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Journey to Un’Goro Spoiler Card List

by - 2 years ago

Hearthstone’s 5th major expansion is expected to hit early April (date to still be determined) and has 135 collective cards. As cards get revealed we will add them to the spoiler list until we have a full collection. We’ve arranged them by rarity and then by casting cost and alphabetical order. Class cards are sorted after neutral.

Each class will receive 2 legendary cards in this set (1 normal legendary and 1 quest). So there will only be 5 neutral legendary cards. Based on that the math adds up to what we’ve seen with past sets with 22 neutral common, 9 neutral rare, 9 neutral epic, etc.

For an evolving evaluation of the cards feel free to visit the Un’Goro Power Rankings by OtakuMZ.

Revealed 135/135

Last Updated March 31, 2017

Neutral Common (22/22)

Neutral Rare (9/9)

Neutral Epic (9/9)

Neutral Legendary (5/5)

Druid (10/10)

Hunter (10/10)

Mage (10/10)

Paladin (10/10)

Priest (10/10)

Rogue (10/10)

Shaman (10/10)

Warlock (10/10)

Warrior (10/10)

Quest Rewards (Non Collectible)



Adapt Mechanic (10/10)


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3 responses to “Journey to Un’Goro Spoiler Card List”

  1. Alex Gornish says:

    Loving these “Unknown” cards. Probably going to be run in most constructed decks.

  2. Jermu Juice says:

    New meta:
    Mill Rogue beats Discardlock beats Raptor Hunter beats Mill Rogue… And the occasional, cheeky Majordomo Priest.

  3. Ian Bonner says:

    No Devilsaur token?

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