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Our series about Tavern Takeover #2 ends today. In the last week we’ve covered the top 4 players and their decks with Alchemixt at #4, KitKatz at #3, and Gnimsh at #2. Today we finish it out with the winner of it all, StrifeCro. StrifeCro took home $1,500 and also a guaranteed spot in the BlizzCon World Championship qualifier. This wasn’t StrifeCro’s first major win as he took home $8,000 back in March in the SeatStory Cup. StrifeCro has been a player who is consistently near or at the top of the ladder rankings every season since early beta. In this tournament he brought in the Shaman Midrange deck that KitKatz also played, a Druid Ramp deck which he is known for, and of course it wouldn’t complete the top 3 without ANOTHER Miracle Rogue deck. Let’s take a look at these decks with a small description in how they

The newly revealed Shaman card, Rebirth, has been renamed to Reincarnate based on feedback. For anyone that has played WoW, Rebirth is a Druid ability that is usually referred to as a “battle rez”. It allowed raid members to resurrect their fallen team members while a fight is still going on. Shamans have an ability called Reincarnatation which allows them to resurrect themselves after dying in battle. For more information on the Curse of Naxxramas cards, make sure to check out our spoiler list for what has been revealed so far. The change actually makes a lot of sense and follows the Warcraft world more closely. We decided to change the name of the new Shaman Naxx card “Rebirth” to “Reincarnate”. Thanks for the feedback! — Zeriyah (@CM_Zeriyah) June 3, 2014

PVP-Live’s Tavern Takeover Series was this past weekend and if you missed it there’s about 8 hours of VOD footage you can watch. This week we wanted to cover the top 4 players and their deck lists. Yesterday we covered Alchemixt and his aggro heavy approach as he took home 4th place. Today we’re going to look at the 3rd place winner, father of warrior control, and Team Curse teammate to Alchemixt – KitKatz. Several people are probably familiar with KitKatz without even knowing it. If you’ve ever played a warrior on the ladder with 50 million legendary cards, then they’re playing the deck that KitKatz made famous. Of course a tournament with KitKatz in it wouldn’t be complete without his warrior control deck, but he did bring a couple other decks with him to take home the 3rd place prize and net himself a small bit of that $3,000

Some claim Hearthstone is Pay to Win. We believe that’s simply not true. With a little bit of practice and understanding of game mechanics you can easily find success with cheaply made decks. Each Monday we’ll give you a budget deck that you can easily craft with little to no time/effort/gold. Some of these will help you get up in the ranks early on, some may even get you to legendary. Make sure you check all our past budget decks if this one is not to your liking. This week’s budget deck is going to be a little more expensive than our past ones, however, for 1,700 dust you can have a highly competitive deck. How competitive you might ask? Competitive enough that this deck list was used by not only the 3rd place winner, but also the overall winner of this weekend’s Tavern Takeover Tournament. Both StrifeCro and KitKatz used this


Spellpower Shaman Deck

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Episode 12: Spellpower Shaman Spellpower Shaman Class: Shaman Cards sorted by Low Cost Shaman (25) Earth Shock x2 Frost Shock Lightning Bolt x2 Rockbiter Weapon x2 Flametongue Totem x2 Far Sight x2 Feral Spirit x2 Hex x2 Lava Burst x2 Lightning Storm x2 Mana Tide Totem Unbound Elemental x2 Doomhammer Fire Elemental x2 Neutral (5) Bloodmage Thalnos Ancient Mage x2 Azure Drake x2

The next class-specific Curse of Naxxramas card has been revealed: Rebirth, a two-mana Shaman spell that will kill a minion and return it to life with full health. The potential is devastating when combined with the large amount of Deathrattles and Deathrattle-affecting cards in the expansion. Whether Rebirth will trigger Battlecries is something we will have to wait and see, although I’d assume not, based on similar effects like Redemption. Interestingly, the card doesn’t seem to be limited to friendly minions – so you could trigger Deathrattles that help you, as well. Killing off an opponent’s Anub’ar Ambusher or Dancing Swords would be a really beneficial tactic! It could also act as a mini-Silence, resetting a minion to its base state and removing buffs like Blessing of Wisdom or Mark of Nature. “Elements guide me!” Rebirth guides your minions back to the realm of the living in Curse of Naxxramas

Team DKMR: Twitter | Website | Forums Sponsored by: Hearthstats – Gunnar – 2P  Every Friday legendary players from Don’t Kick My Robot share with you the “Deck of the Week”. These decks are seeing a lot of play either in constructed ladder or tournaments. Team DKMR explain the deck lists and how to play them. Make sure you check out Don’t Kick My Robot if you want to become a better player or check out their premium services if you would like them to do a 1 on 1 coaching session with you to help you better your game. Atlanta here from team Don’t Kick My Robot to bring you this week’s Deck of the Week; DKMR’s Angry Shaman. With the recent nerfs to Unleash the Hounds, Shaman has become relatively stronger in the current meta. Miracle rogues have also became relatively stronger. In the apparent absence of a strong Miracle Rogue check that also has great


DKMR Shaman Deck

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Episode 5: DKMR Shaman Deck Deck List DKMR Shaman Class: Shaman Cards sorted by Low Cost Shaman (22) Earth Shock x2 Lightning Bolt x2 Rockbiter Weapon x2 Stormforged Axe Windfury Flametongue Totem x2 Feral Spirit x2 Hex x2 Lightning Storm x2 Mana Tide Totem x2 Unbound Elemental x2 Fire Elemental x2 Neutral (8) Wild Pyromancer Defender of Argus Azure Drake x2 Gadgetzan Auctioneer x2 Argent Commander x2

The Broke Gamer Chronicle is the story of one gamer’s quest to reach the highest heights of ranked Hearthstone play with the lowest of low budgets: nothing.  Nada.  $0.  Armed with nothing but his Free-to-Play (F2P) Shaman deck, can our hero do it?  Tune in to our hero’s stream and check back here regularly to find out! Night #1: The Beginning of It All The first night is now in the books, as they say. If you joined me late last night, I jumped into my Broke Gamer run with my Shaman deck. As I mentioned yesterday, I didn’t have a decklist prior to starting the stream last night.  I did what any new player would have to do: I opened my collection, selected “Shaman”, and started debating card choices. It’s a process, not just an end-result, and in this case, we started out with a rough list.  I think it

Reynad did it. Trump did it. Now, your friendly neighborhood Shoctologist will be taking on the challenge of taking a free-to-play (F2P) deck from the spellbook to Legend rank. We all know it’s possible; it’s been done at least twice now.  I’ve accomplished the achievement of Legend rank with my beloved Warlock Aggro deck that’s been making the rounds somewhat (though Reynad’s near simultaneous posting of his Warlock Aggro deck has led that deck to be widely accepted as well); however, doing that again in the Beta won’t prove anything. What I want to accomplish is twofold.  First, I want to prove to myself that I can reach Legend with a deck other than Warlock and Druid Midrange.  Second, since the Warlock Aggro deck started making the rounds, people have been asking for budget replacements for the most expensive cards in the deck.  I’ve also seen numerous complaints that the