Introduction Standard includes Basic, Classic, and the two most recent years worth of expansions. With every new set comes the excitement of new cards and the promise of a new meta, but with the first set each standard-year comes a set rotation (and, thus far, changes to the evergreen sets). When Journey to Un’Goro releases next month, we are losing Blackrock Mountain, The Grand Tournament, and League of Explorers. There were a lot of impactful cards in those sets, which @OtakuMZ1978 and @hsdecktech break down for you below. We will give you a list of staple cards that will rotate to Wild play mode in early April. We also include suggestions on how to replace these cards in order to retain established deck types. But beware, there will be some that are not replaceable due to their unique effect (e.g. Brann Bronzebeard). If you think that we missed something important, please leave a comment

Introduction The “Year of the Kraken” is nearing its end with the release of the first expansion of the “Year of the Mammoth” expected in April. With this new cycle, one expansion (TGT) and two adventures (BRM and LoE) rotate out of Standard. Additionally, six cards from the classic set move to the new “Hall of Fame” set, which will be merged with the “Reward” set (consisting of Captain’s Parrot and Old Murk-Eye at the moment). This post will dig into the expected impact of the rotation and the new releases on the card pools in Standard and Wild play modes. Wild The Wild card pool is steadily increasing with each new release of cards because so far no cards have been banned from this format. At the end of the Year of the Kraken, we had 1,052 cards available in Wild. With every set of the Year of the Mammoth containing 130+

Introduction In the first part of this series, I took a look at the Standard play mode card pool as well as speculations of its size in the years to come. Today’s work will analyze the individual card sets as well as the rarity distribution in each set. Furthermore, the ratio between class and neutral cards and its implication will be explored . For those who are new to the game, please read the following paragraphs. Veteran Hearthstoners may want to skip ahead and tune in at the start of the next section (Rarity – Drawing). Sidenote: I will not talk specifically about golden cards in this article. Golden cards are awesome, don’t get me wrong. Me, for my part, I would like to have them all, but that’s a REALLY expensive task and not reasonably achievable for most of the player base outside of full time professional players or millionaires. Sets There are three different


Wild Rank To Be Visible On Friends List

by Crow on

According to CM Keganbe, Blizzard is modifying their course from their original announcement of Standard and Wild, and have decided that players will have their highest rank in either mode displayed on their friends list rather than only the Standard rank. There had been some concern in the community that Wild was getting left out in the cold with the friends list seemingly emphasizing Standard ranking, and to an extent, this effort goes a long way to deflating that sense. Ultimately, this is a great quality of life change before the systems even go live, because it doesn’t hurt players who want to focus their efforts on Standard but it greatly benefits those who want to aim for the top in the more card-diverse Wild mode. Read the full forum post below.

Abbreviations used: Core Sets: Basic Set = BS, Classic Set = CS, Reward Set = RS Expansions: OldGods = Whipsers of the Old Gods, TGT = The Grand Tournament, GvG = Goblins vs Gnomes Adventures: LoE= League of Explorers, BRM = Blackrock Mountain, Naxx = Curse of Naxxramas Introduction When Standard play mode was announced for the first time, one of my reactions, beside the excitement for a huge change, was the fear that the card pool might be too limited. With two set leaving and only one cycling in, I preemptively assumed that there will remain too few cards in the format. Another thing that I was worried about, was the fact that there will be a huge card pool that, as far as we know today, will stay forever. My gut feeling was, that because BS and CS will always be in standard, there would be too little

Senior Designer Ben Brode just released a new video today outlining 2 new modes that will be available in Hearthstone, as well as getting 9 new deck slots. The two new play modes are standard and wild. Standard will include all basic and classic cards plus sets released in the current and previous year. This current format is called the “Year of the Kraken” and will include Blackrock Mountain, The Grand Tournament, League of Explorers and any other new expansions that will be released in 2016. This will be the format moving forward for the Hearthstone World Championships. This format change is exactly what we just discussed in the last episode of Well Met Podcast as a way of keeping the meta fresh and changing – while also helping out new players to not have to need every single card of every single set to be competitive. The other play mode