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New patch 7.1.0 is live. Here is a quick overview over the most important changes: Small-Time Buccaneer  is nerfed to 1 health and Spirit Claws’ cost rose to 2 mana Arena will now be played in Standard format and golden cards of your collection show up in this mode Floors at ranks 15, 10 and 5 are introduced which will prevent falling in ranks once these milestones are reached. Finally, Journey to Un’Goro pre-purchase is available. Be sure to save some money on the pre-purchase by using amazon coins. The full blue post can be found here or down below.

Blizzard announced via the Hearthstone Forums today that two cards that have been hotly debated since the dawn of the latest expansion, Mean Streets of Gadgetzen, will be receiving changes. The first of the cards will be Small-Time Buccaneer will be getting its health changed from 2 to 1 which should allow for an easier time for players to deal with this minion. Secondly, Spirit Claws will now cost 2 instead of only 1. Shaman is clearly a strong deck and this should help with slowing down it’s ramp up. The other announcement included in this post has to do with Ranked Play changes, and ranking floors. As of now, the currently floor (the point at which you can no longer lose rank) is at 20. When 7.1 hits, this will add additional floors to ranks 15, 10, and 5. The explanation for this was outlined in Zeriyah’s post below: