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In Episode 5 of HearthPro, Eva, Robert and Marc return to talk about dailies, rankings and why a slow beta roll-out is a good thing for Blizzard. We’re also back for another segment of  “Hearthstone Academy of Ineptitude”, and Robert takes a look at listener Devin’s deck in “Deck Talk” (see show notes for details about Devin’s Mage deck). RSS feed: Subscribe in iTunes Follow the show on Twitter: @hearthproshow Connect to us on Facebook Contact us at: Record a voice message for the show Click on image to enlarge deck composition:    

Collecting gold cards is arguably the “heroic raid reward” equivalent for very dedicated Hearthstone players. With the exception of Gelbin Mekkatorque, there will be gold versions of every card available to craft or randomly earn with pack purchases when the game goes live. Naturally, the possibility exists to create an all-gold version of your favorite deck. Curious, I asked on Twitter if anyone had already attempted to collect enough gold cards to build an all-gold deck. Someone had. Meet Gopherstick: @HearthProShow I captain the Shitty Gold. Sails the Hearthstone seas she does, with more minions than Noah’s Ark. — gopherstick (@gopherstick) August 25, 2013 Naturally, I had some questions, which Gopherstick was kind enough to answer: What gave you the idea to construct an all-gold deck, and what made you follow through with it? It came up in talking with a buddy at work. I checked out my collection and discovered


So we’ve been playing a lot of Hearthstone since Friday. The game is tremendously addicting and each day I’ve been finding more and more that interests me. After the initial play through of the tutorial and unlocking the basic decks in practice mode and moving on to arena mode, I am finding the actual deck building aspect of the game and playing in ranked mode has been pretty fun. I’ve been a Magic: The Gathering player since 1996 and constructed has always been one of my favorite formats. I love going to Friday Night magic playing fun decks I came up with, even if they happen to not be competitive there is something to be said about play testing to see what works and what doesn’t and coming back the following week after making adjustments. This (hopefully weekly) article will be just that. These will be decks we have currently

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