Deck Guide: Tempo Mage (by Spark)

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Spark  from the Good Gaming Inc. wrote a very good guide on Tempo Mage. He gives thorough inside in tech decisions, mulligans and match-ups. Even though the new set, Mean Streets of Gadgetzan is coming out today, it is worth a read. Until the new meta stabilizes and everybody is testing out new and unpolished decks, you can snatch some wins to climb ranks with a well rounded and fun deck. Make sure you check out content regularly on

Introduction A few days ago in our BlizzPro slack chat, Kevin ‘Odinn’ Hovdestad was talking about the idea of an article that is doing the math on how much money one would have to spend to get the full set of the upcoming set Mean Streets of Gadgetzan (MSG). To be honest, I was already asking myself the question of how much I would invest when a few months back there was a discount of 20% on iTunes cards. I bought myself 100€ worth of vouchers for 80€. I also did the pre-order of the 50 packs right away and saved up 4.5k of Gold and 4k arcane dust. I will obtain 80 boosters through the gift cards, 50 from the pre-order and 45 from Gold, leaving me with a total of 175 packages at an investment of 130€ (approx. $138). Did I get the best deal available and will


Tech Your Deck: Midrange Hunter

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Hi, this is Danny Donuts again with another installment in my series on teching your deck. (If you missed out on the introduction to teching article check it out here!) In this article I will be going a bit more in depth and discussing how to build and tech a deck to counter various other decks. Midrange Hunter is an extremely versatile deck which can be modified to counter many different match-ups. It has a core group of cards that rarely change from build to build, as well as having space to add cards which can help improve match-ups. This makes it a perfect deck to start understanding how to deckbuild, or if you are already an experienced player, a way to tech your deck against specific match-ups and gain a higher win rate. It is especially interesting to look at this deck currently, as the midrange hunter deck is a


Tech Your Deck: Teching Basics

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Hi, I’m Danny Donuts, and today I would like to give a synopsis about teching in Hearthstone. With Whispers of the Old Gods released a little over two months ago, the current meta has become a bit stale. Most of the meta shifts are minor, and at this point the majority of deck innovations typically consist of only a few cards being modified. With such rigidity of the decks you will face on ladder, this is a perfect time to focus on teching your deck in order to counter your opponent and add some extra percentage points into your win rate. This is a relatively nuanced topic, and if done incorrectly can be a disadvantage. However, if you tech your match-ups correctly you can change the momentum in the game, even gaining an automatic win. What is Teching? According to the hearthstone wiki page a tech card is “a card added to a deck specifically in order to counter

I. Introduction – History Lesson on Control Shaman Control Shaman is a deck archetype that I found very appealing from the start. I tried to make working since Reincarnate was introduced. The decks were more or less constructed to survive until you could unload a combo involving Ancestral Spirit, Reincarnate and Kel’Thuzad. Although you already got good control cards in the Basic and Classic set, the problem most of the times was surviving until you were able to unload your big bombs and the combo with K’T. In general, you were simply run over by aggro and even midrange decks before you could do anything substancial. The decks were just too slow, too inconsistent and lacked early removal as well as healing. Since Curse of Naxxramas though, there were a lot more cards introduced that help this archetype out in different ways. There was Healing Wave introduced to give the

Sponsors – GamersGearEU | Twitter – @Fade2Karma | Facebook – Fade2Karma | Twitch – Fade2Karma | Written by @F2K_Cipher If you’re good at HearthStone, online cups have always been a good way to grab some cash as well as testing your deckbuilding net-decking skills against other players who are just as try-hard as you. However in recent times with the added plus of giving HWC points there’s even more of a reason to play them, especially if you want to play in the prelims and you’re not the type of player who wants to grind the last few hours of the season to get top 100 legend on ladder. My recent success Recently, I won two 256 man open online cups back to back, winning 18+ matches in a row and grabbing 6 HWC points. It all put me to #1 on their Elo system which ranks 1000’s of completive players. I have placed in top 3 of

Disclosure: The websites and apps I recommend in this article are the ones I prefer. I do not get paid by any of the developers or companies behind these for promoting them and to my best knowledge so does neither anyone on the blizzpro team. I share my thoughts just because I am passionate for the game and I want to give something back to the community. It took me quite a while to find some of the sites I highlight and I want to make it easier for others to get to the desired information. If I missed your favorite application or resource I appreciate any comment below or a message @OtakuMZ1978. I started yesterday with part I of this mini series. We continue today where we left off yesterday. Enjoy! II. Card Browsers (Web) There are multitudes of web sites that allow you to browse cards in

Sponsors – GamersGearEU | Twitter – @Fade2Karma | Facebook – Fade2Karma | Twitch – Fade2Karma | Written by @F2K_Dethelor The last day of the month is the most stressful one for almost every competitive Hearthstone player. The rankings of the season reset and the top 100 players are awarded additional points based on their standings on the last minute of the month. Rank 1 Legend gets 15 WCP points Ranks 2-10 get 12 Ranks 11-25 get 10 Ranks 25-50 get 8 Ranks 51-100 get 5 Also, every Player achieving Legend gets 1 point. Sounds easy right? The point is that the last day and even the last minutes severely determine if a player will get any additional points. As seen by the expample of Thijs, a single game can be responsible for a drop of 74 ranks. The MMR difference between players in the top 10-120 is incredibly small and can be overtaken by the outcome of a


An In-Depth Look at Zoolock

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Warlock has long been one of the most popular classes in Hearthstone. Zoolock, Handlock and the post-GvG Demonlock have always retained their positions in ladder and tournaments. Because of the variance of Warlock decks, players who face against Warlock often find it difficult to mulligan an ideal starting hand. In this article I would demonstrate the strengths of the traditional Zoolock and assess the benefits from GvG expansion and Blackrock Mountain adventure. How Zoolock Works What makes Zoolock an outstanding deck? With Warlock’s hero ability ‘Life Tap’, there can be additional card draws every turn. Since the deck is mostly comprised of cheap cards, it is often possible to both play a card and ‘Life Tap’ in a single turn. Thus, a Zoolock always has board presence. In turn, cards such as Abusive Sergeant, Dire Wolf Alpha, Defender of Argus, Power Overwhelming and Dark Iron Dwarf could be fully utilized.

Got home this evening and opened up Blackrock Mountain. Luckily, I already had some practice last month against Grim Guzzler in both normal and heroic so I knew what I was getting into. The following are the deck lists and strategy I used along with the video of the match. Grim Guzzler His heroic ability drops in 2 creatures for himself and 1 for you. So you want to mulligan all your creatures since you’ll be getting them in play for free. The way you win this match is fairly easy, make sure you get board control and keep your creatures on the board while killing his with bigger creatures and cheap removal. Eventually he’ll run out of cards and you can just win. In the video I used Deathwing instead of Malygos. But if you watch the video you’ll see why I added Malygos to the deck afterwords. Malorne