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Disclaimer: This article is written for Standard play mode and competitive or ladder play in mind. The content is my subjective impression of the game. If you disagree or like to comment about anything else related to this article please do so below or tweet @OtakuMZ1978. Most importantly I hope you enjoy reading. Have fun! The Grand Tournament Before Standard When The Grand Tournament (TGT) came out, it was considered a bad expansion. With the extreme power of Curse of Naxxramas and Goblins vs. Gnomes only a very select number of cards made it into competitive play. Atop of that, the Inspire mechanic did not become a thing. Inspire is powerful but just too slow. Following, you will find TGT cards that were highly relevant in competitive / ladder play (besides fringe play) before Standard (Cards that were flex cards only or saw only fringe play are not included) : Class

I’ve put together what legendary should I craft for both vanilla Hearthstone and Goblin vs. Gnomes now and I like to think that my lists have been pretty decent in foretelling what the good legendary cards will be when you get to the point that you want to craft one. My only exception was placing Vol’Jin ahead of Dr. Boom, but I should have known better than to rank a class card ahead of a neutral one. If you’re looking to craft a legendary always ask yourself if this will fit into one deck or many decks and then go from there. The Grand Tournament looks to be a little more exciting than Goblins vs. Gnomes in the legendary game as there are several possible game changers and a few cards that can make potential ridiculous combos. I mean, let’s be fair, Goblins Vs. Gnomes seemed to really have only

We now know when The Grand Tournament will officially release – this next Monday August 24th. There is no time associated with this, but we don’t expect it to be midnight Pacific Time. If it’s anything like past releases it will probably be sometime in the afternoon, possibly in the noon to 2 PM range Pacific Time.


Patch 3.0 Notes

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We now have notes for Patch 3.0 which will include The Grand Tournament. We do not yet know when the release date will be for The Grand Tournament but we’re guessing it should be Monday August 24 if not sooner. Check out our full Grand Tournament Coverage from the last several weeks to catch up on everything about this upcoming expansion – check out our Spoiler List for all 132 cards that will be released. Don’t forget you can still pre-purchase The Grand Tournament on the cheap by following these instructions.

Right now Ben Brode and Frodan are streaming on http://twitch.tv/playhearthstone and are revealing new cards from the new set. I am guessing we will see this go LIVE on Monday. Below are some of the new cards revealed on stream – will be updating this as they come in. EDIT: Revealed on stream is that Hunter will have TWO legendary cards while every other class will have 1. This will be revealed on Facebook along with the rest of the cards later today.

Both of these are pretty good legendary cards. Varian Wrynn has some incredible value with being able to draw 3 cards and then if they are minions they go into play. Keep in mind though this means that if those minions have a battlecry effect it will not go off. My first thought was that this would work itself into control warrior, but if you look at the value minions control warrior has, many of them have battlecry effects. Still, could you imagine this in some kind of Dragon Control Warrior or some kind of hybrid where you play Ragnaros, Ysera, and Grom Hellscream? Any of those 3 being put on a battlefield with Varian Wrynn makes him a lot more deadly than Dr. Boom. The best part is though, if you don’t draw any minions you still have 3 new cards in your hand with a 7/7 on the


The last few days I’ve been quite busy with my day job (believe it or not BlizzPro is just a hobby!) and haven’t had a chance to really dive into the new cards revealed this week. I have been keeping our spoiler list up to date – so if you want to see all 75 of the 132 cards revealed so far go check it out. Below are all of the cards revealed after Gamescom. Lance Bearer This is a card that could potentially start seeing play in some zoo decks or other aggro decks. The +2 he provides is permanent so he works a lot like Dark Iron Dwarf used to before it’s nerf. I’m personally excited to see how this card will work in a Hobgoblin style of deck as it provides some pretty awesome synergy with that card. [Revealed by Lemond.fr on 8/9/2015] Light’s Champion Hey look

If you are looking forward to see new cards, go to the official Hearthstone site to submit your vote! Keep an eye here for more reveals and all the latest Grand Tournament coverage, and check out our spoiler list for the full set of revealed cards.

The Hearthstone TGT Vote just revealed a cool new card that can actually spice up the concept of Dragon Warrior. 3/3 Charge for just 2 mana is great, and the plain 2/3 is at least decent. I’m really looking forward to play with this one, hopefully it can fit in a viable deck because the card itself is really strong. In case you missed it earlier, 5 new cards were revealed at gamescom! Keep an eye here for more reveals and all the latest Grand Tournament coverage, and check out our spoiler list for the full set of revealed cards.


New Cards Revealed at gamescom!

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There you go, that’s the five cards revealed during the gamescom livestream, for more information on what the Team 5 devs discussed during the live stream, Crow has you covered. Keep an eye here for more reveals and all the latest Grand Tournament coverage, and check out our spoiler list for the full set of revealed cards.

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