Blizzard announced the Year of the Mammoth Celebrations which will give players rewards while logging in daily between March 29th and April 5th. The details of this event can be seen below. Over the course of the weekend as well as today, there were some more cards revealed. Three of them belong to the Hunter class and I am very excited about those. It seems, after Shaman and Priest, Hunter gets a big buff. The overall picture regarding the class gets clearer with a focus on the quest, and 1-mana minions respectively, as well as the continued emphasis on the Deathrattle effect. Small Raptor is a great card for the Hunter quest because it generates a 1-mana token – and what a token that is: 4/3 Raptor for ONE (!) mana – 5/5 stars (see below)! The Hunter quest drove me to theorycraft on the decks it is played in. You can find the article here. Crackling Razormaw brings

Today, another big junk of ten new and exciting cards from the upcoming Journey to Un’Goro set were shown off by Blizzard on their  official Hearthstone Twitch channel at the beginning of day 2 of the HCT Winter in the Bahamas. Dean Ayala and Brian Kibler presented the reveal in the usual lighthearted and funny way we are used to from Kibler. The most outstanding one was . The images of all cards can be found below this paragraph. For an overview of all Un’Goro cards released so far head either to the Un’Goro Power Rankings or to the Un’Goro Spoiler Card List. Volcanosaur a double Adapt beast is interesting but hard to evaluate until played around with Adapt for some time. It is interesting enough to try though and everybody will be able to get the golden version for free as an Un’Goro login reward. Gluttonous Ooze might the weapon removal tool

Yesterday, March 21st, card reveals came late for me as an EU citizen and also those released were already covered in the E. Malone jorunal dissection #3. After yesterday’s focus on Shaman with Elementals and Murlocs. March 21st These cards are already discussed here. March 22nd Today, Peter Whalen revealed the Rogue Quest with a Shadowstep theme as well as another Rogue cards that copies a card drawn. Following are all cards made public. The Rogue Quest (The Caverns Below), is interesting, to say the least. There are a lot of cards that enable playing a minion more than once, but few are viable in the actual meta, maybe they will be soon?! The quest reward, Crystal Core, is fantastic, as are all rewards so far. Mimic Pod apparently supports the quest and is Arcane Intellect level of good. Hydrologist is at least decent but nothing to get too excited of IMHO.

The spoilers continued fast and frequent today with two different reveals. First, E. Malone’s Third Journal–Week Three revealed that the name for the race of turtle-people is the tortollans, and that their leader is named Umbra. We know that the turtle-people will be represented in the set, and we fully expect Umbra to make an appearance–almost certainly as a legendary. In the journal, Umbra gives Malone to the murlocs, and later appears to give Megafin (the murloc leader) instructions, which may indicate some synergy between their cards/tribes. Finally, the journal makes reference to a massive purple “megasaur” upon the back of which the murloc village is located, which appears to be a reference to the previously leaked Gentle Megasaur card, below. Most directly, however, the Journal revealed some upcoming murloc synergy, including the shaman quest, Unite the Murlocs and the quest prize, Megafin itself. The cards come right as Everyfin

Spoiler season started fast in week one. We already got 4 8 new cards released: Fire Fly is the first of the Elemental flock and seems good value. It also plays in the “if you played an Elemental last turn” mechanic. Crystalline Oracle is understatted (in a vacuum, a worse Swashburglar), but has both quest and elemental synergy. We have yet to see what value comes from the elemental tag. The impact of being an Elemental in Priest still is unclear. Shadow Visions is a combo-enabler that could also find a place in control decks for the utility it provides; need an AoE damage for turn 5, go get it! Flame Geysir could be a cheap substitute for Arcane Blast in Elemental Mage decks. Clutchmother Zavas provides even more tools for Discardlock on the “card you want to be discarded” side. The picture of where this archetype is heading is getteing clearer and

The last issue of the Gadgetzan Gazette went live on the official Hearthstone blog some hours ago. Check it out here (for full resolution) or below the newly released cards that surfaced after the initial “Jade Lotus” post. Prepare, there are some really frightening spells among them: Devolve (Shaman) and Jade Idol (Druid). Also, don’t forget to visit and bookmark the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Spoiler Card List as well as the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Power Rankings.

After the Grimy Goons were presented in the initial week after BlizzCon we saw the Kabal taking the stage last week. Now, all becomes more shady than usual with the Jade Lotus creeping in and out of the Shadows. Be sure to watch your back! Don’t miss to support this third gang so we do not miss the final card revealed in the end of the week. Endorse the Jade Lotus by heading to gadgetzan.com und hitting the button on the bottom of the page multiple time this week. Additionally, three cards were released over the course of the weekend: Mana Geode (Priest), Jade Blossom (Druid) and Burgly Bully (Neutral). There is no information yet what the Jade Golem is that is summoned alongside the ramp effect of Jade Blossom. Important Gadgetzan links: Stay on top of card releases by visiting the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Spoiler Card List as well as checking out

Last week, the Grimy Goons made their appearance, this week it’s the Kabal! Come in and take a first look what Kazakus minions have to offer! But before you head below to read the full blue post, take a look at these PogChamps, ah no, HogChamps. Also, don’t forget to visit the Gadgetzan Power Rankings to get a feeling of how powerful the cards might be. The site will be in continues flux, so be sure to bookmark!

On the official Hearthstone blog, Blizzard continues to spoil new cards of the upcoming expansion “Mean Streets of Gadgetzan”. As already announced, they start with one of the three factions, the Grimy Goons, showing three new cards. Additionally, other community sites revealed more cards over the last days since the BlizzCon 2016 expansion announcement. You can find all newly released cards in the below gallery. If you want to learn more about the Grimy Goons, read the blue post below. Don’t forget to visit the official MSoG expansion site to help more cards getting revealed. Also, don’t forget to visit the Gadgetzan Power Rankings to get a feeling of how powerful the cards might be. The site will be in continues flux, so be sure to bookmark!