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Introduction This is the fourth iteration of Power Rankings after MSoG, ONiK and WotOG. I will continue this tradition by evaluating the cards of the newest expansion as well. If you comment on twitter, please use the hashtag #UnGoroRankings. This time, this article will not be just me, Martin “OtakuMZ“, but Nicholas “hsdecktech” will join me on this journey. Additionally, there will be a added category above the normal rankings: Q: Quest Rankings. Legendary spells just deserved their own category. In this category we will rank all Legendary Quest with their subsequent rewards from best to worst. They will also appear in the normal rankings. The last thing we will add is a “Controversities” Chapter below the rankings. If Nicholas and I heavily disagree on a card, we will discuss it there. To see all the tokens and Adapt upgrades please head to @Eldorian‘s Journey to Un’Goro Spoiler Card List. If you want some more insights on card analysis, we invite you to check out Card Reviews


Dissecting E. Malone’s Journal #2

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Introduction E. Malone is getting insights of his second week of his adventures in Un’Goro Crater. Again, we, hsdecktech and I, OtakuMZ will try to unravel the secrets hidden in his journal. If you missed the first part of this series, you can find it here. The video we saw right before this journal got released is tied to these pages. Our analysis to the “Wonders of Un’Goro” #1 and the vid itself can be found here. Maybe there is more crazy stuff like Beast in Paladin buried in these journal pages below? But first, here read for yourself: Day 8? Another mention of these storms with green and blue lightning that we already saw in the Doyle video. The huge flash at the end seemed to teleport part of the expedition to another place. This could a) lead to another Shaman associated AoE but this would result in the fourth one (two


Dissecting E. Malone’s Journal #1

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E. Malone, the young assistant of Professor Elise Starseeker who was hired to film the Un’Goro expedition showed us the first part of his journal. There are a lot of informations hidden to speculate upon which we, Nicholas a.k.a. hsdecktech and Martin a.k.a. OtakuMZ, will dive into in this article. Before we start, here are the two pages he revealed to us: Day 1- City of Stormwind E. Malone is the assistant of Elise Starseeker, will he be a neutral low cost Legendary. He is “filming” the trip, so maybe he captures enemy cards and duplicates them in a smaller version similar to Barnes? Prof. George Herbert Doyle the IV might be a card or just a filler to start the story with. He might be a Legendary though, the one who pulls all the strings from the base in Stromwind. No clue what effect he could have, but more likely he is

As with every announcement, afterward a lot of questions are left open and we have a huge room for speculations. I will ask a lot of them and I hope I can also provide at least some answers. If there are no answers yet, I will dive deep into speculation and tell you what I think would be best or most fun. So let’s talk about Journey to Un’Goro (JtUG)… Update March 3rd, 2017: I added some Elementals I forgot and another question in the Quest category. Q: What are Quests? A: Quests are 1-mana spells that once included in your deck will always be in your opening hand. They are Legendary Spells that once cast will need a high requirement to being accomplished. If you manage to finish the quest, you will get an awesome reward. Q: Will every class get a Quest? A: Mike Donais already answered this


Kazakus: Create Your Own Custom Spell!

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Note: This article will be updated as soon as new details arise. Bookmark it for your convenience. Overview: Who is Kazakus? Kazakus is the first Tri-Class Legendary that was spoiled from the new Hearthstone Expansion Mean Streets of Gadgetzan (MSoG) and he is a real interesting one. First, lets take a look at his card text and stats: Mana Cost: 4 Attack: 3 Health: 3 Type: Minion Rarity: Legendary Class: Mage/Priest/Warlock Text: Battlecry: If your deck has no duplicates, create a custom spell. Custom spell? That’s the way we want it! In fact, the community was asking for this exact thing quite a long time. Ok, but what is this custom spell thing? You obviously cannot just write a custom text down in your time limit and then fire it off. The process of putting together a spell is a sequence of three discover mechanics, discovering a potion/ingredient each which

Before you continue: This is the pre-release edition, to see the final verdict (two weeks after the release) please hit the LINK. Introduction: What Is This Ranking I already wrote the Karazhan Power Rankings and the Old Gods Power Rankings. I will continue this by evaluating the cards of the newest expansion as well. If you comment on twitter, please use the hashtag #GadgetzanPR. For spatial reasons and to enhance readability and browsebility for returning readers, a detailed explanation of how my ranks work is presented below the cards. Here are the rules of my power rankings in short: I will update this post constantly after every subsequent release The rank of each card can change in this process. Ranking is for Standard play mode and competitive play only “About Power Rankings” section, explanations of categories, and a changelog can be found at the end of this article (Annex I-III) Additional Link(s):

We had an exiting past weekend full of Hearthstone with the group stage of the Hearthstone World Championship happening over the course of five days. We also have an even more exiting time ahead of us with the Blizzcon 2016 starting Friday, Nov. 4th. Not only will the top 8 players of the World compete for the title of world champion 2016, there is another thing all of us are anticipating at least with the same amount of excitement is the announcement of the new expansion. It will most likely be announced in the “Hearthstone – What’s Next” session, starting Nov. 4th, 12:30 p.m. PDT (8:30 CET). We already had some teasers thrown at us and we can get some of the things that we might expect already. Nevertheless, the full picture is still unclear. You can see the teaser images below and you can read all the details by hitting the links to teaser1, teaser2 and

This week, two of G2Esports‘ Hearthstone players, namely Lifecoach and RDU, released very interesting content which may lead to a more competitively interesting future Hearthstone. Lifecoach – Helping to improve the next expansion Lifecoach released the above-linked video this week. Because it is in German, I will give you a summary of the main points he talked about which I mostly grabbed from VdeVenancio’s Reddit post. Translation of the main points which was originally grabbed from a youtube comment: Lifecoach was tilted increasingly often during his streams while playing HS within the last year. Mostly because of the fun mechanic we call RNG. That‘s why he sometimes stopped playing. He offered Blizzard to help altering the next expansion and fix the metagame for competitive play. Blizzard accepted! They invited him to Blizzard HQ for 1 week. Lifecoach also offered not play competitively

Introduction I saw DisguisedToast’s video yesterday which inspired me to write a short article why the formerly vastly overpowered card is not competitively viable any more. The full video will be linked at the bottom of the article for your convenience. The Nerf Before the Nerf, Tuskarr could roll for either the four basic totems or 3 special totems. Now, only the basic totems will be summed alongside Tuskarr Totemic. Stat-wise this leads to 3/2 + 0/2 or 1/1 resulting in 4/3 or 3/5 stats with the benefit of an additional effect from the 0/2 totems in 75% of the cases. This does not sound too bad on paper, but the numbers tell a different story. Let’s head to the actual data in the next section… The Anaylsis The Outcome and win rates of over 50.000 played Tuskarrs before the nerf were analyzed according to overall win rate for each

Introduction / Genreral Information The Spire is the fourth and last wing of One Night in Karazhan (ONiK). It will open its doors for NA Hearthstone players this  tomorrow, Thursday, September 1st. The rest of the world will have to wait a few hours longer, normally around 4-8 hours which is about the time of midnight to early morning CET. If you want to buy the wing, it will cost you 700 gold or 7 US$. Let’s take a look at this week’s cards… Cards of “The Spire” Card Predictions I kindly invite you to take a look back at our Karazhan Card Evaluation #1 to #7 articles or to head to my Karazhan Power Rankings. The 4th and last wing of the Karazhan adventure has IMHO the most difficult card yet to be evaluated. Nevertheless, there is a lot of exiting stuff and a lot of unknown variables associated with the cards. Let’s do not linger

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