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Deck of the Week: Midrange Hunter

by JR Cook on

Face hunter has been no longer a top tier deck as Patron Warrior, Handlock, and even Malygos Warlock has been dominant on the ladder. Aggro has kind of fallen a bit, but don’t be wrong, hunter is still in that top tier. Now, this deck might look a little similar to face hunter with the cards in it but it plays a bit differently. You have some pieces of of aggro to start up the early game and then you have power to ramp up late game. Cards like Savannah Highmane and Dr. Boom is how you can manage decks like Handlock and Malygos Warlock. Deck List Midrange Hunter Class: Hunter Hunter (17) Hunter’s Mark Webspinner x2 Glaivezooka Explosive Trap Freezing Trap Quick Shot Eaglehorn Bow x2 Animal Companion x2 Kill Command x2 Unleash the Hounds x2 Savannah Highmane x2 Neutral (13) Abusive Sergeant Haunted Creeper x2 Ironbeak Owl Knife


Mid Range Shaman Deck

by JR Cook on

Episode 59: Mid Range Shaman Deck This week we bring the Shaman back.  Thrall is tough in this meta but we have a fairly solid deck to help you with the climb.  We hope you enjoy! Deck List Shaman Midrange Class: Shaman Shaman (14) Earth Shock x2 Crackle x2 Reincarnate Flametongue Totem Far Sight x2 Hex x2 Lightning Storm x2 Fire Elemental x2 Neutral (16) Zombie Chow x2 Haunted Creeper Big Game Hunter Piloted Shredder x2 Antique Healbot Azure Drake x2 Sludge Belcher x2 Emperor Thaurissan Sylvanas Windrunner Dr. Boom Kel’Thuzad Sneed’s Old Shredder

Episode 58: Hearthstone Power Hour Randuin! er, Rando-win? This week we play a fun deck.  It’s all based on randomness and RNG.  It turns out to not be such a bad deck in that the opponent has no idea what you’re playing or how to play around it!  We hope you enjoy! Deck List Rando-Win Class: Priest Priest (5) Mind Vision Resurrect x2 Thoughtsteal x2 Neutral (25) Knife Juggler x2 Mad Bomber x2 Recombobulator x2 Deathlord x2 Mind Control Tech x2 Piloted Shredder x2 Antique Healbot Blingtron 3000 Bomb Lobber x2 Elite Tauren Chieftain Madder Bomber Emperor Thaurissan Gelbin Mekkatorque Mogor the Ogre Ragnaros the Firelord Sneed’s Old Shredder Nefarian Ysera


Deck of the Week: Warrior Aggro

by JR Cook on

This week I am highlighting another great deck made by MrYagut. If you’ve been listening to the Well Met Podcast recently you’ll know I had a pretty bad run in Hearthstone for a week and dropped down to around rank 13 after getting up to rank 7. This deck helped me get out of my rut and jump up to rank 5. The meta at the time I was playing it though had shifted to midrange without a lot of taunt. This past week that has changed a bit so this deck might not be as good right now. I will say though that I was having great success against Zoo, Face Hunter, Priest Control, and Midrange Paladin. This deck does seem to falter though against Ramp Druid, Tempo Mage, and Control Warrior. Grim Patron Warrior is a bit of a toss up depending if you can kill them off


Dragon Paladin Deck

by JR Cook on

Episode 58: Dragon Paladin Deck This week Twizz (who’s a bit tipsy from celebrating) and Studder take on the ladder with Dragon Pally! We hope you enjoy! Deck List Dragon Paladin Class: Paladin Paladin (13) Shielded Minibot x2 Coghammer Muster for Battle x2 Aldor Peacekeeper x2 Truesilver Champion x2 Consecration x2 Solemn Vigil Lay on Hands Neutral (17) Zombie Chow x2 Acidic Swamp Ooze Big Game Hunter Blackwing Technician x2 Hungry Dragon x2 Antique Healbot Azure Drake x2 Blackwing Corruptor x2 Drakonid Crusher Volcanic Drake Chromaggus Ysera


Dragon Priest Deck

by JR Cook on

Episode 57: Dragon Priest Deck This week we feature “Uncle Ruckus” which is a Dragon Priest deck that seems to do a pretty good job vs aggro.  We hope you enjoy! Deck List Dragon Priest Class: Priest Priest (19) Power Word: Shield x2 Northshire Cleric x2 Twilight Whelp x2 Shadow Word: Death x2 Thoughtsteal Dark Cultist Shadow Madness x2 Holy Nova x2 Vol’jin Lightbomb x2 Cabal Shadow Priest x2 Neutral (11) Acidic Swamp Ooze Blackwing Technician x2 Hungry Dragon Azure Drake x2 Sludge Belcher x2 Sylvanas Windrunner Chromaggus Ysera


Deck of the Week: Dragon Warlock

by JR Cook on

Edit: After this was published, Mryagut tweeted that he made a small change with this deck. Basically he took out 1 Zombie Chow and put in Alexstraza and says it plays even better. Mryagut played in the Road to BlizzCon World Championships last year and was known for playing very unconventional decks. Personally I loved seeing him play and he would always seem to bring something a bit different than what was the norm. People like him are what are needed on the scene in my opinion. And he’s at it again, this week with a Dragon Warlock deck that helped him get to legendary. If you listen to our Well Met podcast you will have heard us talk about how dragons seem to fit mostly in Paladin, Priest, and some extent warrior, however Warlock was never even in the picture. Mryagut proves us wrong with a Dragon Warlock deck

This has been my personal deck of choice to ladder this past week (and maybe for the next week or so depending on the meta). Control Warrior as a whole has a pretty decent win rate but is pretty boring to play. By adding in a bit of dragon flavor, I have to say that I really enjoy Control Warrior a lot more now. Also, my original thought of Nefarian being a lame card has changed, he does work and has won me quite a few games. I went from Rank 20 to Rank 12 with this deck in the first week and probably could have gone higher if I had more time to play. I’ll most likely talk about it in next week’s Well Met podcast. So the deck is basically your standard control warrior with the addition of 2 high end dragons that then synergize well with the

Mill Druid has been out for a while, but despite being a different and fun option. It hasn't seemed to catch on in the competitive scene. Perhaps Mill Druid isn't meant to become a staple of the competitive meta, but at least recently a player decided to experiment with it. TidesofTime decided to bring a version of Mill Druid to the Kinguin for Charity Easter edition and he ended up winning the whole thing. Check this deck out!


Deck of the Week: Flamewaker Control

by JR Cook on

Blackwing Lair is out and one of my favorite cards from the set has been released. It’s no secret that I was incredibly excited about Flamewaker and once I had it I immediately went about trying to find ways to make it work into a deck. It doesn’t fit into Mech Mage and it doesn’t really fit into Freeze Mage – although some of the spells in Freeze Mage work very well with it. Instead I think it creates a new deck on it’s own, and this one I have been playing non stop this weekend. This deck first came to my attention from a post by Yueshen from the Competitive Hearthstone subreddit detailing the Chinese scene. The Chinese player called (life is a trip)#5671 was able to get to Legend #62 on the Chinese region with this deck. The deck is very cheap mana cost wise and also card