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I know that I  promised a full review of the ViaGame HouseCup #2, and that will come on Sunday as part of my eSports series. Meanwhile you can check out this hilarious Showmatch, its world renown Caster Dan “Frodan” Chou vs one of the best Hosts in eSports today, the lovely Rachel “Seltzer” Quirico. Check out the full match below casted by Savjz, Forsen, and Firebat; it’s definitely worth a watch.  Also make sure to check out ViaGame’s youtube channel for more House Cup content. This match for the ages was sold as a showdown between the 2 worst possible decks, but in reality it was more of a funny setup to screw over Frodan. While Frodan’s deck was built to give him almost no chance to win, Rachel’s Deck at least had a built in win condition in form of a fatigue win via Ice Barriers, and a Coldlight


Deck of the Week: Savjz Eboladin

by JR Cook on

Is aggro more of your style of play than control? Getting sick of Face Hunter or Warlock Zoo and want a little bit of a different taste? Well, Savjz’s Eboladin might be the deck for you. This deck is centered around Hobgoblin and turning your lowly 1 attack creatures in 3 attack creatures. The deck is also built to get you a ton of card draw, especially if you’re playing against control decks by using Divine Favor and Jeeves. If you have the right card draw you can easily play your hand out with some strong creatures and quickly replenish for the next turn. Here is the full deck list: Eboladin Class: Paladin Paladin (8) Blessing of Might x2 Coghammer x2 Divine Favor x2 Truesilver Champion x2 Neutral (22) Wisp x2 Abusive Sergeant x2 Argent Squire x2 Leper Gnome x2 Annoy-o-Tron x2 Echoing Ooze x2 Haunted Creeper x2 Ironbeak Owl Knife


Zetalot’s Control Priest Deck

by JR Cook on

Episode 55: Zetalot’s Control Priest Deck This week we feature another deck by Zetalot! It was his season 12 Priest deck that served pretty well! We offer some different card choices and get a good look at how this performs in the current meta. Don’t forget we are buying Doghouse Systems gaming rigs for our Patrons! Be sure to check out the site for more info! Deck List Zetalot’s Control Priest Class: Priest Priest (21) Circle of Healing x2 Light of the Naaru x2 Power Word: Shield x2 Northshire Cleric x2 Shadow Word: Death x2 Thoughtsteal x2 Auchenai Soulpriest x2 Holy Nova x2 Vol’jin Holy Fire Cabal Shadow Priest x2 Mind Control Neutral (9) Zombie Chow Wild Pyromancer x2 Injured Blademaster x2 Harrison Jones Loatheb Sylvanas Windrunner Sneed’s Old Shredder

This week’s Deck of the Week we bring you another deck list that has hit #1 Legend in the last week. This time it’s Trump’s paladin deck that he was able to raise to the top. I’ve been playing this deck for the last few days, and while it’s definitely fun it does have some challenges. If you’re playing lower ranks there are some cards you will probably want to substitute out as Trump’s version has some tech cards meant for the meta at higher levels of play. The deck also has a lot of legendary cards that can be easily substituted out. The style of the deck is very much controlling in nature while putting pressure on the board. If by turn 8 you are able to pop off a Muster for Battle with a Quartermaster you can nearly pull off a win right there. However, if you play


Bonus Deck: Kel’thuzad Rogue!

by DannieRay23 on

On Friday we give you the Deck of the Week, but sometimes we just cannot wait that long to show you something cool. But this is Bonus Deck, where we try to surprise you with cool decks that might just change the way you perceive this game. Welcome to Bonus Deck, this time around we will take a look at a very effective version of the Rogue that has taken German Streamer P4wnyHof to the top 20 of EU. This version of the Rogue separates himself from the pack as it doesn’t heavily rely on weapons and burst damage like most of the other Rogue decks out there, there’s no Deadly Poison, Tinker’s Oil, or Blade flurry here. Instead, we have Double Belcher and heavier threats such as Sylvannas, Gallywix, Dr.Boom and even Kel’thuzad. But the deck also shares a lot of other cards with Oil Rogue, so a lot


Handlock Revisited

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Episode 54: Handlock Revisited We dive back into Handlock to see if it’s still viable in the meta. We run into some close calls but in the end it still ends up being a solid deck! We brought back some cards that aren’t normally played like Faceless Manipulator and some others. We hope you enjoy! Deck List Handlock GvG Class: Warlock Warlock (8) Mortal Coil x2 Darkbomb Hellfire x2 Shadowflame Siphon Soul Lord Jaraxxus Neutral (22) Zombie Chow Ancient Watcher x2 Ironbeak Owl Sunfury Protector x2 Defender of Argus x2 Twilight Drake x2 Antique Healbot x2 Faceless Manipulator Loatheb Sludge Belcher x2 Dr. Boom Ragnaros the Firelord Mountain Giant x2 Molten Giant x2

In this week’s Deck of the Week we are looking at a deck that took Reddit user TingoTONG to #1 on the NA ladder. It’s an odd deck because it’s not following the current meta and has some cards we haven’t seen played in the meta for quite some time, such as Novice Engineer, Perdition’s Blade, and 2 Defias Ringleaders. I think that’s why I love this deck so much, because it reminds me of the days of Hearthstone’s early beta where having 2 Defias Ringleaders and 2 Novice Engineers was a must have for a rogue deck (now if we can just get Headcrack to be good again). This deck is fairly cheap to make and the 2 legendary cards used, Bloodmage Thalnos and Edwin VanCleef could find easy replacements if needed. Nothing in this deck costs less than 5 mana, however, I wouldn’t call it an aggro deck. The


Paladin Control Deck

by JR Cook on

Episode 53: Paladin Control Deck This week we revisit some Pally control. There are a few different cards that we put in the deck that you don’t see in very many Pally decks. Also don’t forget that we are buying Doghouse Systems gaming rigs to our Patrons! Check out our Patreon page for more details! The show goes LIVE every Monday night at 9pm CST (10 EST, 7 Pacific) on! Be sure to follow so you’ll get a notification when we go LIVE! Deck List Paladin Control Class: Paladin Paladin (14) Shielded Minibot x2 Coghammer Muster for Battle x2 Aldor Peacekeeper x2 Truesilver Champion x2 Consecration x2 Quartermaster Lay on Hands Tirion Fordring Neutral (16) Zombie Chow Acidic Swamp Ooze Ironbeak Owl Knife Juggler x2 Big Game Hunter Earthen Ring Farseer Kezan Mystic Antique Healbot Captain Greenskin Loatheb Sludge Belcher x2 Sylvanas Windrunner The Black


Hunter Control Deck

by JR Cook on

Episode 52: Hunter Control Deck This week we take a stab at Control Hunter. We made some changes to the deck mid-way through the episode. The deck does alright but it’s tough in such an aggro heavy meta. But that’s to be expected the first week of the season! Also, we are taking the money donated by our Patrons and buying Doghouse Systems Computers! Be sure to check out this episode for details on how we’re doing this and possibly score yourself a new gaming rig! Deck List Hunter Control Class: Hunter Hunter (16) Arcane Shot x2 Webspinner x2 Explosive Trap Freezing Trap x2 Steamwheedle Sniper x2 Eaglehorn Bow x2 Animal Companion x2 Multi-Shot Savannah Highmane x2 Neutral (14) Ironbeak Owl Mad Scientist x2 Big Game Hunter Kezan Mystic Piloted Shredder x2 Azure Drake x2 Sludge Belcher x2 Sylvanas Windrunner Dr. Boom Foe Reaper 4000


Demonlock Deck

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Episode 50: Demonlock Deck This week we have a pretty sweet Demon Lock deck! It proves to be fairly effective against all decks (aggro, mid-range and control). We hope you enjoy! Deck List Demonlock Class: Warlock Warlock (21) Voidwalker x2 Darkbomb x2 Demonfire Mistress of Pain x2 Hellfire Imp-losion Shadowflame x2 Voidcaller x2 Demonheart Doomguard x2 Siphon Soul x2 Dread Infernal Lord Jaraxxus Mal’Ganis Neutral (9) Ironbeak Owl Sunfury Protector x2 Mind Control Tech Defender of Argus Antique Healbot Sylvanas Windrunner Molten Giant x2