Blizzard just released their first video teaser on their YouTube channel. This is the second (professional) short video related to the new Journey to Un’Goro expansion with the first being the live stream announcement. This time, it is not our beloved and rapping game director who is the main character but the famous Professor Georg Herbert Doyle the Fourth. He is on the hunt of “the last Kaleidosaur” named Galvadon (see below in the screenshot section). From the video we learn (spoiler warning!) that Galvadon is the reward for the Paladin Legendary Quest. It is a 5-mana Legendary Paladin Beast – wait, what?! Beasts in Paladin? There are a few more things mentioned like  “dangerous lightning storms” and two plants named Fire Thistle and Lily Feather, which might be cards too.  The video can be watched below after some screenshots.


It’s been a while since I complied a list of the best non-game play Hearthstone Videos and boy did I pick the right time to scour the interwebs! There are so many great videos that I can’t wait to share with all of you. Let’s jump right in! Fireside Gathering Movie Up first, this live action movie was inspired by the recent Fireside Gatherings. Tight editing and great lighting and sound quality combine to heighten the tension of playing across from your opponent in real life.  If I had to critique one thing, I would suggest using a tripod rather than a hand held camera for more steady wide angle shots, but overall this is a fun, high quality video that deserves a watch! NSFW Warning: Adult Language Trump: Going to the Zoo Up next, we have a fun little ditty from Trump’s stream. Upon reaching Legend Rank with his Free to Play