Introduction Standard includes Basic, Classic, and the two most recent years worth of expansions. With every new set comes the excitement of new cards and the promise of a new meta, but with the first set each standard-year comes a set rotation (and, thus far, changes to the evergreen sets). When Journey to Un’Goro releases next month, we are losing Blackrock Mountain, The Grand Tournament, and League of Explorers. There were a lot of impactful cards in those sets, which @OtakuMZ1978 and @hsdecktech break down for you below. We will give you a list of staple cards that will rotate to Wild play mode in early April. We also include suggestions on how to replace these cards in order to retain established deck types. But beware, there will be some that are not replaceable due to their unique effect (e.g. Brann Bronzebeard). If you think that we missed something important, please leave a comment

This is a guest post by Ville “Old Guardian” Kilkku. He is a multi-season EU legend on Hearthstone who has been playing games since VIC-20 was a thing. You can also find him in these places: Youtube: OldGuardian Twitter: @Old_GuardianHS Twitch: Old_Guardian I have always had a soft spot for dragons in Hearthstone. Dragons are such a defining fantasy race all the way from Tolkien’s Middle Earth to George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire. Dragons never go out of style! However, Hearthstone’s next Standard rotation will come in spring, and many dragon cards will be moved to Wild. Will dragon decks still exist in Standard after the rotation? Dreams of Dragons In Hearthstone, Dragon decks became viable with the release of The Grand Tournament. I remember opening my pre-order packs hastily so that I could put together a Dragon Priest deck, something people had dreamed of since Blackrock


On the heels of Ben Brode’s comments that the next Standard rotation may come with additional nerfs-to or rotations-of evergreen cards that threaten the “freshness” of the format (Brode’s comments may be found here), Vicious Syndicate has run an analysis of the most commonly played cards since Mean Streets of Gadgetzan was released. An idea behind the compilation is that the most commonly-played cards might be some of the worst offenders in terms of “freshness.” While such may not be completely accurate, for instance, if some lesser-played cards were to limit design space and thereby indirectly cause “staleness,” the raw numbers seem to be a great place to start. The entire Vicious Syndicate list and analysis may be found here. Here are a few points of consideration: The list is of most commonly played cards, not cards most commonly included in decklists. This means that early-game cards will inherently appear higher

Introduction Well met! It’s OtakuMZ again. Today I will not bring an infographic. Huge changes are coming with the “Spring Expansion”. Adjacent to the new cards, blance changes are looming over Hearthstone. There was no official date on when the changes will be officially announced until yesterday. There was a hint by Yong Woo on the 50th episode of the Well Met! podcast, that Wednesday would be a good day to run the next shows. Phil Kollar, senior editor of Polygon, commented on the 136th episode of The Angry Chicken podcast on February 25th, that he is invited to an event at Blizzard “in two weeks”. It is known that this meeting at Blizzard with community members and press people is to be held on March 9th. Our own guy, JR Cook (@eldorian), will be there. Anyway, it seems that we do not have to wait for a long time until all we will get to