The stream is over and we got some exting stuff that got revealed. We saw the Warlock Quest which is all about Discard. Hunter’s and Rogue’s Legendary minions were shown off and man – great mechanics! The craziest card by far, while likely not competitive, is a new Warrior Epic spell that replaces your ENTIRE deck with “Discover a card” cards!!! Anyway, without further ado, here are the cards: John “kickedtripod” Horstman made some nice GIFs of Elise, Sherazim, and and KingDred gameplay for you to enjoy: Here is a full gif of Elise the Trailblazer’s interaction. #UnGoro #Hearthstone — John Horstmann (@kickedtripod) March 17, 2017 A full gif of the Sherazin interaction. Notice the leaves light up as you play cards. #Hearthstone #UnGoro — John Horstmann (@kickedtripod) March 17, 2017 Swamp King Dred interaction gif — John Horstmann (@kickedtripod) March 17, 2017 We learned a few more