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It’s here, and like we thought last week, we have a new Karazhan adventure mode with a little bit of a disco party twist. One Night in Karazhan is your next Hearthstone adventure mode with 45 new cards, 13 new bosses, 4 wings, and it will be releasing on Thursday August 11th. If you’re buying it with cash it will cost you $19.99 for the full adventure mode or $6.99 per individual wing. Buying it with gold will cost you 700 gold per wing. Fact Sheet One Night in Karazhan, the next Hearthstone Adventure, is a groovy collection of single-player missions that invites players to party in Karazhan, the mage Medivh’s magnificent tower. Lavish feasts, Opera performances, and more await all guests at what promises to be the greatest party in Azeroth! However, when players arrive to the party, they’ll discover that Medivh has gone missing, and in his absence,

The final wing of League of Explorers is here and we have 4 bosses to deal with. This week I build a couple decks to take advantage of some dumb AI in the game, a control priest style deck, and then just a plain old weenie deck. Once again, the first boss in this wing was by far the hardest. As always check out our spoiler list to see what cards you get to unlock this week. Heroic Skelesaurus Hex This guy took me the longest to figure out and you have to have some decent RNG to pull it off. I’ve had him drop turn 1 Grommash Hellscream and turn 1 Variann Wrynn before. If he does that, just concede and try again. The trick of this deck is to get out Animated Armor. He won’t attack it with his minions. So you’ll only take 1 damage and you

The 3rd wing of League of Explorers released today (yesterday I guess as I finish writing this) and with it we have some deck lists and guides for how to beat the bosses on heroic. This week I build a mill deck, a Grim Patron Deck, and a double all the minions deck to take on the bosses. The first boss was definitely the toughest with the last boss being the easiest in my opinion, go figure. As always check out our spoiler list to see what cards you get to unlock this week (and upcoming weeks!) Heroic Slitherspear This was the toughest boss in my opinion. His hero power puts down a 1/1 first turn, 2/2 next turn, 3/3 and you get the picture. Luckily they are 1/1 minions that are just getting buffed so you can silence them with owls. However, I can’t seem to find a way to keep

The final wing has been released and the end of Blackrock Mountain is upon us. We have now provided you deck lists and videos of every single encounter in order to help you get that card back for beating all of the heroic encounters. This week the 2nd boss Maloriak gives the most problems and is one of the reasons why this guide got out a little late. I had trouble figuring out a consistent deck to beat him with but I think I finally got it. The rest of the fights you should probably beat in 1 or 2 tries using the deck lists and strategies listed below. Omnotron Defense System This is the easiest fight of the wing. He makes dudes and the dudes all have something different and you can use them to your advantage. The 2/2 dude gives each player +2 spell power, The 4/4 dude

I apologize that this took me a couple days to complete. I wasn’t able to finish heroic on Thursday like normal because of my work schedule the last few days. Next week’s wing is likely to have the same delay, just the nature of what happens when this is your hobby and you have to make a living at your day job! With that said, this was by far the most difficult wing for me with Heroic Vaelasrasz and Chromaggus giving me the most fits. The last boss ended up being pretty easy for me but I might have gotten lucky with a hastily thrown together deck that just worked, maybe you’ll get the same results? Here are the deck lists I used to win these heroic bosses, and they should probably also work with the normal bosses as well. If you’re having trouble with it I also included the

Wing 2 arrived today and Molten Core opened up to those who had bought it (or will be buying it). The challenges in this one were rather interesting as we got to play a bit with Axe Flinger. The heroic bosses in this wing have some INSANE armor though. I was able to beat all the bosses on normal pretty easily with the decks below. On heroic I was able to get Garr and Geddon on the first try with the decks below. I failed miserably with Majordomo/Ragnaros for 3 games before I changed to the deck I have listed – and got him on the first try with that. Check below for the full deck lists and accompanying videos. The finally deck lists will work with both normal and heroic. Garr Garr has a lot of 0/5 dudes with deathrattle. When they do, they damage your hero for each

Got home this evening and opened up Blackrock Mountain. Luckily, I already had some practice last month against Grim Guzzler in both normal and heroic so I knew what I was getting into. The following are the deck lists and strategy I used along with the video of the match. Grim Guzzler His heroic ability drops in 2 creatures for himself and 1 for you. So you want to mulligan all your creatures since you’ll be getting them in play for free. The way you win this match is fairly easy, make sure you get board control and keep your creatures on the board while killing his with bigger creatures and cheap removal. Eventually he’ll run out of cards and you can just win. In the video I used Deathwing instead of Malygos. But if you watch the video you’ll see why I added Malygos to the deck afterwords. Malorne


Blackrock Mountain Releases April 2nd

by JR Cook on

The day after the internet becomes useless (April Fool’s Day) Blizzard will be releasing the next saga in Hearthstone. April 2nd, Blackrock Mountain will be available for players. If you want the exclusive card back, make sure you pre-order before April 2nd with real money for $24.99. If you’re wanting to pay for gold, April 2nd will be the date you can purchase the first wing. For those of you in Europe and Asia, April 3rd is your date! You can read about all the details here: Are you brave (or insane) enough to face the ancient evils lurking within Blackrock Mountain? Soon the fabled mountain will open, allowing adventurers the opportunity to journey inside and conquer fiery elementals, fierce dragons, and other hot-tempered foes! Blackrock Mountain introduces 31 new cards that are too hot to handle, all obtained by emerging victorious in epic battles against some of the mountain’s most

We have 3 new cards revealed today which brings us at the half way point of cards revealed. All 3 are neutral cards and it includes the 2nd legendary we have seen. Volcanic Drake takes on the Dragon’s Breath ability we saw revealed earlier in the week with the mage. We could see some fun AoE board clears with the mage that ends in dropping a free or cheap 6/4 afterwards. Drakonid Crusher might be able to find it’s way into Warrior Control decks. The battlecry puts him in Big Game Hunter range but he’s a 6/6 for 6 mana. With the battlecry he’s a 9/9. As many big targets as Warrior Control runs, BGH is going to run out quickly so it’s a perfect spot for this. Nefarian is going to be a really fun card. I personally can’t wait to see people get Force of Nature and Savage

We have a couple new cards revealed today with the 2nd mage class card getting revealed and another neutral card getting revealed. That puts us to 18 cards left out of 31 to still see. The mage card Dragon’s Breath is an interesting card. It costs more than fireball (in some cases) an yet does less damage. However, the more minions you kill the cheaper it is to cast. I can actually see this being used with area of effect spells like Blizzard and Flamestrike as a way to finish off that one big creature for cheap. You can effectively take out an 8/8 and for 7 mana plus all their other minions with an effective flamestrike that might result in a free Dragon’s Breath. The neutral card Blackwing Corrupter is another card that has synergy with having a dragon in your hand. If you’re holding a dragon, it’s battlecry

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