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Beating General Drakkisath in Heroic and Normal

by - 3 years ago



Normal Mode

Intense Gaze (Passive): All cards cost (1). Players are capped at 1 Mana Crystal.

Drak is also pretty straightforward, all cards have their cost hard fixed 1 and you are capped at 1 instead of 10. That means you can only play one card per turn, cards that give you extra mana crystals like innervate won’t work, and neither will cost reduction cards like Sorcerer’s Apprentice or Emperor T.

This means that you want big dudes out there.  Most of the high cost Legendaries will be your friends here, Giants, Force Tank Max, Stormwind Champion, etc. Foe Reaper, Alexstrasza and Kel’Thuzad are some of the best legendaries you can get here. Dropping Hogger on an empty board could also be very helpful. Regardless of what you use, you gotta keep an eye on Twisting Nether.

kelFoe-Reaper-4000 Alexstrasza

Mind Control is great here as you could imagine, which means that Priest is probably the way to go. Druid is a another option as it boasts powerful cards such as Cenarius, Malorne, and Ironbark Protector. The Taunts from Cenarius could keep your enemy busy long enough for you to kill him.

Heroic Mode

Intense Gaze (Passive): All cards cost (1). You are capped at 2 Mana Crystal, and opponent at 1.

Getting Mad Value was easy when you were going 1 card each, but now when he manages to play 2 card every turn you are in a world of trouble. Kel’Thuzad is the man here, it is one of the few cards in the game that manage to generate enough pressure to keep you in thet game, If you manage to hide a pair of KT’s behind a Taunt Wall then you are in the clear.

After failing to accomplish that in about an hour with Priest, I decided to switch to Shaman and somehow I got the perfect start and perfect RNG that lead to a first try clear.

Here’s the deck that I used, it’s awful and could use much improvement, but here it is.

Drakk Heroic Decklist

The most important cards here are Kel’thuzad, Faceless Manipulator, Sunwalker, Reincarnate, and Ancestral Spirit. You want to have 2 of each if possible.  I got the victory in the first try with this deck, but it wasn’t because the deck is solid, its because I draw into my combo cards on the starting hand. Basically you want to Fill your board with KT’s and Taunts, and the above mentioned cards help a lot with it.

Ancestral Spiritreincarnatefacelesskel


Switch out the weaker cards such as Cobra, Core Hound, and War Golem. Instead run more Giants and powerful legendaries like Foe Reaper and Alex. I’d be tempted to add in something like Annoy-o-Tron and Belcher to help with the stall, you do need taunts to protect your face and with a few KT’s powering your board you don’t care if they die.

This boss would be a lot easier if he didn’t have Twisting Nether, lucky for you he won’t play it if he has minions on the board. That’s why it is so important for you to have smaller taunts that won’t kill their minions and won’t allow him to kill your OP Lich.

You are probably going to be doing A LOT of conceding, reloading, and hating the world, so be prepared.

Dannie Ray

Reaper of Souls Player and Theorycrafter, former WoW Raider, Finally got my Heroes invitation! On my spare time I might, or might not be working towards a Masters on Computer Science.