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Tech Your Deck: C’Thun Warrior

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Hi this is Danny Donuts, and I am back again with another addition to the “Tech Your Deck” series. This week we will be looking at the king of control decks on the ladder: C’Thun Warrior. The game plan of this deck is very similar to the old control warrior decks pre-WotOG, in which the deck is not particularly concerned in tempoing your opponent out, you are more concerned in getting value out of your cards. This composition is a bit more versatile than the previous Midrange Hunter Deck Tech that I reviewed, as it has the ability to counter most other decks in the meta through teching. This is one of the current strongest control decks, and can obtain a significant win rate if modified properly. Core Cards Similar to the previous Midrange Hunter deck, there are 22 cards in the C’Thun Warrior deck that I believe should be considered “core”


Tech Your Deck: Midrange Hunter

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Hi, this is Danny Donuts again with another installment in my series on teching your deck. (If you missed out on the introduction to teching article check it out here!) In this article I will be going a bit more in depth and discussing how to build and tech a deck to counter various other decks. Midrange Hunter is an extremely versatile deck which can be modified to counter many different match-ups. It has a core group of cards that rarely change from build to build, as well as having space to add cards which can help improve match-ups. This makes it a perfect deck to start understanding how to deckbuild, or if you are already an experienced player, a way to tech your deck against specific match-ups and gain a higher win rate. It is especially interesting to look at this deck currently, as the midrange hunter deck is a

I. Introduction – History Lesson on Control Shaman Control Shaman is a deck archetype that I found very appealing from the start. I tried to make working since Reincarnate was introduced. The decks were more or less constructed to survive until you could unload a combo involving Ancestral Spirit, Reincarnate and Kel’Thuzad. Although you already got good control cards in the Basic and Classic set, the problem most of the times was surviving until you were able to unload your big bombs and the combo with K’T. In general, you were simply run over by aggro and even midrange decks before you could do anything substancial. The decks were just too slow, too inconsistent and lacked early removal as well as healing. Since Curse of Naxxramas though, there were a lot more cards introduced that help this archetype out in different ways. There was Healing Wave introduced to give the

Yogg-Saron is fun and he is a surprisingly good comeback card. That’s why the old god became more and more popular over the last weeks. I already covered his mechanic in the Yogg-Saron Infographic on June 24th. With the increasing appearance in the game, there are viable decks for a lot of classes already available. Today, I will bring you at least one deck for every class, that you too will be able to take the god of death into the new ranked season (S28). I can only encourage you to try at least some of the decks. They may not only be viable on ladder but also incredibly fun. The playstyles of these compositions are a bit more demanding compared to cookie cutter decks though, but in the end, if you become able to master them, they can feel very rewarding. Be sure to check out the infographic article I mentioned above. In it, give you a lot


The Demon Tribe – There is Hope!

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I was really sad when I saw no demons in the Old Gods Expansion with many really good ones, e.g. Voidcaller and Mal’Ganis, fading out. But wait! Only recently, Ben Brode commented a post on reddit exactly on this topic. Thanks Ben, you saved my day!

Secrets have kind of fallen out of favor in Standard with Mad Scientist missing. HSSpaceWizard made a nice video (see below) for hearthhead.com in which he explains the details and “The State of Secrets” in Standard. This reminded me to update my old Secrets Infographic  for Whispers of the Old Gods. Nothing more, nothing less. Have fun!

Welcome to my newest infographic! Just to remind you, this infographic is meant for Standard play mode only. The evaluation of weapons might be wrong under certain circumstances but I think they are a good approximation. I compared it to another evaluation from a post  by Tamarin24 in the CompetitiveHS subreddit and I saw that I agreed with him (or her) almost 100%. I adopted from him the even worse rating for Cursed Blade in a separate “CURSED!” category. In general, Malkorok is a really straight forward warrior legendary with the battlecry to gain a weapon. His stats, 6 attack and 5 health, are subpar for a seven mana minion but the battlecry can give you the opportunity to interact with the board immediately or push for damage. The question at hand is: HOW good is the battlecry? Details will be shown in the infographic but to give you a

Sponsors – GamersGearEU | Twitter – @Fade2Karma | Facebook – Fade2Karma | Twitch – Fade2Karma | http://www.fade2karma.com/ Written by @F2K_Wirer Introduction After the launch of WotOG my friend Crumblecaker gave me a very interesting deck list, that looked like a lot of fun. It was a Miracle Druid with Yogg-Saron and Malygos as finishers. After toying a bit around with the deck I quickly realized it has a lot of potential. So I started to work on refining the list. The initial build, that Crumblecaker gave me, had only single Nourish but double Gadgetzan Auctioneer. I felt like on the one hand the Auctioneers were too slow, and on the other you don’t want to cycle your damage spells. You would rather save them to be empowered by Malygos. Therefore, I added a second Nourish for card draw, which made a lot of sense. Atop, the synergy with Fandral is crazy. Mire Keeper as a 4th 4-drop ws amended to improve the curve

Before Standard Welcome to the third installment of this series. This time, my focus will be on to the rogue class, a class that was my least played class until WotOG. Why? It is difficult to master, you constantly struggle with health issues and plays are complex: hold off your Preparation and wait for the perfect Gadgetzan turn or is it better to make an early giant Edwin VanCleef? There are a multitude of decision to be made and all are very dependent on the class you play against. Atop, before Standard, Rogue did not have many viable archetypes. In tournaments, you almost never saw anything besides Oil Rogue and very rarely Malygos or old school (post nerf) Miracle Rogue. Mostly, the class was played by specialists who understood the class perfectly and were able to squeeze wins out of almost every matchups. There was also the gist that rogue

Introduction This is the second installation of my “The Many Faces of …”. I started a few weeks back with Warrior and will continue today with druid. Before the release of Whispers of the Old Gods and the nerfs to classic and basic Cards, that were introduced one week prior, Druid was considered a very narrow but also very powerful class. Force of Nature and Savage Roar, in their Prior iteration, were just too good to be ignored in a competitive environment. Midrange/Combo Druid was the most dominant archetype by far while other Play styles e.g. Ramp Druid and Aggro Druid saw only occasional play. Only in some states of the meta the were played more frequently as they were used as Counters to other decks. Today, the grand picture has changed quite a bit. Force of Nature no longer grants charge, old cards dropped out and new cards were introduced. These changes lead to