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Blizzard announced via the Hearthstone Forums today that two cards that have been hotly debated since the dawn of the latest expansion, Mean Streets of Gadgetzen, will be receiving changes. The first of the cards will be Small-Time Buccaneer will be getting its health changed from 2 to 1 which should allow for an easier time for players to deal with this minion. Secondly, Spirit Claws will now cost 2 instead of only 1. Shaman is clearly a strong deck and this should help with slowing down it’s ramp up. The other announcement included in this post has to do with Ranked Play changes, and ranking floors. As of now, the currently floor (the point at which you can no longer lose rank) is at 20. When 7.1 hits, this will add additional floors to ranks 15, 10, and 5. The explanation for this was outlined in Zeriyah’s post below:


Paladin in Gadgetzan – A Blast to Play!

by OtakuMZ on

Introduction Paladin, despite not being popular at the moment, received some very interesting and flexible card in the ‘Mean Streets of Gadgetzan’ expansion. It is also the most versatile class regarding the ‘buff your hand’ mechanic of the Grimy Goons. I did play-test the below lists to a good success. The strategy and planning involved feel rewarding. Do I have to dump my minions immediately or can I wait a turn longer to expand the value of buffing all minions in hand even further. This is only one of the decisions that you will have to make. Following you will find new cards wit explanations why they are important for Paladin right now. The article will conclude by providing deck list for you to try out. Noteworthy Card Additions in MSG All Decks: Generally (Ab-)Usable These cards are amazing! If you take a look at the below deck lists, they are

Sponsors – Good Gaming – GamersGearEU | Twitter – @Fade2Karma | Facebook – Fade2Karma | Twitch – Fade2Karma | http://www.fade2karma.com/ Written by Cipher Secret Paladin making a comeback? It’s been a few months since we have seen this version of paladin on ladder, with avenge gone the power Mysterious Challenger has seems too low to be worth playing. Yet some players are climbing to Top 100 on EU with this deck, let’s take a look why. Why has it re-appeared now? Incredibly favoured matchup vs Dragon Warrior. Dragon Warrior has been the most common deck on ladder for a few weeks now so it’s not surprising counter decks are starting to appear. Paladin is so favoured against this warrior archetype due to how badly Fiery War Axe and Execute match up with the paladins curve. Secret Paladin literally doesn’t run a 2-drop, so it can’t lose tempo vs Fiery War Axe and all its late game threats Tirion

Yogg-Saron is fun and he is a surprisingly good comeback card. That’s why the old god became more and more popular over the last weeks. I already covered his mechanic in the Yogg-Saron Infographic on June 24th. With the increasing appearance in the game, there are viable decks for a lot of classes already available. Today, I will bring you at least one deck for every class, that you too will be able to take the god of death into the new ranked season (S28). I can only encourage you to try at least some of the decks. They may not only be viable on ladder but also incredibly fun. The playstyles of these compositions are a bit more demanding compared to cookie cutter decks though, but in the end, if you become able to master them, they can feel very rewarding. Be sure to check out the infographic article I mentioned above. In it, give you a lot

Secrets have kind of fallen out of favor in Standard with Mad Scientist missing. HSSpaceWizard made a nice video (see below) for hearthhead.com in which he explains the details and “The State of Secrets” in Standard. This reminded me to update my old Secrets Infographic  for Whispers of the Old Gods. Nothing more, nothing less. Have fun!

Sponsors – GamersGearEU  |  Twitter – @Fade2Karma | Facebook – Fade2Karma | www.Fade2Karma.com Written by @F2K_GameKing Last games before standard format With the new standard format coming up soon, we will no longer be able to enjoy the Secret-Paladin-Deck. It has been a very powerful deck over a long time and will move to the graveyard with the new format. Let’s take a last view over it, and build some Christmas trees out there. The Decklist Mulligan Always keep: Secretkeeper, Knife Juggler, Shielded Minibot, Muster for Battle vs Druid keep: Haunted Creeper, vs Hunter keep: Haunted Creeper, vs Paladin keep: Haunted Creeper, vs Mage keep: Haunted Creeper, vs Priest keep: Keeper of Uldaman vs Rogue keep: Haunted Creeper, vs Shaman keep: Haunted Creeper, vs Warlock keep: Haunted Creeper, vs Warrior keep: Haunted Creeper, Piloted Shredder Keep Avenge and Noble Sacrifice together with Secretkeeper. Also keep Piloted Shredder with a good cureve already in

The Hearthstone subreddit is going wild on speculations once again, with the upcoming announcements of March 11th only a couple of days away. This time, a post by PlayTank quotes a 4 month old reddit post by KarbyP from a japanese site. By accidently quoting voice-overs of possibly new cards it previously predicted some LoE cards right: Arch-Thief Rafaam, Elise Starseeker, Ethereal Conjurer, Museum Curator, Naga Sea Witch and Chieftain Scarwash (LoE Boss). The rumor is, that we might see new alternate hero skins for Paladin, Priest and Rogue by Lady Liadrin, Tyrande Whisperwind and Maiev Shadowsong respectively. I dug up alternate hero portraits on hearthpwn  to give you an impression what they might look like: Credits go tohearthpwn users Mountain Giant, Novice Engineer and  Hackergrad. Fullas Games already published a vision of how Tyrande and Maiev may look like: There is still room in the post to speculate about new cards that we might


Secrets Infographic

by OtakuMZ on

Well met! Today’s infographic is none of your business, haha … Ok, bad jokes aside, but I could not resist on this one. In the newest infographic I will dive deep into everything about secrets. In my personal experience, secrets part players in two. Some really like them and others despise them. I personally like them a lot because they are the only way to interact with the opponents on their turn. It feels really rewarding if you play secrets in a way it totally changes how your opponents have to play their turn. It is also possible to play secrets in a way to totally mislead the opposing player. Upcoming changes in Standard Up until now, one card, with the exception of paladin, went came always along with secrets: Mad Scientist. With the announcement of “Standard” and “Wild” though, it will fade into the oblivion of Wild play mode. I

Happy Feast of Winter Veil, Champions (and Well Met!)! Join John, J.R., and Kevin every week and listen in as they discuss strategy, competitive play, card & deck analysis, and more! This podcast is produced to help players up their game in Hearthstone, keep up with the tournament scene, and have some fun along the way. We record live every Sunday evening and release our audio podcast the following Monday! It’s episode 40 which means we are officially over the hill now! But don’t worry, the best is still yet to come. In this week’s episode we talk about the call for shoutcasters that Blizzard has put out, we discuss the meta this week and the changes in it, and we spend quite a bit of time breaking down the Paladin class and the different archetypes you can expect in the current meta – how to not only play Paladin,


Sponsors – GamersGearEU  |  Twitter – @Fade2Karma | Facebook – Fade2Karma | www.Fade2Karma.com Written by @F2K_GameKing Every week the pros from team Fade2Karma break down the “Deck of the Week.” These decks are seeing a lot of play either in constructed ladder or tournaments. Team F2K explain the deck lists and how to play them. View past Deck Lists of the Week. Hi, GameKing from Fade 2 Karma here. Today I want to present you my Aggro-Paladin deck, with which I reached Rank #1 Legend on EU. Strategy The main strategy of the deck is to get ahead on board early with strong minions like Sir Finley Mrrgglton, Leper Gnome and Shielded Minibot. By curving out well in the early game you can set up plays such as Argent Squire on turn 3 and Keeper of Uldaman on turn 4 to counter a popular turn 4 Piloted Shredder. You can also do valuable trades

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