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This week’s Tavern Brawl is Encounter at the Crossroads (again), but this time, with an exciting TWIST: the prize is a pack of Journey to Un’Goro, to be opened after the set releases. Make sure you get at least one win in this week, or you’ll be leaving sweet, sweet, dinos on the table. Remember, another wave of spoilers comes out this week and the set launch is scheduled to come out in “early April,” so from here on out the hype train is all steam ahead! Check out all the Un’Goro spoilers in our running set list, here.

It is no secret (and to some of us, no surprise) that the Heroic Tavern Brawl experiment last year was a massive success. While certainly not for everyone, the format scratched the competitive itch for well-known streamers and every-day players alike. For the former, it helped boost viewership; for the latter, it allowed a chance to live out our delusions of grandeur. It gave all of us the tournament mode that we’ve been asking for for ages (kind of). Just a few weeks ago, as part of the massive Year of the Mammoth reveal, Blizzard promised us a Wild-Format Heroic Tavern Brawl after Journey to Un’Goro launched. (link) Today, however, Blizzard announced that we would be getting a Standard-Format Heroic Tavern Brawl much sooner than that–next week, to be precise. (link) For anybody who did not participate last time, or wants a reminder, here is what you need to know:


Another Shot at a Missed Card Back

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Every season, each player who hits rank 20 or higher gets a fancy new card back, and each player who did not get there does not. The vast majority of card backs are, presently, only available once. Earlier today, Blizzard announced that it is giving us a gift! That is, they are giving us another shot at the Gift Exchange tavern brawl and, as a prize for winning a brawl this week, the Winter Veil Wreath card back. Players who already have the card back will receive the traditional classic pack upon winning, so everybody wins. Official announcement here.

Next week, we will get a new “Dark Wanderer Tavern Brawl”. It will be Diablo-themed, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the series according to a post on the official diablo blog (see the blue post below). A lot of details were already datamined. Hearthpwn has put together the details in this post. As a reward, we will also receive a new card back!

Today, heroic Tavern Brawl went live. It was discussed quite vividly since first announced. To read all details, please head to the initial announcement post and make sure you read the Heroic Tavern Brawl in-depth analysis bei F2K_Minntzu. below, you can see the rewards. Go grab those three golden Legendaries!

Sponsors – Good Gaming –  | Twitter – @Fade2Karma | Facebook – Fade2Karma | Twitch – Fade2Karma | http://www.fade2karma.com/ Written by Minntzu Hey everyone, I’m Minntzu and this week I want to share my thoughts on the upcoming Heroic Tavern Brawl. The Brawl will take place during week before Blizzzcon. The format is similar to arena with few differences: Participants build their decks from their existing card pool Entry fee is more, $9.99 USD or 1000 gold Rewards are significantly better Amount of runs is limited For more details check out official post. “We hope that our Heroic Brawl scratches the competitive itch of the players looking for a high risk, high reward experience.” – Blizzard Let’s have a look at the scale with rewards: I will reduce the scale to same “currency” – gold. Participants will be rewarded with Old Gods packs, so I’ll use statistics for them (source). Let’s figure out first how much dust

This incoming Tavern Brawl is a special one. It is not the usual play-one-game-and-grab-a-pack thing but it rather similar to Arena – and you have to pay for it. The price point is steep, $9.99 or 1000 Gold. To calm the outcry, rewards are potentially amazing: 50 packs, “a heap of ” Gold (likely above 1000), “piles of ” Arcane Dust (also likely above 1000) and 3 golden Legendaries (12 wins, see image in the blue post). You are challenged to play a Standard deck of your choice against other players and wins/losses are counted as they would be in Arena play mode. There are no exact release date given, but be prepared to see a lot of Midrange Shaman! I hope this is the first step of tech tests for a potential future Tournament mode, although I personally think its implementation still in a far, far away future (aka soon® :lol:). What do you think? Leave a comment below or @OtakuMZ1978.

Dannie Ray didn't like the first Tavern Brawl very much, strangely enough this seems to make Tavern Brawl something truly great. Confused? Well, come read this article and everything will be clearer.

Check out the rules and decklists for the first ever Hearthstone Tavern Brawl.