend Blackhand
Class: Hunter

Hunter (8)

Neutral (22)

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