Introduction This is the fourth iteration of Power Rankings after MSoG, ONiK and WotOG. I will continue this tradition by evaluating the cards of the newest expansion as well. If you comment on twitter, please use the hashtag #UnGoroRankings. This time, this article will not be just me, Martin “OtakuMZ“, but Nicholas “hsdecktech” will join me on this journey. Additionally, there will be a added category above the normal rankings: Q: Quest Rankings. Legendary spells just deserved their own category. In this category we will rank all Legendary Quest with their subsequent rewards from best to worst. They will also appear in the normal rankings. The last thing we will add is a “Controversities” Chapter below the rankings. If Nicholas and I heavily disagree on a card, we will discuss it there. To see all the tokens and Adapt upgrades please head to @Eldorian‘s Journey to Un’Goro Spoiler Card List. If you want some more insights on card analysis, we invite you to check out Card Reviews


Dissecting E. Malone’s Journal #2

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Introduction E. Malone is getting insights of his second week of his adventures in Un’Goro Crater. Again, we, hsdecktech and I, OtakuMZ will try to unravel the secrets hidden in his journal. If you missed the first part of this series, you can find it here. The video we saw right before this journal got released is tied to these pages. Our analysis to the “Wonders of Un’Goro” #1 and the vid itself can be found here. Maybe there is more crazy stuff like Beast in Paladin buried in these journal pages below? But first, here read for yourself: Day 8? Another mention of these storms with green and blue lightning that we already saw in the Doyle video. The huge flash at the end seemed to teleport part of the expedition to another place. This could a) lead to another Shaman associated AoE but this would result in the fourth one (two


Dissecting E. Malone’s Journal #1

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E. Malone, the young assistant of Professor Elise Starseeker who was hired to film the Un’Goro expedition showed us the first part of his journal. There are a lot of informations hidden to speculate upon which we, Nicholas a.k.a. hsdecktech and Martin a.k.a. OtakuMZ, will dive into in this article. Before we start, here are the two pages he revealed to us: Day 1- City of Stormwind E. Malone is the assistant of Elise Starseeker, will he be a neutral low cost Legendary. He is “filming” the trip, so maybe he captures enemy cards and duplicates them in a smaller version similar to Barnes? Prof. George Herbert Doyle the IV might be a card or just a filler to start the story with. He might be a Legendary though, the one who pulls all the strings from the base in Stromwind. No clue what effect he could have, but more likely he is

PC Gamer  recently sat down with Ben Brode following last week’s livestream Q&A. The conversation focused heavily on possible nerfs and rotations related to pirates and the upcoming standard rotation. Here are some highlights from the interview: Of the “pirate package” cards, it is Small-Time Buccaneer, not Patches, that is the problem. The team prefers to announce nerfs a short time before the nerfs go live, even if the nerf is decided a week or two prior. However, there are currently no plans to nerf either Small-Time Buccaneer or Patches. Brode does not even know what a Small-Time Buccaneer nerf would look like. Brode prefers nerfs that minimally change the card text, but that do not confuse players who are used to playing the former versions. Hence, he likes changing the “big numbers” on cards, such as the mana cost. In response to Brian Kibler’s video-response to Ben Brode and

Introduction I already wrote the Karazhan Power Rankings and the Old Gods Power Rankings. I will continue this by evaluating the cards of the newest expansion as well. If you comment on twitter, please use the hashtag #GadgetzanPR. This is the last iteration of the power rankings for MSG, the pre-release version can be found here. I apllied changes to the ranks of 38 cards but mostly ony one rank up and down. There were just a few cards that I under- or overrated by 2 ranks, almost half of them being Jade Golem associated cards. The cards are sorted by gang and class. Underrated by 2 or more ranks (7): Aya Blackpaw,  Jade Behemoth, Jade Blossom, Jade Claws, Sleep with the Fishes and Finja, the Flying Star. Overrated by 2 or more ranks (4): Mark of the Lotus, Bomb Squad Madam Goya and Hobart Grapplehammer. It is debateble if there is a ☆☆☆☆☆☆ (6

Introduction A few days ago in our BlizzPro slack chat, Kevin ‘Odinn’ Hovdestad was talking about the idea of an article that is doing the math on how much money one would have to spend to get the full set of the upcoming set Mean Streets of Gadgetzan (MSG). To be honest, I was already asking myself the question of how much I would invest when a few months back there was a discount of 20% on iTunes cards. I bought myself 100€ worth of vouchers for 80€. I also did the pre-order of the 50 packs right away and saved up 4.5k of Gold and 4k arcane dust. I will obtain 80 boosters through the gift cards, 50 from the pre-order and 45 from Gold, leaving me with a total of 175 packages at an investment of 130€ (approx. $138). Did I get the best deal available and will

Last week, the Grimy Goons made their appearance, this week it’s the Kabal! Come in and take a first look what Kazakus minions have to offer! But before you head below to read the full blue post, take a look at these PogChamps, ah no, HogChamps. Also, don’t forget to visit the Gadgetzan Power Rankings to get a feeling of how powerful the cards might be. The site will be in continues flux, so be sure to bookmark!

Before you continue: This is the pre-release edition, to see the final verdict (two weeks after the release) please hit the LINK. Introduction: What Is This Ranking I already wrote the Karazhan Power Rankings and the Old Gods Power Rankings. I will continue this by evaluating the cards of the newest expansion as well. If you comment on twitter, please use the hashtag #GadgetzanPR. For spatial reasons and to enhance readability and browsebility for returning readers, a detailed explanation of how my ranks work is presented below the cards. Here are the rules of my power rankings in short: I will update this post constantly after every subsequent release The rank of each card can change in this process. Ranking is for Standard play mode and competitive play only “About Power Rankings” section, explanations of categories, and a changelog can be found at the end of this article (Annex I-III) Additional Link(s):

In today’s Opening Ceremony and “What’s Next” session Blizzard announced the next expansion / adventure for Hearthstone called “Mean Streets of Gadgetzan” (MSoG). It will be released early December. A pre-purchase option is available as I write, 50 packs for $49.99 / €44.99. I already got it 😆 The theme of the new set will be based around three different factions of Gadgetzan: The Grimy Goons (Hunter, Paladin, Warrior) The Jade Lotus (Druid, Rogue, Shaman) The Kabal (Mage, Priest, Warlock) Every faction will have unique cards, so-called “Tri-Class cards“. These cards are neutral but can only be used by the three classes which are part of the faction they belong to (e.g. Kabal cards can only be used by Mage, Priest or Warlock). You can see all of today’s the spoiled cards below as well as screenshots of the event. One particular interesting Tri-Class Legendary was revealed: Kazakus (Jade Lotus).


Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Announced

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The latest expansion to Hearthstone, Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, will pit players against three families, including grunts, Lotus assassins, and exiled and reviled potion mixers and spellcasters. More details to come!