Blizzard just released their first video teaser on their YouTube channel. This is the second (professional) short video related to the new Journey to Un’Goro expansion with the first being the live stream announcement. This time, it is not our beloved and rapping game director who is the main character but the famous Professor Georg Herbert Doyle the Fourth. He is on the hunt of “the last Kaleidosaur” named Galvadon (see below in the screenshot section). From the video we learn (spoiler warning!) that Galvadon is the reward for the Paladin Legendary Quest. It is a 5-mana Legendary Paladin Beast – wait, what?! Beasts in Paladin? There are a few more things mentioned like  “dangerous lightning storms” and two plants named Fire Thistle and Lily Feather, which might be cards too.  The video can be watched below after some screenshots.


Dissecting E. Malone’s Journal #1

by OtakuMZ on

E. Malone, the young assistant of Professor Elise Starseeker who was hired to film the Un’Goro expedition showed us the first part of his journal. There are a lot of informations hidden to speculate upon which we, Nicholas a.k.a. hsdecktech and Martin a.k.a. OtakuMZ, will dive into in this article. Before we start, here are the two pages he revealed to us: Day 1- City of Stormwind E. Malone is the assistant of Elise Starseeker, will he be a neutral low cost Legendary. He is “filming” the trip, so maybe he captures enemy cards and duplicates them in a smaller version similar to Barnes? Prof. George Herbert Doyle the IV might be a card or just a filler to start the story with. He might be a Legendary though, the one who pulls all the strings from the base in Stromwind. No clue what effect he could have, but more likely he is

In today’s “Hearthstone: What’s Next” Session at BlizzCon 2016, happening 12:30PM – 1:15PM PDT / 8:30PM – 9:15PM CET (Hall D) we expect to see an announcement of the newest Hearthstone expansion. Don’t forget to tune in. How you can tune in is explained in all detail on the BlizzCon 2016: Where to Watch site. Also, a new teaser appeared, this time on the official Hearthstone Instagram page. It hints again to pirates with gold coins which read “I Iam Absolutum Dominium” and have crossbones and skulls on them. Earlier Teasers (click to enlarge)

Another Gadgetzan Gazette is coming our way (vol.32 #9). This one is about museums and artifacts – wait, ARTIFACTS??? That would be huge! I wish for a new keyword but a whole new category of cards besides of spells and minions would be awesome! To calm down a little, it seems quite unlikely. Maybe Archaeology would make a fitting new keyword. It is already a profession in World of Warcraft at the least. Anyway, see the full today’s teaser below in all its glory right under the links to the previous ones. Previous teasers: 1st teaser: Gadgetzan postcard 2nd teaser: Gadgetzan Gazette Vol.32 No.7 3rd teaser: Gadgetzan Gazette Vol.32 No.8  

Another goblin newspaper was issued about an hour ago. We are still guessing what Blizzard wants to hint. The first teaser told us about the dangers of Gadgetzan. The 2nd is about bankers and bars as well as hints to possible heists, hinting as well to the dark side of the goblin city. The third and newest one is more lighthearted. It’s about shopping and the harbor. It smells like – harrrr – Pirates! I am voting for GoG – Gangs of Gadgetzan or BRP – Bankers, Robbers and Pirates. Maybe not the best guesses, right? What are your predictions of the next expansion’s name? Comment below or tweet to @OtakuMZ1978 and @BlizzPro. Read all the details below, right under the links to the previous teasers in the blue post. Previous teasers: 1st teaser: Gadgetzan postcard 2nd teaser: Gadgetzan Gazette Vol.32 No.7

Blizzard just released their 2nd teaser, again Gadgetzan themed. Hit the link to get to chat with Talan at Talan’s Bar. It will take you to a Facebook page where you can have a chat with Talan.

Let’s get the hype train for the next Hearthstone expansion rolling once again: the official PlayHearthstone Twitter account recently posted this: pic.twitter.com/N1YjielTPp — Hearthstone (@PlayHearthstone) October 24, 2016 The guys form hearthstonetopdecks.com were kind enough to transcribe the tiny text around the boarder of the image, it reads: The word “safe” is not meant to constitute a binding agreement and does not imply safety, security, protection, preservation, peace of mind, confidence, reliability, dependability, or trustworthiness. Mayor Noggenfogger is not responsible for any accidents, burglaries, thoughtsteals, mind vision, hellfires, vanishes, whirlwinds, revenges, lightbombs, elemental destructions, excavated evils, consecrations, holy novas, flamestrikes, demonwraths, starfalls, shadowflames, swipes, explosive traps, arcane explosions, brawls, DOOM!s, lightning storms, blizzards, twisting nether and other Acts of Old Gods, magical mayhem or disfigurement that may ensue. No beasts, demons, dragons, mechs, murlocs, pirates, or totems were harmed, abused, disfigured, dismembered, declawed, detailed, decomissioned, exorcised, disarmed, or toppled in the