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Introduction Newer Zoolocks have undergone some change, it has gotten a bit more bursty and new cards rotated in while old one rotated out, e.g. Forbidden Ritual and Darkshire Councilman have replaced cards Imp-losion and Haunted Creeper. Leeroy Jenkins is also back in a big fashion. One choice though struck me as odd: the inclusion of Crazed Alchemist. Without proper reflection, my initial thoughts were, that the card was probably chosen to get off some additional burst if needed or preventing e.g. an injured Darkshire Councilman from dying. In some situation this might be an useful application, but the general assumption was way off the mark. Crazed Alchemist – A Surprisingly Effective Tech Choice Looking at the minions in the deck, apart from the already mentioned Darkshire Councilman, changing high health minion’s attack and health to generate burst, seems not likely to be the reasoning behind the inclusion of Crazed Alchemist. To find the answers,

A very well met to all of you. Today’s short article is for all of the Johnnys and to some extend also for the Timmys as the decks I will show you involve a lot of huge creatures too. It is not really fit for the Spikes out there though, they just have to continue playing Midrange Shaman, Miracle Rogue and N’Zoth Paladin. You don’t know what I am talking about? Take a look at this MTG article here. In short there are three type of players: Timmy, Johnny and Spike. For Timmy  it is all huge minions and huge spells, if he wins, which is less common for his style of play, he wants to win with all these big bombs. Johnny cares about winning, but he wants to win with style! Spike is the tryhard player. All that is important is winning, no matter how boring it gets.

Disclaimer: This article is written for Standard play mode and competitive or ladder play in mind. The content is my subjective impression of the game. If you disagree or would like to comment about anything related to this article please do so below or tweet @OtakuMZ1978. Most importantly, I hope that you enjoy reading it. Have fun! Warrior was my most favored class since I began playing Hearthstone. I already loved playing this class as a main tank in WoW, and that remained true for Hearthstone. Warlock is my other preferred class, but has to some part fallen out of my favor at least, as I am a little tired of playing Zoo and Reno decks are not particularly my piece of cake. Also, I try to make Control Shaman work almost every season – with minor success so far. I am tinkering with a N’Zoth Shaman right now, which is decent but


Cabalist’s Tome Infographic

by OtakuMZ on

When I first saw this card, my gut reaction was „meh“ and so were the reactions of many others. Despite this initial assessment, Cabalist’s Tome saw lots of experimentation in the early days of Whispers of the Old Gods. Especially in the combination with Yogg-Saron, Hope’s End has unleashed its power and made it popular. There are many variations of these decks, one of the first was Amaz’s Tempo Yogg-Saron Mage. This inspired many other to refine a Mage list with a lot of spells to slam down a Yogg during late game and watch the spell show. I took a variation of Amaz’s deck I saw today on TheEmero’s twitch channel and a freeze variation from Savjz’s channel which I included in this infographic. I do not know, if the deck list are their very own or if credits go to another deckbuilder. I you know who first build

Sponsors – GamersGearEU  |  Twitter – @Fade2Karma | Facebook – Fade2Karma | www.Fade2Karma.com Written by @F2K_Chalk Tempo Warrior Control Warrior and the Combo Patron Warrior have both been a part of the Hearthstone meta for a long time, but now the dominating warrior deck seems to be Tempo warrior. Originally created by @ANOXShtanUdachi, many players, including myself, quickly adopted and adapted this deck for the current ladder session. With at least 3 player in EU holding spots in the Top 10 of ladder this deck is worth taking a second look at. Why Does It Work /Game Plan Players are often a bit confused when first looking at the deck, seeing the draw power of patron Battle Rage + Whirlwind + Acolyte mixed with the late game threats of of CW makes player’s concerned that after a battle rage they will end up with more cards in hand than they can play, and will put

We have roughly 35% of the Whispers of the Old Gods set revealed so far (check out the full spoiler list of reveals here), and today we at BlizzPro are proud to reveal a common Warrior minion card in the set. Say hello to Ravaging Ghoul. So this looks to be a corrupted Unstable Ghoul, which if that’s the case it’s interesting to see a neutral minion become a warrior minion, but because of it’s whirlwind battlecry effect it does make the most sense to apply it to a warrior only. With it being a 3/3 body for 3 it becomes a pretty decent 3 drop since it only hits the other minions and not itself. However, where it really shines is the fact that it’s a potential replacement for Death’s Bite (but obviously not as good) for Patron Warrior. It can help trigger things like Execute to get rid of pesky


Sponsors – GamersGearEU  |  Twitter – @Fade2Karma | Facebook – Fade2Karma | www.Fade2Karma.com Written by @F2K_J4CKIE_HS Spiderman Hunter is a control/value hunter deck which wins the game by having a lot of cards which create other cards or just have really high value. It is great against control decks as you have more threats than they can deal with, they only have a certain amount of removal, but you potentially have endless minions with the likes of tomb spider and ball of spiders. Deck List General Strategy The aim is to survive the early turns with your removal and then play high value minions on curve such as tomb spider and Savannah Highmane. Against decks such as zoo and secret paladin we can have big removal turns using our AoE effects combined with a Hunters Mark or a Deadly Shot. The deck doesn’t need card draw because there are multiple cards in the

Sponsors – GamersGearEU  |  Twitter – @Fade2Karma | Facebook – Fade2Karma | www.Fade2Karma.com Written by @F2K_GameKing Last games before standard format With the new standard format coming up soon, we will no longer be able to enjoy the Secret-Paladin-Deck. It has been a very powerful deck over a long time and will move to the graveyard with the new format. Let’s take a last view over it, and build some Christmas trees out there. The Decklist Mulligan Always keep: Secretkeeper, Knife Juggler, Shielded Minibot, Muster for Battle vs Druid keep: Haunted Creeper, vs Hunter keep: Haunted Creeper, vs Paladin keep: Haunted Creeper, vs Mage keep: Haunted Creeper, vs Priest keep: Keeper of Uldaman vs Rogue keep: Haunted Creeper, vs Shaman keep: Haunted Creeper, vs Warlock keep: Haunted Creeper, vs Warrior keep: Haunted Creeper, Piloted Shredder Keep Avenge and Noble Sacrifice together with Secretkeeper. Also keep Piloted Shredder with a good cureve already in

Sponsors – GamersGearEU  |  Twitter – @Fade2Karma | Facebook – Fade2Karma | www.Fade2Karma.com Written by @F2K_Cipher Every week the pros from team Fade2Karma break down the “Deck of the Week.” These decks are seeing a lot of play either in constructed ladder or tournaments. Team F2K explain the deck lists and how to play them. View past Deck Lists of the Week. A final look at patron? With the new standard format on the horizon, a lot of people are starting to speculate what the top decks will be in the coming months. As we lose cards though some top ladder decks will also be vanishing from the meta, one of these is Patron Warrior. Without death-bite for the possibility of turn 5 Patrons, or as an activator for acolyte or berserker, there won’t be enough cheap whirlwind effects to keep the current version of the deck viable vs the completion unless it receives

The Hearthstone subreddit is going wild on speculations once again, with the upcoming announcements of March 11th only a couple of days away. This time, a post by PlayTank quotes a 4 month old reddit post by KarbyP from a japanese site. By accidently quoting voice-overs of possibly new cards it previously predicted some LoE cards right: Arch-Thief Rafaam, Elise Starseeker, Ethereal Conjurer, Museum Curator, Naga Sea Witch and Chieftain Scarwash (LoE Boss). The rumor is, that we might see new alternate hero skins for Paladin, Priest and Rogue by Lady Liadrin, Tyrande Whisperwind and Maiev Shadowsong respectively. I dug up alternate hero portraits on hearthpwn  to give you an impression what they might look like: Credits go tohearthpwn users Mountain Giant, Novice Engineer and  Hackergrad. Fullas Games already published a vision of how Tyrande and Maiev may look like: There is still room in the post to speculate about new cards that we might

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