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Deck List of the Week: Warrior Enrage Deck

by Zenstyle on

Garrosh Hellscream. The now deposed Warchief of Azeroth summons a number of colorful descriptors when mentioned, most of them not flattering. Tyrannical, brutal, shortsighted, these are just a few of negative adjectives associated with the son of Grom Hellscream. What he cannot be called though, is a coward. Garrosh Hellscream does not turn down fights. Quite the opposite, in fact. He welcomes them. Being something of a lore guy, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to try and construct a competitive deck honoring one of the most over the top villains in the Warcraft universe. At present, the Warrior set is one of the weaker ones in Hearthstone. The hero power, Armor Up! does effectively nothing to assist a player in obtaining board control. It’s a stall ability, and unlike Anduin, Garrosh is, perhaps fittingly, only capable of ‘healing’ himself, as opposed to his allies on the battlefield. The area


Hearthstone, while amazing, can present a player with a plethora of difficult conundrums. Given the intended similarities between the CCG and its point of origin, World of Warcraft, the issue of separating ourselves from traditional conventions can be difficult. This is very much apparent when it comes to a mechanic like spell power. We’ve been taught since the release of the MMORPG that  the hallmark of the caster is boosted spell power. Sure, Fireball’s good, but what if it could be made better? It can be, young Mage, it can be. Find yourself some spell power and watch as that torrent of flame deals 8902 damage as opposed to 7103. What’s more, spell power has traditionally been a non-factor for Warriors, Rogues and Hunters. Yet, here we are in the Hearthstone closed beta, where it’s all too common to watch as a Rogue, riding Gadgetzan Auctioneer, deals 18 points of

Another day, another Hearthstone patch. Following the release of a rather extensive patch at the beginning of the week, there has since been another patch to the alpha build of Hearthstone. Changes to the mechanics of the game were minimal: only two warrior cards (Grommash Hellscream and Gorehowl) were tweaked. It is worth noting that we discussed both cards during Episode 2 of the HearthPro podcast, and even had a special feature on Gorehowl last week. The big news about this patch is that there is no big news. This feels like fairly minor housekeeping for a game build that’s as polished as it can be at this point. The most significant update is the addition of over 900 localized voiceovers, but it is worth noting that localized versions will be released for beta testing in Europe and Asia after the release of the North American beta. Blizzard is already looking


Card Smart: Gorehowl

by Marc Huber on

Sure, you can play that winning card and step away from your match the glorious victor. But where is the fun unless you can also drop some lore knowledge on your opponent and add insult to injury? In this column, we don’t worry about card values or strategy – all we care about is that sweet, sweet lore. Today, we are taking a look at Gorehowl, one of the 19 currently known weapon cards in Hearthstone. Weapon cards have an interesting attribute not shared with any other card in the game: durability. Weapons cannot be directly attacked, but causing damage counts against their durability rating. Once their durability level has been reached, the weapon “breaks”, rendering it useless. The flavor text for the original Gorehowl weapon in World of Warcraft is “The axe of Grom Hellscream has sown terror across hundreds of battlefields”, and for some reason it’s currently a

The situation’s starting to look grim for Horde tyrant Garrosh Hellscream. All around him the masses are gathering and grouping up, putting aside old racial hatreds to see the dictator put down. Fortunately, in both World of Warcraft and Hearthstone he’ll have access to some powerful minions and allies to back him up against his impending impeachment. In this Hearthstone preview, we’ll look at the Warrior specific minions, as well as overall strategy when on the battlefield. If you missed it, be sure to check out our look at Warrior spells and abilities. Minions The Warrior deck features a decent spread of minions in terms of energy cost. It lacks a one energy creature, but there are other options available to all of the decks. We’ll go into those recommendations later. Unsurprisingly, most of the Warrior minions are high pressure and feature aggressive battlecry mechanics, or charge, Hearthstone’s version of

In last week’s Hearthstone preview, we discussed the Rogue Shadowstep ability and listed a few different uses for it. We stressed that, on the whole, the Rogue deck would require some finesse in order to make work. This week, we’ll be looking at a far less subtle deck, the Warrior deck. If a Warrior spends energy in Hearthstone, a minion is getting tougher, a weapon’s being equipped or something’s getting their butt handed to them. In that respect, it’s only fitting that the hero representing the plate clad ruffians is none other than despised tyrant Garrosh Hellscream. Today we’ll be looking at the myriad of spells available to the Warrior. Armor up! There are a number of neat hero abilities in Hearthstone. While Garrosh Hellscream’s Armor Up! ability might not be the flashiest, it is undoubtedly one of the most useful. A player can choose to spend two energy per

LEEEEEEEEEEEROOOOOOOOOOOOYYYYYYYYYYYY JEEEEEEEEEEEENKIIIIIIIIIIINS That will be my battle cry in Hearthstone every time I play this card. The Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft team has released a new Fireside Duels video which features the Warrior Garrosh Hellscream vs. the Paladin Uther the Lightbringer. These are both classes in the game we have not seen yet in the past Fireside Duels. The Paladin has the ability to summon reinforcements in the form of a 1/1 soldier, while the Warrior is able to bolster his defenses by donning two damage points worth of armor. Also this Fireside Duel highlights some new, never before seen, cards such as Cairne Bloodhoof (who summons Baine Bloodhoof upon death), Illidan Stormrage, King Mulka, and of course Leeroy Jenkins. You can watch the full Fireside Duel shout casted by developer Ben Brode below. Past Fireside Duels – Shaman vs. Mage: Warlock vs. Druid

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