Expansion Announcement Monday?

by JR Cook on         follow @Eldorian

PAX East isn’t until March 10th, and I assumed that we might see the next Hearthstone expansion announcement there with a release happening the first week of April. However, I then remembered that Whispers of the Old Gods was shown to press around March 9th last year, announced March 11th and had a LATE April release. It makes sense that if they want an early April release, now would be a great time to start teasing that expansion.

Also, looking at the PAX East 2017 schedule, even though Blizzard has a booth at PAX East, they do not have a panel in the schedule. Now this doesn’t mean that an announcement can’t happen, after all, the Hearthstone team did announce Naxxramas at a PAX East with no panel (and no live stream) – however, that doesn’t seem to be the way they work anymore.

So with that said, it’s a bit curious to see Ben Brode tweet this:

When I originally saw it, I just assumed they were filming a video that we’d see as part of the expansion announcement I expected in 2 weeks or so.

Until the Hearthstone community team emailed us the tweet saying “Just wanted to let you know that we have something to share on Monday.” and then a follow up email that said ” please feel free to let your communities know as well”. So the video on Monday is going to be some form of announcement.

Earlier today Ben Brode tweeted the following:

Yes, Ben, we too are looking forward to being a lumberjack and discovering the Lost Secrets of Un’Goro with you on Monday.