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Hearthstone enthusiasts, rejoice! Blizzard’s released another episode of their Hearthstone Fireside Duel series, this time pitting the spiritually serene Malfurion Stormrage against the villainous vixen Valeera Sanguinar in a duel to the death. Watch as Rogue and Druid duke it out below. Before getting into class abilities, this contest showed off some minion cards that most are going to want to be familiar with. Big Game Hunter is going to be a great card to have two of because of its power and versatility. While the card can be played on turn three as a respectable 4/2, the true strength of the card is holding on to it in order to take out a massive creature, such as Ragnoros or Gruul. Hearthstone aficionados can expect to see a lot of the Big Game Hunter card in future duels. Novice Engineer is another card we should expect to see a fair

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