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Beating Highlord Omokk in Heroic and Normal

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Normal Mode

ME SMASH (1): Destroy a random damaged enemy minion.

 Just looking at his Hero Power, you can tell that playing bigger minions is going to leave you open to huge tempo swings. The easy solution is then to play smaller minions, a Face Hunter should really suffice and make this a really easy fight. The swarm of low cost charge minions and direct damage spells is going to quickly overwhelm this pesky adversary.

Heroic Mode

ME SMASH (0) Autocast: Destroy a random enemy minion.

Like most of the Heroics this week, this guy is a pain in the ass. He kills 1 of your guys per turn, so the only way to pull through is to swarm the board with minions. The problem is that your minions will be very small and will have a hard time keeping board control and it is going to take a while to take this Ogre down, specially because he likes to get a lot of armor. So how do we swarm the board with bigger minions? Sorting through our Decks of the week I came across the Eboladin, this deck seemed to be a very decent fit for this Heroic Boss Fight. Sadly, I don’t own the Hobgoblins myself, so I had to look for alternatives.

Omokk Heroic Decklist

It took me about 4 or 5 tries to beat him with this deck. Basically you gotta fill the board, pray that he doesn’t kill your buffed guys, hope that you can get mad value out of Equality and Consecration, and cry a lot until you manage to refill your hand with Divine Favor.  Save Annoy-o-tron to stall on the late game, save your Kings until your board is near full. Try to keep Oozes in your hand to combo them with Kings, but if you don’t have other decent choices you will have to play them.

The dream hand is Redemption, into Nerubian Egg, into Muster for Battle. There’s a lot of RNG involved with this strategy so try not to be discouraged.

If you have the Hobgoblins then you could try 2 of them, 2 Wisps, and 2 Argent squires. You could remove the Blessing of Kings, the Mad Scientist, and some of the secrets.

Another approach is to stall and play no minions until you can really make them mean something. You can check that out in JR’s video guides.


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