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New Un’Goro Cards of March 20th (Updated)

by - 1 year ago

Spoiler season started fast in week one. We already got 4 8 new cards released:

Fire Fly is the first of the Elemental flock and seems good value. It also plays in the “if you played an Elemental last turn” mechanic.

Crystalline Oracle is understatted (in a vacuum, a worse Swashburglar), but has both quest and elemental synergy. We have yet to see what value comes from the elemental tag. The impact of being an Elemental in Priest still is unclear.

Shadow Visions is a combo-enabler that could also find a place in control decks for the utility it provides; need an AoE damage for turn 5, go get it!

Flame Geysir could be a cheap substitute for Arcane Blast in Elemental Mage decks.

Clutchmother Zavas provides even more tools for Discardlock on the “card you want to be discarded” side. The picture of where this archetype is heading is getteing clearer and the Warlock Quest might be viable.

Sunkeeper Tarim has players a little split. A lot of people are hailing it as the solution to the anticipated jade menace, whereas others recall how flat Eadric the Pure fell. If a control Paladin crops up, and if Jade remains a popular strategy, there is a decent chance the deck would want to run two equality and a Sunkeeper Tarim. On the flipside, it also has a Quartermaster effect packed in it, at least for your Silver Hand Recruits but not your big minions.

Stone Sentinel seems like powerful card if he triggers, thankfully he is not Dr. Boom level powerful. His impact will heavily depend an the viability of the Elemental mechanic.

Ozruk is a good card design-wise. He can get HUGE but will it be enough to justify running a 9-drop that needs such a heavy setup? We doubt it.

For all cards released so far, feel free to head either to the Un’Goro Power Rankings to find a evaluation of viability or to the Un’Goro Spoiler Card List to see a well-sorted list of all cards.




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