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The Key to the Hearthstone Arena

by JR Cook on

Still no word on the Hearthstone beta that we were hoping to see get launched this week but we did get some pretty cool information following last week’s Arena Live Stream. Today on the official Hearthstone community site there is a large post with more information on the Arena – mainly what the arena is, how it works, and how the reward system for it works. I have to say, this is really the mode that I will probably play the most in Hearthstone and I am very excited about it. Just wishing the beta would hurry up and show itself! Also, for those of you in Europe attending GamesCom, it sounds like Hearthstone will be there in a big way – so make sure you definitely check that out! You can find out more about the Arena below: Last week, you may have joined us for our first ever

Welcome to BlizzPro’s newest project! When we created BlizzPro.com a couple months ago one of the ideas we wanted to go with was expanding it out to a network of sites. BlizzPro is really more for the general and casual Blizzard Entertainment fan who wants to hear what’s going on in each game, the licensed products, events like BlizzCon, PAX, and the various Comic Cons, and just everything about Blizzard Entertainment. Unfortunately, because of that we don’t really break games down to the nitty gritty details and give you things like strategies and guides for those games. The audience for BlizzPro.com is really more about the overall news and not so much the details of the games themselves. Now, I know there are several fans like me who love all the Blizzard titles, but there are people out there who may only care about one title or just a couple


Hearthstone Arena Preview Summary

by Zenstyle on

The Arena The Forge? That’s old news. Today, the Hearthstone dev team showed off the Arena. The Arena will be a mode that requires either gold or cash to play in, and will function similar to a draft event. Players will initially choose between one of three random heroes and then build a 30 card deck, choosing from three different cards 30 times in order to fashion their deck. After building it, players will then battle through the arena until they win the maximum number of games or are bested three times. A notable change, players will not keep the cards they pick during the drafting phase. The dev team explained that the motivation behind this change was to ensure that players were making their picks based on crafting a fun, competitive Arena deck, rather than trying to build out their collections. Those who have attended draft events can surely

Just a reminder that at 10 AM PDT today the Hearthstone team will be showing off the newly re-worked Forge during a live stream. This is the final piece of the beta puzzle, the piece that has been holding the game back from getting into beta and we at BlizzPro honestly think that beta will hit sometime next week. This live stream is a for sure can’t miss – so we hope to see you there. http://www.twitch.tv/playhearthstone Watch live video from playhearthstone on www.twitch.tv

There’s been a lot of anticipation surrounding the Hearthstone Forge. It’s one aspect of the upcoming card game that we’ve yet to see a whole lot about, and we’ve reason to believe that if the Forge is good to go, we could soon see individuals granted access to the Hearthstone beta. Community Manager Zeriyah posted on the Hearthstone Blog today, announcing that there will be a live look at the Forge on Twitch this Friday at 10 a.m. PDT. It’s also been explained that during this livestream, viewers will have the chance to get an in-depth look at deck building, complete with tips and suggestions from the staff. The devs will also be going over the changes that have been made since first announcing the Forge. It promises to be incredibly informative if you’re looking to hit the ground running once the game is made available. If you haven’t opted

Last week I had a pretty amazing opportunity to be invited out to the Blizzard Campus by the Community Team. The World of Warcraft, Diablo, and Hearthstone teams each invited 5 fansites per game. We were selected as one of the 5 fansites to check out Hearthstone which I was more than happy about because I’m really excited about this game and I’ve been really itching to get my hands on it. The other fansites being represented there were HearthPwn, Hearthstone Players, Happy Hearthstone Podcast, and WoWHead. Our day was divided up into a few different segments that included getting to play Hearthstone on the PC, having a developer Q&A about the game, going on a quick (and shortened) Blizzard Campus Tour, talking to the community team about improvements to the fansite program, and finally getting to hang out with the Blizzard folks at Dave and Busters. In this article

Did you enjoy the live streamed Fireside Duels put together by Ben Brode a month back? Well, they’re back! This time Hearthstone Community Manager Christina “Zeriyah” Sims will be live streaming 3 different games against other Blizzard employees. Best part about this? They want your input on what deck she will use to play with. The 3 options are: Mage Priest Warlock Personally I’m really hoping for a Priest or Mage win as I feel like we’ve already seen a good amount of Warlock already. The Live Stream is planned to begin this Thursday, June 27, at 10 AM PDT. So what are you waiting for? Go vote for what deck YOU want to see played this week. The poll is scheduled to end Tuesday, June 25, at 3 PM PDT. Votes can be placed here. You must have a battle.net account in order to vote.

The physical act of trading cards to friends and opponents alike has been a core component of the trading card game world since its inception decades ago. Whether looking to cheat someone out of their top tier card or to simply help a friend when you possess a surplus of cards, trading has been part and parcel of the experience.  That said, it has not always been an enjoyable act. In any given set, there are a handful of top tier cards which, given their powers, award them a far greater worth than the rest of the set. These cards become almost mandatory to become competitive and not having them can be a great source of frustration. Prohibitive costs of single cards can often deter individuals from picking up the game. Magic the Gathering veterans can surely recall dropping hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in the pursuit of crafting

The Diablo III console development team might’ve been lighting it up today at E3, but the coolest stuff in the Blizzard universe was happening on the Hearthstone blog. Some new cards were announced along with updates explaining just how the game would work. Here’s the meat of what was discussed: Hearthstone Quests: It’s only fitting that a game based on World of Warcraft should feature quests. These quests, apparently ever-changing according to Hearthstone blog, will award players gold, the currency used to purchase card packs. Gold will of course be integral in building your decks. Gold: Mentioned above, players will want to acquire gold in order to purchase booster packs for their Hearthstone decks. It’s also been mentioned that gold will be used to gain entry into The Forge!. Leveling System: Are you tired of grinding alts to level 90 only to be greeted with reputation gates and the horrors


Hearthstone Beta Soundtrack

by JR Cook on

We’ve managed to capture the music from the same Hearthstone client WoWhead and Hearthpwn were pulling from. The music heard in the Hearthstone trailer was composed by Jason Hayes and I would be willing to bet this music here was composed by him as well. There are 7 tracks total and it’s really fantastic music. I think it’s cool that Blizzard went ahead and created all new music for this game as opposed to putting already released Warcraft music in it.