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No feature on Hunters would be complete without looking over all the bestial companions these wilderness walkers have access to. Having discussed some of the abilities and spells Hunters have access to on Tuesday, we’ll spend today looking at what friends they’ll bring to the battlefield, and discuss what Rexxar needs to do in order to be successful against the wicked world of minion destruction. Non-Pet Minions Darkspear Hunter and Houndmaster are both there, should you wish to utilize them. Mentioned earlier, both cards feature reliable buffs for your savage critters. When I say reliable I mean that they have a simple condition. Darkspear Hunter comes out. If he lives, your subsequent beasts will gain a +1/+1. That’s all that has to be done. He’s also a 2/2 for two energy, so, again. That’s solid. Houndmaster would be a fantastic card at three energy, but at four the minion falls

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