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Journey to Un’Goro Announced

by Crow on

Glorious male specimen Game Director Ben Brode and Production Director Jason Chayes are taking us on a trip to Un’Goro Crater. Highlights: A new minion tribe of Elementals. Previously-released cards like Ragnaros and Al’Akir will be backfilled into this tribe. A new keyword and mechanic called Adapt, which lets you customize the Adapting creature. Quest cards, which will reward you for completing a quest objective like summoning X Deathrattle minions. Reveals of additional cards in the 135 card set will start on March 17th. The expansion itself will release in early April, which in turn will kick off the Year of the Mammoth. The first card announced in a rude Shaman board-clear tool: Second is a Mage legendary with a scary deathrattle mechanic that lasts throughout the game: After that, we have the reveal of the Elemental tribe, which is being backloaded onto Elemental-themed minions from prior expansions and adventures. We

This is a guest post by Ville “Old Guardian” Kilkku. He is a multi-season EU legend on Hearthstone who has been playing games since VIC-20 was a thing. You can also find him in these places: Youtube: OldGuardian Twitter: @Old_GuardianHS Twitch: Old_Guardian I have always had a soft spot for dragons in Hearthstone. Dragons are such a defining fantasy race all the way from Tolkien’s Middle Earth to George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire. Dragons never go out of style! However, Hearthstone’s next Standard rotation will come in spring, and many dragon cards will be moved to Wild. Will dragon decks still exist in Standard after the rotation? Dreams of Dragons In Hearthstone, Dragon decks became viable with the release of The Grand Tournament. I remember opening my pre-order packs hastily so that I could put together a Dragon Priest deck, something people had dreamed of since Blackrock


Expansion Announcement Monday?

by JR Cook on

PAX East isn’t until March 10th, and I assumed that we might see the next Hearthstone expansion announcement there with a release happening the first week of April. However, I then remembered that Whispers of the Old Gods was shown to press around March 9th last year, announced March 11th and had a LATE April release. It makes sense that if they want an early April release, now would be a great time to start teasing that expansion. Also, looking at the PAX East 2017 schedule, even though Blizzard has a booth at PAX East, they do not have a panel in the schedule. Now this doesn’t mean that an announcement can’t happen, after all, the Hearthstone team did announce Naxxramas at a PAX East with no panel (and no live stream) – however, that doesn’t seem to be the way they work anymore. So with that said, it’s a

Yesterday, Ben Brode and Mike Donais participated in the second-ever developer live Q&A. The VOD is available on the official Hearthstone Youtube channel here, but it is over an hour long and oddly quiet. Here is a summary for those who missed the live stream, don’t want to watch the full VOD, and/or couldn’t hear a thing: Generally speaking, the Q&A covered the following topics: Hall of Fame, Future Expansions (and “Missions”), Standard versus Wild, the ladder format, and miscellaneous other topics. Arena was covered in a separate blog post the day after the Q&A, and will be summarized separately. HALL OF FAME The cards that were selected into the Hall of Fame were used very frequently and limited potential design space. More cards were considered (namely, Gadgetzan Auctioneer) and the Hall of Fame will be revisited as needed. Problem cards from the evergreen sets are more likely to be sent

This upcoming 7.1 update (likely to hit Feb. 28th) will not only have changes to constructed with ranked floors and incoming nerfs but also some serious arena changes as well. Arena will now only have standard cards available, common cards will be less frequent, spells will be more abundant, and neutral classic cards will show up less. Also of note is AOE monsters will Flamestrike and Abyssal Enforcer will also show up considerably less. Also, for those who love playing with golden cards, if you own the golden card in your collection, it will now show up as golden in your arena decks. I personally can’t wait to see Kripp finally craft that all golden set of everything and take that to arena in the hopefully near future. Check out all the announced arena changes here:

As originally announced on the official Hearthstone page (link), Hearthstone will be hosting its second live stream developer Q&A tomorrow, February 21, 2017, at 11:00 a.m. PST. This Q&A intends to cover the Year of the Mammoth, the accompanying standard rotation, “expansions and missions” (“missions” apparently being the name for the mini-adventures that will now come out with the expansions instead of as stand-alone content), and the Wild format. As was the case last time, you can submit your questions to the team via twitter and/or the official forums. You only have one day left, so get those questions in soon! Don’t forget to check back in here after the stream for the official Blizzpro hot take. The entire original post was as follows:


PSA On Year of the Mammoth Dust Refunds

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The announcement of the Year of the Mammoth, and more specifically the announcement that six particular Classic cards will be taken out of Standard play, came along with an interesting bonus. But first, some history. In the past when a card is altered, Blizzard has offered players the ability to disenchant that card for its full dust value. On the expectation that a player might have crafted that card because of its pre-change utility, it’s an olive branch for Blizzard to say “here, you can have that dust back if you don’t want this card now that we’ve changed it, feel free to craft something else.” In their Year of the Mammoth roadmap, this practice was called out specifically: What this doesn’t specifically say is something that’s rather important: Blizzard is NOT enabling full dust refunds for these cards. Blizzard is just giving that full dust value to you AND letting


The Year of the Mammoth Coming Soon!

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The Official Hearthstone website just published a massive blog post highlighting the upcoming Year of the Mammoth Roadmap. Set Rotation When the next expansion releases, Blackrock Mountain, The Grand Tournament, and League of Explorers will rotate out of Standard. Whispers of the Old Gods, One Night in Karazhan, and Mean Streets of Gadgetzan along with the three 2017 set releases and Classic set will complete The Year of the Mammoth’s card pool for Standard. Introducing the Hall of Fame Ben Brode alluded to some Classic and Basic cards potentially being removed from Standard if the set no longer felt fresh and exciting in these posts . The community spent the following days and weeks dissecting which cards (if any) might receive this treatment. The Hall of Fame consists of Classic cards that showed up and many decks and/or reduced the chance of new cards having an impact.  These cards include

Blizzard announced via the Hearthstone Forums today that two cards that have been hotly debated since the dawn of the latest expansion, Mean Streets of Gadgetzen, will be receiving changes. The first of the cards will be Small-Time Buccaneer will be getting its health changed from 2 to 1 which should allow for an easier time for players to deal with this minion. Secondly, Spirit Claws will now cost 2 instead of only 1. Shaman is clearly a strong deck and this should help with slowing down it’s ramp up. The other announcement included in this post has to do with Ranked Play changes, and ranking floors. As of now, the currently floor (the point at which you can no longer lose rank) is at 20. When 7.1 hits, this will add additional floors to ranks 15, 10, and 5. The explanation for this was outlined in Zeriyah’s post below:


January 2017 Arena Rankings

by hsdecktech on

This morning, Blizzard published a list of the top 100 arena players in each server during the course of the month of January, 2017. The players were ranked by average number of wins over a minimum of 30 arena runs. Unsurprisingly, longtime arena-aficionado and streamer “Kripparrian” topped the NA rankings with an average of 7.78 wins over his 37 runs. Other notable professional arena-streamers Hafu and Merps also made the list (at ranks 30 and 90, respectively). Self-proclaimed Chinese arena fangroup, “Meow,” also made a big mark on the NA rankings, taking 13 of the top 100 spots. The player with the highest average number of wins (an astounding 9.32!) was the aptly-named EU champion, “twlevewins.” Twelvewins also took rank 48 on the NA server with 6.76 wins per run, indicating that either EU arena is a lot easier and/or he started a new account on EU and benefited from the