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Blizzard just released a new Fireside Chat blog post on the offcicial Hearthstone site. Mike Domais talks in it a lot about Elementals. We were all womdering about how the Elemental tribe would interact with each other and this article gives a lot of insight to it. The post is accopanied with some new card spoilers (Flame Elemental is a token)! See for yourself….


A Glimpse of Things to Come

by Shauna Dawson on

In the final ValueTown episode, ChanmanV and Trump had the privilege of interviewing Senior Designer, Mike Donais, where he shared a few tidbits of information regarding the upcoming expansion and game development. Donais confirmed that rather than another adventure mode to introduce new cards, the next boost to the Hearthstone card set will be a more “traditional” booster pack format as used in tabletop card games like Magic: The Gathering. While there is no exact release date set, Donais states that the developers are actively working on the new set and he’s excited about it. After Ben Brode’s interview in early August, it was speculated that the next expansion would bring  100 new cards, however, Donais says the next expansion is, “…not exactly 100 but it’s a lot of cards though. It’s more than an adventure.” Players will be collecting these new cards by buying booster packs just like they currently do for Hearthstone cards but will presumably have the option

In an effort to reach out to the community, Senior Designer Mike Donais wrote an article that was originally featured on Kotaku and has since been made into an official Blizzard blog. This article seeks to meet the needs of players, new and old, that struggle to construct decks that have staying power and consistent themes and results. While this won’t turn you into a Legend player over night, much of the article contains sound advice for shoring up your foundation of deckbuilding knowledge and allowing you to take those tactics into more advanced construction. When your starting point is steadfast, it makes it easier to build new knowledge and tactics on top of it. Read on below for the entirety of the blog post: Building a deck can be stressful, especially if you’re left wondering “what do?” when staring at your collection. I’m Mike Donais, senior designer for Hearthstone,