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Blizzard announced via the Hearthstone Forums today that two cards that have been hotly debated since the dawn of the latest expansion, Mean Streets of Gadgetzen, will be receiving changes. The first of the cards will be Small-Time Buccaneer will be getting its health changed from 2 to 1 which should allow for an easier time for players to deal with this minion. Secondly, Spirit Claws will now cost 2 instead of only 1. Shaman is clearly a strong deck and this should help with slowing down it’s ramp up. The other announcement included in this post has to do with Ranked Play changes, and ranking floors. As of now, the currently floor (the point at which you can no longer lose rank) is at 20. When 7.1 hits, this will add additional floors to ranks 15, 10, and 5. The explanation for this was outlined in Zeriyah’s post below:

Introduction Miracle Rogue (MR) in Standard, though not played as much as other decks on the ladder outside of high ranks, is a very good deck in general and an excellent tournament deck. Most Rogue specialists claim that they are favored against any deck. It is strong indeed, but tends to run out of steam or damage is the enemy is able to heal repeatedly. Nevertheless, the potential of huge burst is an always present threat when playing against Miracle Rogue which enables it to snatch some surprising wins. This article is no guide on how to play. It is rather an overview on the different iterations and a card by card explanation and providing a side by side comparison in an infographic. The Core The core of the deck has not changed a lot. It actually consists of 22 cards whereas few variations cut 1 or 2 in favor of

Yogg-Saron is fun and he is a surprisingly good comeback card. That’s why the old god became more and more popular over the last weeks. I already covered his mechanic in the Yogg-Saron Infographic on June 24th. With the increasing appearance in the game, there are viable decks for a lot of classes already available. Today, I will bring you at least one deck for every class, that you too will be able to take the god of death into the new ranked season (S28). I can only encourage you to try at least some of the decks. They may not only be viable on ladder but also incredibly fun. The playstyles of these compositions are a bit more demanding compared to cookie cutter decks though, but in the end, if you become able to master them, they can feel very rewarding. Be sure to check out the infographic article I mentioned above. In it, give you a lot

Before Standard Welcome to the third installment of this series. This time, my focus will be on to the rogue class, a class that was my least played class until WotOG. Why? It is difficult to master, you constantly struggle with health issues and plays are complex: hold off your Preparation and wait for the perfect Gadgetzan turn or is it better to make an early giant Edwin VanCleef? There are a multitude of decision to be made and all are very dependent on the class you play against. Atop, before Standard, Rogue did not have many viable archetypes. In tournaments, you almost never saw anything besides Oil Rogue and very rarely Malygos or old school (post nerf) Miracle Rogue. Mostly, the class was played by specialists who understood the class perfectly and were able to squeeze wins out of almost every matchups. There was also the gist that rogue

A very well met to all of you. Today’s short article is for all of the Johnnys and to some extend also for the Timmys as the decks I will show you involve a lot of huge creatures too. It is not really fit for the Spikes out there though, they just have to continue playing Midrange Shaman, Miracle Rogue and N’Zoth Paladin. You don’t know what I am talking about? Take a look at this MTG article here. In short there are three type of players: Timmy, Johnny and Spike. For Timmy  it is all huge minions and huge spells, if he wins, which is less common for his style of play, he wants to win with all these big bombs. Johnny cares about winning, but he wants to win with style! Spike is the tryhard player. All that is important is winning, no matter how boring it gets.

The Hearthstone subreddit is going wild on speculations once again, with the upcoming announcements of March 11th only a couple of days away. This time, a post by PlayTank quotes a 4 month old reddit post by KarbyP from a japanese site. By accidently quoting voice-overs of possibly new cards it previously predicted some LoE cards right: Arch-Thief Rafaam, Elise Starseeker, Ethereal Conjurer, Museum Curator, Naga Sea Witch and Chieftain Scarwash (LoE Boss). The rumor is, that we might see new alternate hero skins for Paladin, Priest and Rogue by Lady Liadrin, Tyrande Whisperwind and Maiev Shadowsong respectively. I dug up alternate hero portraits on hearthpwn  to give you an impression what they might look like: Credits go tohearthpwn users Mountain Giant, Novice Engineer and  Hackergrad. Fullas Games already published a vision of how Tyrande and Maiev may look like: There is still room in the post to speculate about new cards that we might

Sponsors – GamersGearEU  |  Twitter – @Fade2Karma | Facebook – Fade2Karma | www.Fade2Karma.com Written by @F2K_Chalk Every week the pros from team Fade2Karma break down the “Deck of the Week.” These decks are seeing a lot of play either in constructed ladder or tournaments. Team F2K explain the deck lists and how to play them. View past Deck Lists of the Week. The meta has been the same this past few weeks. You will notice the same decks are being played like Freeze Mage, Renolock, Secret Paladin and Tempo Mage. Today, I take you back to 2015 with Deathrattle Rogue! This type of Rogue has solid midrange power that has a super sticky board. The whole list revolves around Unearthed Raptor: it is the only reason why you play this deck. It has the stats of a Spider Tank which can copy deathrattles of your minions on board. It is a really good card,


Bonus Deck: Kel’thuzad Rogue!

by DannieRay23 on

On Friday we give you the Deck of the Week, but sometimes we just cannot wait that long to show you something cool. But this is Bonus Deck, where we try to surprise you with cool decks that might just change the way you perceive this game. Welcome to Bonus Deck, this time around we will take a look at a very effective version of the Rogue that has taken German Streamer P4wnyHof to the top 20 of EU. This version of the Rogue separates himself from the pack as it doesn’t heavily rely on weapons and burst damage like most of the other Rogue decks out there, there’s no Deadly Poison, Tinker’s Oil, or Blade flurry here. Instead, we have Double Belcher and heavier threats such as Sylvannas, Gallywix, Dr.Boom and even Kel’thuzad. But the deck also shares a lot of other cards with Oil Rogue, so a lot

In this week’s Deck of the Week we are looking at a deck that took Reddit user TingoTONG to #1 on the NA ladder. It’s an odd deck because it’s not following the current meta and has some cards we haven’t seen played in the meta for quite some time, such as Novice Engineer, Perdition’s Blade, and 2 Defias Ringleaders. I think that’s why I love this deck so much, because it reminds me of the days of Hearthstone’s early beta where having 2 Defias Ringleaders and 2 Novice Engineers was a must have for a rogue deck (now if we can just get Headcrack to be good again). This deck is fairly cheap to make and the 2 legendary cards used, Bloodmage Thalnos and Edwin VanCleef could find easy replacements if needed. Nothing in this deck costs less than 5 mana, however, I wouldn’t call it an aggro deck. The


Tinker Rogue Deck

by JR Cook on

Episode 47: Tinker Rogue Deck This might be the worst deck we’ve ever played.  I’m giving you the heads up. It was also a featured deck on a very well known website.  But, with the good decks, come the bad.  We did alright with it, but it’s definitely not the deck of choice for rank 13 with 5 days left in the season.  We hope you enjoy and get some laughs! Deck List Tinker Rogue Class: Rogue Rogue (21) Backstab x2 Preparation x2 Deadly Poison x2 Blade Flurry x2 Eviscerate x2 Sap x2 Shiv Fan of Knives x2 SI:7 Agent x2 Tinker’s Sharpsword Oil x2 Trade Prince Gallywix Sprint Neutral (9) Southsea Deckhand x2 Bloodmage Thalnos Earthen Ring Farseer Gnomish Inventor Antique Healbot Azure Drake x2 Loatheb

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