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The final wing has been released and the end of Blackrock Mountain is upon us. We have now provided you deck lists and videos of every single encounter in order to help you get that card back for beating all of the heroic encounters. This week the 2nd boss Maloriak gives the most problems and is one of the reasons why this guide got out a little late. I had trouble figuring out a consistent deck to beat him with but I think I finally got it. The rest of the fights you should probably beat in 1 or 2 tries using the deck lists and strategies listed below. Omnotron Defense System This is the easiest fight of the wing. He makes dudes and the dudes all have something different and you can use them to your advantage. The 2/2 dude gives each player +2 spell power, The 4/4 dude

He might be blind, but he can always hear where we are. Destroy his weapon and take this pesky dragon down with our tips and decklists!

Having Trouble with Heroic Omnotron Defense System? Let us help you spell your way out of trouble.

I apologize that this took me a couple days to complete. I wasn’t able to finish heroic on Thursday like normal because of my work schedule the last few days. Next week’s wing is likely to have the same delay, just the nature of what happens when this is your hobby and you have to make a living at your day job! With that said, this was by far the most difficult wing for me with Heroic Vaelasrasz and Chromaggus giving me the most fits. The last boss ended up being pretty easy for me but I might have gotten lucky with a hastily thrown together deck that just worked, maybe you’ll get the same results? Here are the deck lists I used to win these heroic bosses, and they should probably also work with the normal bosses as well. If you’re having trouble with it I also included the


Blackwing Lair Now Open

by Crow on

Blackwing Lair, the fourth of five wings in the Blackrock Mountain adventure, is now available. You’re going to face off against four bosses this time, including Victor Nefarius himself at the end… which honestly begs the question of what’s going to be in the final wing… For now, however, time to dust off the decks and dig in! Read the full post below and get yourself into the game. You’ve bested Lord Victor’s Nefarius’ lieutenants in the Blackrock Spire, and now it’s time to take the fight into his fortress stronghold! A decisive showdown between you and Lord of Blackrock seems inevitable. It will take all your wits to come out on top when you infiltrate the fourth wing of Blackrock Mountain: Blackwing Lair! Every week, a new wing of Blackrock Mountain will become available for players to experience. Blackrock Mountain wings will unlock in the following order: Blackrock Depths

Rewards Normal Mode The Rookery (1): Give all Corrupted Eggs +1 Health, then summon one. Normal Mode is all about keeping the eggs under control, if you can do one directed damage every turn you could kill all eggs easily negate his hero power. The eggs take a while to hatch though so at a certain point you could easily turn on the aggression and ignore his eggs and drakes. You need to pay attention to life totals and see if an opportunity arises to start the race. It is worth noting that Crazed Alchemist can instantly kill an egg, cards like Equality or Hunter’s Mark can also buy you a few turns. Heroic Mode The Rookery (1): Give all Corrupted Eggs +1 Health, then summon one. Heroic mode is just a lot harder, you are on a clock and the Corrupted Eggs are just so much harder to deal

Is Vaelastrasz the Corrupt trying to mill you? Should you try and mill him first, or should you just rush his face? Dannie Ray answers all these questions and helps you beat this boss in Normal and Heroic.

A lot has been said about all of the revealed Blackrock Mountain cards, but now we’ve had the chance to play with some of them. Has the public opinion changed on some of the cards after everyone has gotten a chance to try them out? Lets see how these new cards have done thus far on their first week out. Boss Cards The Druid of the Flame has made its way into some Druid lists through its first week. The card was deemed good enough to at least be tested and it made appearances even in competitive play. Time will tell us if Druid of the Flame will become a staple in the standard druid decks, but Druid of the Flame is surely going to be an auto-include in any Druid Beast deck attempt. If more Beasts come out and Beast Druid becomes a highly competitive option, Druid of the

Rend Blackhand is the final fight on Blackrock Spire, he likes to Flood the Board and Play some Dragons, here's a few tips and a decklist to help you finally clear this wing.

Playing any card on your deck each turn feels nice, even if you are restricted to only play one of them. The problem starts when your opponent can play two each turn and quickly overwhelm you. Learn how you can outvalue Drakk with an strategy that revives your hopes and leads you to victory.

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