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This year at BlizzCon, which is happening November 4th and 5th, there will be another special Fireside Gathering for all Hearthstone players. You will be able to join fellow Hearthstoners while listening to live music and drinkign Hearthstone themed refreshments. For sure there will be BlizzPro folks as well at this event! The full blue post can be found directly below. For the BlizzCon2016 Map and schedule follow the link.

It’s come to my attention that there will be an upcoming Fireside Gathering in Kansas City this upcoming week, this Wednesday night to be exact. This isn’t a BlizzPro sponsored Fireside Gathering like we’ve done in the past, but it’s one I plan on attending. It’s at the new SoPro Gaming in Overland Park, KS and will be at 6:00 PM on July 15, 2015. This will be a tournament where the winner advances to the regional qualifiers for the BlizzCon Championship. It will cost $5 to enter. Hearthstone players, we’re excited to announce that we will be hosting an official Fireside Gathering Championship Qualifier Tournament at SoPro Gaming! The event will take place on July 15th from 6:00-10:30pm and the entry fee is $5.00. There will be some great competition, excellent prizes, a raffle for cardpacks, and the winner(s) will advance to the Blizzard’s Stage 2 Online Event! RSVP through

Fireside Gatherings are a lot of fun, we’ve run several of them ourselves and have always had good turnouts and it’s a great way to meet local Hearthstone fans. Blizzard just announced today that they are really pushing for Fireside Gatherings the weekend of December 13th as a launch event for Goblins vs. Gnomes which releases December 8th. If you get your event planned out Blizzard will help advertise it on firesidegatherings.com. After hosting the event send pictures and details to Blizzard and they will award 4 lucky hosts with a Hearthstone themed care package. You can read more about the promotion here Goblins vs Gnomes is coming very soon, and over 120 explosive new cards are the perfect excuse to invite your friends over for a Fireside Gathering! Tavern Hosts! This is your chance to hammer together a whiz-bang Goblins vs Gnomes themed Fireside Gathering to celebrate the launch

Blizzard is giving away 125 ULTIMATE SUPPORT PACKS for hosts of Fireside Gathering events. There are only a handful of requirements to qualify. Read below for the full information and submission guidelines. There’s no better opportunity to host a Fireside Gathering, invite your friends, and watch every thrilling moment! Even better, as a Tavern Host, you could get your hands on a BlizzCon Viewing Party ULTIMATE SUPPORT PACK! Each ULTIMATE SUPPORT PACK will include: 2 Hearthstone Pillows 1 Hearthstone Coaster Set 1 Hearthstone Swirl Mug 3 Hearthstone Screen Cleaners So who’s eligible? Everyone who wants to run a Fireside Gathering could be chosen to get a box, but if you’ve organized an event before, you’re in luck! Experienced Tavern Hosts If you’ve hosted a Fireside Gathering in the past, we want to help make your BlizzCon Viewing Party a success! Send us information about your BlizzCon event plans along with


Fireside Gathering Recap

by Shauna Dawson on

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending my first Fireside Gathering. I’ve participated in local Hearthstone Tournaments in the past but this experiences was, overall, so much more enjoyable. There was still the fierce, competitive nature that typically accompanies a Tournament Bracket, but instead of people taking their bruised egos and leaving when they were eliminated, they stuck around and swapped gameplay war stories and cheered on the remaining competitors. 6 hours after I showed up at the event knowing 1 other person, I ended up having the pleasure of eating dinner with dozens of new friends! I’d like to think that experiences like mine are what Blizzard truly had in mind when they developed Hearthstone to be the fun, friendly and fiercely competitive game it has become. Intentional or not, Fireside Gatherings have become a huge success and BlizzPro had the honor of participating in 3 fun filled Gatherings last weekend. Heather, JR and

For those of you that missed your chance to host or attend a Fireside Gathering Tournament in July, your second chance has arrived! This weekend, Fireside Gatherings held August 1-3 that host open tournaments will be able to qualify participants for the qualifier. It sounds confusing, but Blizzard does a great job of clarifying the requirements below: Qualify for the Qualifier! If you’re a serious Hearthstone player, then attending a Fireside Gathering this weekend (and the first weekend of August) should feature into your plans in a major way. This could be your shot at the big times, so pay heed! The road to victory begins with these steps: Step One: Many Fireside Gathering events will be holding open tournaments, and if your card handling skills take the top spot in your local verified Fireside Gathering open tournament, then you could make it into your region’s online Fireside Pre-Qualifierhosted by ZOTAC. There will be two verified Fireside Gathering open

With our own Fireside Gathering coming up this weekend, it seems like summer is the perfect time to get a bunch of your friends together for some friendly games of Hearthstone. Blizzard agrees, but for more than just friendly competition. You could actually earn yourself a place in the qualifiers for the huge World Championship taking place at BlizzCon later this year! The folks over at Blizzard dropped a detailed blog post regarding which weekends of Fireside Gatherings would have particular open tournaments that will aid in your quest to reach BlizzCon and fight for your share of the enormous prize pool. Click here or continue to read below: What’s even better than hotdogs and hamburgers? Hearthstone! More than fireworks are going off this Fourth of July weekend as players all over the world will be meeting to sling cards, make friends, and have an absolute blast playing Hearthstone together in person. Join

Will you be in the Kansas City area June 28? If so, we have quite the event for you that you won’t want to miss. On Saturday, June 28, with registration starting 11 AM at the Google Fiber Event Space in Kansas City, Missouri, BlizzPro will be partnering up with Archetype Gaming to bring our 2nd Fireside Gathering to the area. This is the first of hopefully more events coming to Kansas City in preparation for our big event that will take place on October 25 at Ameristar Casino during the 24 hour LAN for Extra-Life Charity. All ages and all level of players are welcome as we plan on playing Hearthstone together for fun. For those looking for a competitive edge, we are also hosting two tournaments: one for advanced players and one for more casual-minded players. You can only enter one tournament and players who are Rank 4

The smoke has cleared and the cards are packed up, placed back into the Collection for now. Yesterday, at Comicazi in Somerville, MA, swaths of Hearthstone hopefuls from across Greater Boston gathered for the first major Fireside Gathering hosted in the area. BlizzPro, represented by myself, and Don’t Kick My Robot, represented by the leader and founder Poach, banded together to get this event off the ground and with logistics taken care of in the prior weeks, all that was left was to get to the shop and see who all would show up. The turnout did not disappoint, with about 25-30 people hanging out over the course of the afternoon! The Early Going As is wont to happen with any major event hinging on technology, some technical difficulties struck early on. The Internet we were relying on failed us. Luckily, one of the attendees was a network engineer and combined


How to Run a Fireside Gathering

by JR Cook on

This upcoming Saturday May 24, BlizzPro and Don’t Kick My Robot is partnering together to hold a Fireside Gathering event in Boston. Last month we also held in events in both Kansas City and Orlando. Both of our previous events went really well and players from them keep asking us when we will do more. While we plan on doing more soon, we wanted to show you that it doesn’t take being a fansite to run a successful fireside gathering. In fact, with just a small bit of planning and a little bit of work, you can easily get an event going in your city in a pretty small amount of time. So let me take you through the steps of how to run your own Hearthstone Fireside Gathering event. Get Help You can do this venture on your own, but quite honestly you probably don’t want to. It’s more