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Introduction Miracle Rogue (MR) in Standard, though not played as much as other decks on the ladder outside of high ranks, is a very good deck in general and an excellent tournament deck. Most Rogue specialists claim that they are favored against any deck. It is strong indeed, but tends to run out of steam or damage is the enemy is able to heal repeatedly. Nevertheless, the potential of huge burst is an always present threat when playing against Miracle Rogue which enables it to snatch some surprising wins. This article is no guide on how to play. It is rather an overview on the different iterations and a card by card explanation and providing a side by side comparison in an infographic. The Core The core of the deck has not changed a lot. It actually consists of 22 cards whereas few variations cut 1 or 2 in favor of


Paladin in Gadgetzan – A Blast to Play!

by OtakuMZ on

Introduction Paladin, despite not being popular at the moment, received some very interesting and flexible card in the ‘Mean Streets of Gadgetzan’ expansion. It is also the most versatile class regarding the ‘buff your hand’ mechanic of the Grimy Goons. I did play-test the below lists to a good success. The strategy and planning involved feel rewarding. Do I have to dump my minions immediately or can I wait a turn longer to expand the value of buffing all minions in hand even further. This is only one of the decisions that you will have to make. Following you will find new cards wit explanations why they are important for Paladin right now. The article will conclude by providing deck list for you to try out. Noteworthy Card Additions in MSG All Decks: Generally (Ab-)Usable These cards are amazing! If you take a look at the below deck lists, they are

Mean Streets of Gadgetzan is just a couple days old and like any expansion release, we’re seeing a hectic meta as people start testing out decks to see what works and what doesn’t. Also like every collectible card game in existence with a new expansion, aggro takes the early lead as people take advantage of experimentation for quick and easy wins. Aggro Pirate Warrior is such a deck that should be popular toward the beginning, but I’m not sure will have any staying power. Jade Golem Druid is a very popular pick as well and as people continue to experiment with it, it’s possible it could be a top tier meta deck for the next year – especially in any meta that you can easily control the late game. Other popular decks have been Reno/Kazakus versions for Priest, Dragon Priest, Reno style Mage, and Reno style Warlock. With Kabal focusing

Sponsors – Good Gaming –  | Twitter – @Fade2Karma | Facebook – Fade2Karma | Twitch – Fade2Karma | Written by F2K_Minntzu Hey guys, I’m Minntzu. Let’s talk about Hunter. Not so long ago Call of the Wild cost only 8 mana and it was a key card, the most popular decks were built around it as the main win condition. Since Blizzard decided to change its cost to 9 mana, it seriously weakened old hunter lists, players had to invent something new. Nowadays, there are almost no decks that would be complete without Cloaked Huntress. It seems hard to notice the difference between “Secret Hunter” and “Face Hunter” because they both run same core: Huntress and secrets. It makes more sense to define 2 currently playable archetypes as “Face Secret Hunter” and “Midrange Secret Hunter”. Although it happens that incorrect or not clear enough definition is more used due to archetype segregation. Midrange Secret Hunter seems

Sponsors – Good Gaming –  | Twitter – @Fade2Karma | Facebook – Fade2Karma | Twitch – Fade2Karma | Written by Alliestrasza Hello! My name’s Alliestrasza. If you’ve watched my stream, you’ll know that this is one of my all time favorite decks to play. I hope you enjoy reading my take on the deck. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to ask. I stream Monday – Friday at Play Style My C’Thun Renolock is the same play style as most Handlock/Renolock lists. I enjoy C’Thun decks and I like to play this version on ladder when I’m looking to play a control type deck or I’m running into a lot of Control Warriors because of the favorable match up. The general strategy is to use Life Tap to gain card advantage and eventually use Reno to gain back the life you lost to your hero power. This strategy, coupled with the

Sponsors – Good Gaming –  | Twitter – @Fade2Karma | Facebook – Fade2Karma | Twitch – Fade2Karma | Written by Cipher It has been a while since Control Warrior (CW) was a tier 1 deck. The addition of one new card, Ironforge Portal, has pushed it back to the top though. The card only has average stats of 3.23/4.14 with 4 armor gain.  This seems to render it a worse Shieldmaiden. Yet, as we have learnt from cards like Bash, any armor gain card seems to be beneficial for CW. It aids CW’s desire to stall and activate Shield Slams. The other big deal is that Ironforge Portal is a spell. It makes Yogg-Saron finally viable in CW. Atop, Yogg-Saron himself got a better after ONiK with the addition of the portal cards. With Zoo, Dragon Warrior, Tempo Mage, and Aggro Shaman all being buffed, it’s the right time for an anti-aggro deck to enter the meta to prey on these archetypes. Here

Sponsors – Good Gaming – GamersGearEU | Twitter – @Fade2Karma | Facebook – Fade2Karma | Twitch – Fade2Karma | Written by Cipher Secret Paladin making a comeback? It’s been a few months since we have seen this version of paladin on ladder, with avenge gone the power Mysterious Challenger has seems too low to be worth playing. Yet some players are climbing to Top 100 on EU with this deck, let’s take a look why. Why has it re-appeared now? Incredibly favoured matchup vs Dragon Warrior. Dragon Warrior has been the most common deck on ladder for a few weeks now so it’s not surprising counter decks are starting to appear. Paladin is so favoured against this warrior archetype due to how badly Fiery War Axe and Execute match up with the paladins curve. Secret Paladin literally doesn’t run a 2-drop, so it can’t lose tempo vs Fiery War Axe and all its late game threats Tirion

Sponsors – Good Gaming – GamersGearEU | Twitter – @Fade2Karma | Facebook – Fade2Karma | Twitch – Fade2Karma | Written by @F2K_Deniasaur Introduction I had a lot of success with this deck last season, and I have learnt a lot about it through playing it. I feel that the meta has shifted towards more aggro decks so the Doomsayer + Elise Starseeker version has become a better choice.  Also, many players in warrior mirrors have figured out that playing around Doomcaller is the best choice of action by using the Sylvanas play. Card discussions 2x Execute: needed to remove minions 2x Shield Slam: removal, works very well with Shield Block and Shieldbearers to remove minions 2x Fiery War Axe: ggainst aggro removes early game minions and doesn’t let opponent build up a board. 1x Slam: used for card draw, to proc executes and remove early game minions. 1x Beckoner of Evil: early game good against aggro, buffs

I. Introduction – History Lesson on Control Shaman Control Shaman is a deck archetype that I found very appealing from the start. I tried to make working since Reincarnate was introduced. The decks were more or less constructed to survive until you could unload a combo involving Ancestral Spirit, Reincarnate and Kel’Thuzad. Although you already got good control cards in the Basic and Classic set, the problem most of the times was surviving until you were able to unload your big bombs and the combo with K’T. In general, you were simply run over by aggro and even midrange decks before you could do anything substancial. The decks were just too slow, too inconsistent and lacked early removal as well as healing. Since Curse of Naxxramas though, there were a lot more cards introduced that help this archetype out in different ways. There was Healing Wave introduced to give the

Yogg-Saron is fun and he is a surprisingly good comeback card. That’s why the old god became more and more popular over the last weeks. I already covered his mechanic in the Yogg-Saron Infographic on June 24th. With the increasing appearance in the game, there are viable decks for a lot of classes already available. Today, I will bring you at least one deck for every class, that you too will be able to take the god of death into the new ranked season (S28). I can only encourage you to try at least some of the decks. They may not only be viable on ladder but also incredibly fun. The playstyles of these compositions are a bit more demanding compared to cookie cutter decks though, but in the end, if you become able to master them, they can feel very rewarding. Be sure to check out the infographic article I mentioned above. In it, give you a lot

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