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Sponsors – GamersGearEU  |  twitter – @Fade2Karma | Facebook – Fade2Karma | www.Fade2Karma.com Every week the pros from team Fade2Karma break down the “Deck of the Week” . These decks are seeing a lot of play either in constructed ladder or tournaments. Team F2K explain the deck lists and how to play them. View past Deck Lists of the Week. Hi all I am Vortex a professional hearthstone player since beta playing for Fade 2 Karma. I am bringing you this week’s deck Demon Zoo, Zoo is a deck that always comes back in the meta cycle because of its past power performances. As the zoo meta developed on its own we see more demon versions than anything. It’s a great way of taking over board quickly and snowballing it into victory. Zoo has always been a quicker deck but also a board control deck that utilizes cheap minions to take board and set

he owner and captain of Team Celestial uesd Combo Druid, Zoo Warlock, and Patron Warrior, to win 9 games en route to the Dreamhack Summer Trophy.

Can these decks spell victory for you? Well, might aswell try them, right?


Bonus Deck: Malygos Warlock

by DannieRay23 on

With Blackrock Mountain and Emperor Thaurisan, Combo based decks got a huge boost. Grim Patron decks have dominated ladder for the past month, but a new contender is rising to dethrone our favorite multiplying Dark Iron Dwarves. Dragon Warlock has proven to be a very powerful deck, it boasts strong match-ups against Warrior, Druid, Handlock, and Freeze Mage, making it a strong choice in both ladder and tournaments.


Deck of the Week: Dragon Warlock

by JR Cook on

Edit: After this was published, Mryagut tweeted that he made a small change with this deck. Basically he took out 1 Zombie Chow and put in Alexstraza and says it plays even better. Mryagut played in the Road to BlizzCon World Championships last year and was known for playing very unconventional decks. Personally I loved seeing him play and he would always seem to bring something a bit different than what was the norm. People like him are what are needed on the scene in my opinion. And he’s at it again, this week with a Dragon Warlock deck that helped him get to legendary. If you listen to our Well Met podcast you will have heard us talk about how dragons seem to fit mostly in Paladin, Priest, and some extent warrior, however Warlock was never even in the picture. Mryagut proves us wrong with a Dragon Warlock deck


An In-Depth Look at Zoolock

by hlwhs on

Warlock has long been one of the most popular classes in Hearthstone. Zoolock, Handlock and the post-GvG Demonlock have always retained their positions in ladder and tournaments. Because of the variance of Warlock decks, players who face against Warlock often find it difficult to mulligan an ideal starting hand. In this article I would demonstrate the strengths of the traditional Zoolock and assess the benefits from GvG expansion and Blackrock Mountain adventure. How Zoolock Works What makes Zoolock an outstanding deck? With Warlock’s hero ability ‘Life Tap’, there can be additional card draws every turn. Since the deck is mostly comprised of cheap cards, it is often possible to both play a card and ‘Life Tap’ in a single turn. Thus, a Zoolock always has board presence. In turn, cards such as Abusive Sergeant, Dire Wolf Alpha, Defender of Argus, Power Overwhelming and Dark Iron Dwarf could be fully utilized.


Bonus Deck: Void Gang Boss Zoo

by DannieRay23 on

On Friday we give you the Deck of the Week, but sometimes we just cannot wait that long to show you something cool. This is Bonus Deck, where we try to surprise you with cool decks that might just change the way you perceive this game.


Handlock Revisited

by JR Cook on

Episode 54: Handlock Revisited We dive back into Handlock to see if it’s still viable in the meta. We run into some close calls but in the end it still ends up being a solid deck! We brought back some cards that aren’t normally played like Faceless Manipulator and some others. We hope you enjoy! http://patreon.com/hspowerhour Deck List Handlock GvG Class: Warlock Warlock (8) Mortal Coil x2 Darkbomb Hellfire x2 Shadowflame Siphon Soul Lord Jaraxxus Neutral (22) Zombie Chow Ancient Watcher x2 Ironbeak Owl Sunfury Protector x2 Defender of Argus x2 Twilight Drake x2 Antique Healbot x2 Faceless Manipulator Loatheb Sludge Belcher x2 Dr. Boom Ragnaros the Firelord Mountain Giant x2 Molten Giant x2


Demonlock Deck

by JR Cook on

Episode 50: Demonlock Deck This week we have a pretty sweet Demon Lock deck! It proves to be fairly effective against all decks (aggro, mid-range and control). We hope you enjoy! Deck List Demonlock Class: Warlock Warlock (21) Voidwalker x2 Darkbomb x2 Demonfire Mistress of Pain x2 Hellfire Imp-losion Shadowflame x2 Voidcaller x2 Demonheart Doomguard x2 Siphon Soul x2 Dread Infernal Lord Jaraxxus Mal’Ganis Neutral (9) Ironbeak Owl Sunfury Protector x2 Mind Control Tech Defender of Argus Antique Healbot Sylvanas Windrunner Molten Giant x2

Every Friday a legendary member from team IHearthU breaks down IHU’s “Deck of the Week” . These decks are seeing a lot of play either in constructed ladder or tournaments. Team IHU explains the deck lists and how to play them. View past Deck Lists of the Week. Team IHU: Twitter | Website Sponsored by: Kinguin – Waypoint Get Coaching from Team IHU: http://ihearthu.com/coaching Hey! It’s IHU-Impact here with another Deck of the Week. This week, we’re going to look at a slightly modified version of Xixo’s Zoo deck. This Zoo deck was able to achieve #1 legend on NA, EU and the Asia server. This deck’s incredibly good at putting on board pressure early and has a great recovery mechanic in the form of Imp-losion. Due to recent metagame shifts and the huge upswing Big Game Hunter’s popularity, some changes were made because Sea Giant loses a lot of strength if it’s your only Big Game Hunter target.


Handlock with a Twist Deck

by JR Cook on

Episode 38: Handlock with a Twist Deck Being as that the ladder is reset and fairly aggro heavy, this variation of Handlock helps keep the board under control early game instead of tapping into dangerous waters. We hope you enjoy! Deck List Handlock with a Twist Class: Warlock Warlock (10) Soulfire Mortal Coil x2 Hellfire x2 Shadowflame x2 Siphon Soul x2 Lord Jaraxxus Neutral (20) Zombie Chow Acidic Swamp Ooze Ancient Watcher x2 Ironbeak Owl x2 Sunfury Protector x2 Unstable Ghoul Earthen Ring Farseer Defender of Argus Twilight Drake x2 Loatheb Sludge Belcher x2 Mountain Giant x2 Molten Giant x2

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