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Secrets are super annoying

by Marc Huber on

Secrets, man. I utterly dislike them – playing them as well as seeing them on the board. There’s just something “icky” about them. Play your best minion, and let’s go! I get that this attitude I have is a bit ridiculous. Like many aspects of Hearthstone, playing with secrets as a hunter, mage, or paladin is a perfectly valid strategy that a number of players employ very effectively. I’m just not one of them. Personally, I would rather fill that deck slot with a minion. That puts the control back in my hand, rather than hoping that my opponent will trigger the trap I set for them. Also, seeing a secret in play against me does not change my game plan all that much. Getting paralyzed by the thought of triggering a secret isn’t going to help me win – but when I do see a secret, it definitely changes


ManaGrind Tournament Wrap-up: 10/07/13

by Zenstyle on

It’s no secret that we here at BlizzPro are looking forward to a thrilling competitive scene when it comes to Hearthstone. There’s no doubt in our minds that, upon being released to the masses, this game is going to be huge, and the resulting number of players will hopefully lead to a varied, constantly evolving metagame. The reasons to be optimistic are in the polish the game displays in its infancy, along with an intense competitive scene that already exists in closed beta. This competitive scene has been nurtured and developed by a group called ManaGrind since before closed beta, tracing its lineage back to tournaments run on the Cockatrice platform. When it comes to this sort of the thing, they are absolutely the authority. In an effort to join our own analysis to their incredible efforts, BlizzPro will be doing a weekly article discussing the results of the  North


Hearthstone, while amazing, can present a player with a plethora of difficult conundrums. Given the intended similarities between the CCG and its point of origin, World of Warcraft, the issue of separating ourselves from traditional conventions can be difficult. This is very much apparent when it comes to a mechanic like spell power. We’ve been taught since the release of the MMORPG that  the hallmark of the caster is boosted spell power. Sure, Fireball’s good, but what if it could be made better? It can be, young Mage, it can be. Find yourself some spell power and watch as that torrent of flame deals 8902 damage as opposed to 7103. What’s more, spell power has traditionally been a non-factor for Warriors, Rogues and Hunters. Yet, here we are in the Hearthstone closed beta, where it’s all too common to watch as a Rogue, riding Gadgetzan Auctioneer, deals 18 points of

In our Hearthstone preview on Tuesday, we discussed the interesting mesh of spells Paladin have access to. The deck will not feature the ability to DPS someone down with burst damage spells, so it’ll likely come down to minions to get the job done. Fortunately, given Uther’s ability to buff and protect those fighting alongside him, this deck will be in a good spot when it comes to transforming the average minion into a weapon of the Light. That said, the Paladin deck features all of four actual minions at present, making it difficult to figure out what the final product will look like. We’ll definitely take a gander at those, but just keep in mind that there’s room for more to be introduced. Moreover, in the coming weeks, we’ll be looking at some generic minions and which ones could help bolster the ranks. Argent Protector If you’re looking for

Ahh, Paladins. They’re like warriors, but a lot cooler. They bring the Light, heal their allies and protect the virtuous. The designers behind Hearthstone have done a great job representing the melee class with a number of spells and minions that reflect their tenacity, curative powers and massive, stunning hammers. Today we’ll look over the slew of spells available to the Paladins, championed by none other than Uther the Lightbringer. Reinforce In the last few weeks, we’ve had the pleasure of looking over hero powers that deal direct damage. Paladins function differently. For two energy, Uther can use the Reinforce ability to summon a 1/1 Silver Hand Recruit. While it might not seem all that strong on paper, there are methods to properly make use of this ability. What’s more, in a game that centers so heavily around board control, the ability to create minions can be somewhat irritating to

LEEEEEEEEEEEROOOOOOOOOOOOYYYYYYYYYYYY JEEEEEEEEEEEENKIIIIIIIIIIINS That will be my battle cry in Hearthstone every time I play this card. The Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft team has released a new Fireside Duels video which features the Warrior Garrosh Hellscream vs. the Paladin Uther the Lightbringer. These are both classes in the game we have not seen yet in the past Fireside Duels. The Paladin has the ability to summon reinforcements in the form of a 1/1 soldier, while the Warrior is able to bolster his defenses by donning two damage points worth of armor. Also this Fireside Duel highlights some new, never before seen, cards such as Cairne Bloodhoof (who summons Baine Bloodhoof upon death), Illidan Stormrage, King Mulka, and of course Leeroy Jenkins. You can watch the full Fireside Duel shout casted by developer Ben Brode below. Past Fireside Duels – Shaman vs. Mage: Warlock vs. Druid

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