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Deck of the Week #38: Midrange Hunter

by Team [IHU] on

Every Friday a legendary member from team IHearthU breaks down IHU’s “Deck of the Week” . These decks are seeing a lot of play either in constructed ladder or tournaments. Team IHU explains the deck lists and how to play them. View past Deck Lists of the Week. Team IHU: Twitter | Website Sponsored by: Kingquin – Nerdsie – 2P – Waypoint JRoc here bringing you this week’s Deck of the Week. This week we will look at  a pretty standard hunter list that is being used in the meta game. The deck consists of extremely aggresive play to kill the enemy before they can execute their own gameplan. The deck has no real hard counters because of Hunter’s ability to draw really consistent strong hands.  Deck List 1x Hunter’s Mark: A good tempo card to get through the enemies taunts or big threats. Only one is used to increase the chances of having a better curve to maintain momentum. Has great

Team DKMR: Twitter | Website | Forums Sponsored by: Hearthstats – Gunnar – 2P – Waypoint – SoulFire Masters Kisstafer here to bring you the latest installment of the DKMR Deck of the Week. This week we’ve chosen to share a Hunter deck that Kisstafer workshopped with the team after the latest Naxxramas Construct Quarter was released. This deck is a Midrange Hunter with our own personal twist on it – we decided to cut the Savannah Highmane to make it better against Miracle Rogue and vs the other Hunters we’d been seeing on the ladder. Savannah is very strong, but its high mana cost means it can be late to the party at times. Stranglethorn Tiger is almost guaranteed to get in for 5 damage due to its stealth, and it comes down a turn earlier which means you are faster in the race.  Kisstafer was able to hit Legend with this deck and you can too! The Deck 2x Hunters Mark:

With the release of Curse of Naxxramas, there has been an update to the way the Hunter’s Eaglehorn Bow now interacts with Secrets. In the previous version, the bow gained +1 durability whenever any secret was revealed. This new version will now only gain durability whenever friendly secrets are revealed. Although technically a bug fix rather than a nerf, Blizzard has gone ahead and increased the disenchanting value of the bow to its full crafting value of 100 arcane dust for the normal version and 800 dust for the golden version until August 7th, 2014. We’ve made a change to an Expert card recently, and the amount of dust you get from disenchanting it has been temporarily increased so it is equal to the amount of dust originally needed to craft it. The following card will be disenchantable for its full value for the next two weeks, until August 7th, 2014. If you plan

Completely cheating for this week’s budget deck of the week by featuring Reynad’s hunter deck from Dreamhack. Episode 17: Hunter Control Deck from Dreamhack Reynad Budget Hunter Class: Hunter Hunter (22) Hunter’s Mark x2 Flare x2 Tracking x2 Freezing Trap x2 Starving Buzzard x2 Eaglehorn Bow x2 Animal Companion x2 Kill Command x2 Unleash the Hounds x2 Houndmaster x2 Savannah Highmane x2 Neutral (8) Stonetusk Boar x2 River Crocolisk x2 Oasis Snapjaw x2 Stranglethorn Tiger x2

Every Friday a legendary member from team DKMR breaks down Don’t Kick My Robot’s “Deck of the Week” . These decks are seeing a lot of play either in constructed ladder or tournaments. Team DKMR explains the deck lists and how to play them. Make sure you check out Don’t Kick My Robot if you want to become a better player or check out their premium services if you would like them to do a 1 on 1 coaching session with you to help you better your game. View past Deck Lists of the Week. Team DKMR: Twitter | Website | Forums Sponsored by: Hearthstats – Gunnar – 2P Kisstafer here to bring you the deck of the week! This week we are going to be covering the return of midrange Hunter. Midrange Hunter made a splash recently at Dreamhack Summer with Reynad making it to top 4 with a hunter deck featuring Oasis Snapjaw and Stranglethorn Tiger. We at DKMR are giving Tempo


Webspinner Unveiled

by Zenstyle on

The final class specific Curse of Naxxramas card has been unveiled, and Hunters have about 25 different reasons to be excited. Webspinner, a 1/1 spider beast draws its owner a random beast upon dying. According to Senior Game Designer Ben Brode, this can be any non-token beast. We’ve counted 25 different options, all the way up to King Krush. It’s important to note that, again. This is any beast, not what you have in your deck. This card functions very similarly to the Warlock spell Bane of Doom, except that it’ll actually probably be used. Sorry, Bane of Doom. “Let the hunt begin!” Weave a wicked web of your own with the Hunter’s Webspinner in Curse of Naxxramas! pic.twitter.com/zD36Rp0Svj — Hearthstone (@PlayHearthstone) June 19, 2014 Webspinner can get any collectible Beast. Everything from King Krush to Captain's Parrot. — Ben Brode (@bdbrode) June 19, 2014 It’s impossible to immediately know

Some claim Hearthstone is Pay to Win. We believe that’s simply not true. With a little bit of practice and understanding of game mechanics you can easily find success with cheaply made decks. Each Monday we’ll give you a budget deck that you can easily craft with little to no time/effort/gold. Some of these will help you get up in the ranks early on, some may even get you to legendary. Make sure you check all our past budget decks if this one is not to your liking. Hunters have a bad rep. They’ve been known in Warcraft for quite some time for not being played by the most intelligent people. Several people think hunters just kind of play themselves and click buttons and they do DPS. Face rollers if you will. Well, the stereotype seems to hold true in Hearthstone as well, and especially with this week’s budget deck. This week’s

Our series about Tavern Takeover #2 continues this week. We’re taking a look at the top 4 players from the tournament that PVP-Live put on this week and at the deck lists they chose to play. We talked about Team Curse’s Alchemixt and his 4th place finish with aggro heavy decks. Yesterday we talked about Team Curse’s KitKatz and his widely popular Warrior Control deck that helped him take 3rd place. Today we’re going to go over long time reader of BlizzPro, Gnimsh, and his 2nd place finish. Gnimsh hails from Team Dogehouse and this isn’t his first time in the finals and certainly won’t be his last. He pulled in 2nd place in the TakeTV Hearthstone Invitational and then again during Seatstory Cup. His big finish was when he won it all at the IEM Season VIII World Championship. This time $1,500 was on the line against StrifeCro and

Tavern Takeover is a Hearthstone tournament where 8 players get invited to compete for a $3,000 prize pool. The tournament streamed yesterday and you can watch the vods on their Twitch channel. This week we’re going to cover the top 4 players in the tournament and look at their deck lists. Tavern Takeover uses the King of the Hill style approach with their tournament where each player brings 3 decks. Once a deck loses it’s out, if your deck wins it goes on to play the next game. It’s a best of 5 series, so basically you win by knocking out all 3 decks of your opponent. Today we’re going to focus on 4th place player Alchemixt and his decks. Several of our BlizzPro readers will be familiar with Alchemixt when he was on team Don’t Kick My Robot. He was the author of several of our Deck of the Week

The news was just released: Unleash the Hounds will cost three mana, up from two mana. That’s after Blizzard lowered the cost from four to two mana, which was after they changed the card from its original “one turn kill” form to the four mana version of the card we know and love today. It seems they just can’t make up their minds.  Or that it took the card being reduced to two mana for people to realize how good it can be. Let’s take a look at how this change affects Hunters.  First, Hunters currently enjoy the best, most efficient draw engine in the game today: Starving Buzzard (another card that’s been changed in the past) into Unleash the Hounds, which turns into “Draw X cards and put X 2/1 Hounds into Play, where X is how little respect your opponent paid to Unleash’s potential” (2/1 because I’ve yet

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