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Our series about Tavern Takeover #2 continues this week. We’re taking a look at the top 4 players from the tournament that PVP-Live put on this week and at the deck lists they chose to play. We talked about Team Curse’s Alchemixt and his 4th place finish with aggro heavy decks. Yesterday we talked about Team Curse’s KitKatz and his widely popular Warrior Control deck that helped him take 3rd place. Today we’re going to go over long time reader of BlizzPro, Gnimsh, and his 2nd place finish. Gnimsh hails from Team Dogehouse and this isn’t his first time in the finals and certainly won’t be his last. He pulled in 2nd place in the TakeTV Hearthstone Invitational and then again during Seatstory Cup. His big finish was when he won it all at the IEM Season VIII World Championship. This time $1,500 was on the line against StrifeCro and

PVP-Live’s Tavern Takeover Series was this past weekend and if you missed it there’s about 8 hours of VOD footage you can watch. This week we wanted to cover the top 4 players and their deck lists. Yesterday we covered Alchemixt and his aggro heavy approach as he took home 4th place. Today we’re going to look at the 3rd place winner, father of warrior control, and Team Curse teammate to Alchemixt – KitKatz. Several people are probably familiar with KitKatz without even knowing it. If you’ve ever played a warrior on the ladder with 50 million legendary cards, then they’re playing the deck that KitKatz made famous. Of course a tournament with KitKatz in it wouldn’t be complete without his warrior control deck, but he did bring a couple other decks with him to take home the 3rd place prize and net himself a small bit of that $3,000


Miracle Rogue Deck

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Episode 11: Miracle Rogue Deck Miracle Rogue Class: Rogue Cards sorted by Low Cost Rogue (22) Backstab x2 Preparation x2 Shadowstep x2 Cold Blood x2 Conceal Deadly Poison x2 Blade Flurry Eviscerate x2 Sap x2 Shiv x2 Fan of Knives Edwin VanCleef SI:7 Agent x2 Neutral (8) Bloodmage Thalnos Loot Hoarder Earthen Ring Farseer Leeroy Jenkins Azure Drake x2 Gadgetzan Auctioneer x2

Thus far we’ve previewed the Druid, Paladin and Warrior specific cards for the upcoming adventure pack Curse of Naxxramas. Today, Team Five unveiled Valeera Sanguinar’s new toy, and it’s definitely an enticing creature. “Watch your back.” Seriously! This new Rogue card will get the jump on YOU in Curse of Naxxramas this summer! pic.twitter.com/45wKhjV20w — Hearthstone (@PlayHearthstone) May 14, 2014 What immediately stands out to me about this card is the statline. It hits really hard for five mana, without sacrificing toughness to do it. Both Boulderfist Ogre and Chillwind Yeti boast impressive statlines, but they give up a battlecry to do so. Anub’ar Ambusher is a 5/5 for four that comes with a gimmick to mess around with. Said gimmick should prove incredibly useful in decks featuring cards such as SI:7 Agent, Defender of Argus, et cetera. However, it will likely prove problematic for beater cards like the aforementioned

Team DKMR: Twitter | Website | Forums Sponsored by: Hearthstats.net  Every Friday legendary players from Don’t Kick My Robot share with you the “Deck of the Week”. These decks are seeing a lot of play either in constructed ladder or tournaments. Team DKMR explain the deck lists and how to play them. Make sure you check out Don’t Kick My Robot if you want to become a better player or check out their premium services if you would like them to do a 1 on 1 coaching session with you to help you better your game. Hexar here from team Don’t Kick My Robot to bring you this week’s Deck of the Week; Miracle Rogue with Leeroy Combo. We know Rogue seems to be popping up everywhere but we’ve had multiple requests for this deck so we felt like this was a good choice especially with the ladder climb starting back up. A miracle deck works


Rogue Spell Power Deck List

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Episode 8: Rogue Spell Power Deck List DKMR Rogue Spell Power Class: Rogue Cards sorted by Low Cost Rogue (22) Backstab x2 Preparation x2 Conceal Deadly Poison x2 Sinister Strike x2 Blade Flurry Eviscerate x2 Sap x2 Shiv x2 Fan of Knives x2 Headcrack Edwin VanCleef SI:7 Agent x2 Neutral (8) Bloodmage Thalnos Earthen Ring Farseer x2 Azure Drake x2 Gadgetzan Auctioneer x2 Malygos


Deck of the Week #10: Tempo Rogue

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Team DKMR: Twitter | Website | Forums Sponsored by: Hearthstats.net Hexar here from team Don’t Kick My Robot to bring you this week’s Deck of the Week; Tempo Rogue. This deck has grown in popularity due to its favorable matchups against hunter, warlock, and druid. It’s known as tempo because the deck is trying to maintain board control with effective card use and card advantage and doesn’t fit the traditional roles of Aggro or Control. You are playing very efficient creatures while removing as much of your opponent’s board as possible. The beauty of tempo rogue is that it is very easy to change the deck to suit the current Metagame or your own playstyle. However, this is the current list we will talk about as we feel it’s quite strong in the current Metagame. 2x Backstab – This enables combos easily and is the cheapest removal out there, you really want to see this in


Studder Rogue Deck

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Are you a new Hearthstone player?  Are you a pro?  Do you fall in the middle somewhere?  This is the show that appeals to you as a player regardless of skill level.  A partnership between BlizzPro and Don’t Kick My Robot has been established to bring you a show of expert game play and coaching from a team of the top players in the Hearthstone ladder.  Decks and cards are broken down and each play is thoroughly explained.  So join Twizz and Studder every Monday night at 9:00CST to have some laughs, learn a lot and become a better player. Live on Air: Monday 9:00 PM CST Channel: TwizzCast Email: podcast@blizzpro.com Twitter: @TwizzBP @DontKickMyRobot Episode 2: Studder Rogue Deck DKMR Studder Rogue Deck Class: Rogue Cards sorted by Low Cost Neutral (18) Argent Squire x2 Bloodmage Thalnos Loot Hoarder x2 Blood Knight Harvest Golem x2 Defender of Argus x2 Gnomish


Valeera Sanguinar, the Rogue

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With all of the recent hubbub over heroes and imagining alternate options for whom we might command in Hearthstone battles, it seems rather appropriate that Community Manager Zeriyah has now dropped by with her own blog full of delicious lore on Valeera Sanguinar, our current Rogue hero. For the uninitiated, Valeera’s backstory is fascinating and Zeriyah does a great job of providing many facts while also leaving plenty of room for further research and discovery. To read the official post, click here or continue to scroll down: Valeera Sanguinar, the Rogue Zeriyah 2/10/2014 Orphan. Thief. Gladiator. Assassin. Rogue. The Rogue’s Tale Orphaned at a young age, the blood elf Valeera Sanguinar spent her youth stealing to survive. After being imprisoned for a failed theft, she was sold to Rehgar Earthfury, a trainer of fierce gladiators, who saw great fighting potential in Valeera. Rehgar grouped Valeera with the night elf druid Broll Bearmantle and a


Alternate Hearthstone Hero Options

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Recently, Hearthstone Executive Producer Hamilton Chu did an interview with the Chinese website nga.178.com discussing the future of Hearthstone. There were a number of interesting tidbits about what’s to come, a lot of which pertained to aesthetic features such as cardbacks, game boards and even alternate heroes. The example given was Stormwind’s King Varian Wrynn subbing in for now deposed Garrosh Hellscream as the Warrior hero option. If Team Five does go forward with this idea, there will definitely be options, given the sheer volume of characters in the Warcraft universe. Here are a few that come to mind for each class. DRUID: Hamuul Runetotem, Broll Bearmantle, Fandral Staghelm HUNTER: Hemet Nesingwary,  Regent Lord Lor’themar Theron, Shandris Feathermoon MAGE: Kael’thas Sunstrider, Kel’thuzad, Aegwynn PALADIN: Prince Arthas Menethil, Lady Liadrin, Sunwalker Dezco PRIEST:  High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind, Archbishop Benedictus, Sen’jin ROGUE: Matthias Shaw, Garona Halforcen, Lillian Voss SHAMAN: Drek’thar, Ner’zhul, Farseer Nobundo