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Our series about Tavern Takeover #2 ends today. In the last week we’ve covered the top 4 players and their decks with Alchemixt at #4, KitKatz at #3, and Gnimsh at #2. Today we finish it out with the winner of it all, StrifeCro. StrifeCro took home $1,500 and also a guaranteed spot in the BlizzCon World Championship qualifier. This wasn’t StrifeCro’s first major win as he took home $8,000 back in March in the SeatStory Cup. StrifeCro has been a player who is consistently near or at the top of the ladder rankings every season since early beta. In this tournament he brought in the Shaman Midrange deck that KitKatz also played, a Druid Ramp deck which he is known for, and of course it wouldn’t complete the top 3 without ANOTHER Miracle Rogue deck. Let’s take a look at these decks with a small description in how they

Continuing along with her exploration of our beloved Hearthstone heroes, Community Manager Zeriyah recently dropped off a little treasure trove of lore goodness concerning none other than Malfurion Stormrage. Night Elves were one of the first races I took a deep interest in back in my Warcraft RTS days and their history, being one of the oldest known races in Azeroth, is incredibly rich. Continue on to an excerpt that I’ve selected from Zeriyah’s entry on Malfurion and if you’re further intrigued, check out the full post. Malfurion watched as his Queen slipped into madness, and knew that at the heart of her obsession with power was the Well of Eternity. To an extent, he was correct—the abuse of the powers that the Well of Eternity offered caught the attention of the ruler of the Burning Legion, the dark titan Sargeras, who saw that Azshara and her chosen Highborne could

Team DKMR: Twitter | Website | Forums Sponsored by: Hearthstats.net Hexar here from team Don’t Kick My Robot to bring you this week’s Deck of the Week; Angry Watcher Druid. This deck is a throwback to the original watcher druids with a bit of a twist. You can use your ancient watchers a little more aggressively posing as a two mana yeti who is a little slow to start. The deck is a little more aggressive than most druid decks which lets you race the fast decks like hunter, but is also resilient enough to hold a strong mid to late game. Lastly, the extra silences help you against any big issues you might run into such as a houndmastered Highmane or even a Tirion Fordring. Here is our current deck list designed by Atlanta: 2x Innervate –This card belongs in every Druid deck. The fact that you can play a big minion on turn 2


New Druid Card: Poison Seeds

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One of the announcements coming out PAX East from Blizzard was the new Naxxramas Adventure mode. We know that the upcoming set was going to see the addition of 30 new cards. Of those 30, nine would be class specific. Today, the @PlayHearthstone twitter account revealed what the new Druid specific card would be. This is a powerful common card. It doesn’t exactly clear the board, but it can be an equalizer if used properly. A spell like this bypasses Divine Shield and destroys larger minions that might have Taunt active (like Molten Giant with a Sunfury Protector). It turns larger threats into a much more manageable size. Don’t want to deal with a Ragnaros or a Ysera? Poison Seeds and you facing some not-so-legendaries instead. Right away, I would pair Poison Seeds with Savage Roar next turn as a potential finisher (assuming your Treants survive). Of course, this assumes that


Druid Tokens Deck List

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Episode 7: Druid Tokens Deck List Druid Tokens Class: Druid Cards sorted by Low Cost Druid (19) Innervate x2 Claw x2 Power of the Wild x2 Wrath x2 Savage Roar x2 Swipe x2 Keeper of the Grove x2 Druid of the Claw x2 Force of Nature Ancient of Lore x2 Neutral (11) Argent Squire x2 Loot Hoarder x2 Blood Knight Harvest Golem x2 Leeroy Jenkins Violet Teacher x2 Azure Drake


Deck of the Week#9: Ramp Druid

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Team DKMR: Twitter | Website | Forums Sponsored by: Hearthstats.net Alchemixt here from team Don’t Kick My Robot to bring you this week’s Deck of the Week. The deck of the week this time around is a more recent version of Druid that has been popping up quite a bit over the past month or so. This version is generally known as a “Ramp” style deck which utilizes the cards Wild Growth and Innervate to play out mid-large sized creatures well ahead of time. The strength of this kind of deck is to ramp up your mana and just keep slamming down threats at a pace that your opponent will be unable to keep up with. However, if you find yourself lacking the “ramp” cards, then you will be in for a much harder and longer game. There are a few different ways to build a Druid Ramp deck and we will certainly talk about them


DKMR Druid Ramp Deck

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DKMR Druid Ramp Class: Druid Cards sorted by Low Cost Druid (21) Innervate x2 Naturalize Mark of the Wild x2 Wild Growth x2 Wrath x2 Healing Touch Keeper of the Grove x2 Swipe x2 Druid of the Claw x2 Nourish x2 Ancient of Lore Ancient of War x2 Neutral (9) Wild Pyromancer Big Game Hunter Faceless Manipulator Sunwalker x2 The Black Knight Ragnaros the Firelord Alexstrasza Ysera

Team DKMR: Twitter | Website Alchemixt here from team Don’t Kick My Robot to bring you this week’s Deck of the Week.  This week the deck that we are going to talk about is a really fun version of Druid that has become more popular recently and that our own team member Varranis used to hit legendary in constructed ranked. In this version of Druid, you make “Tokens” or many small creatures from cards like Imp Master and Violet Teacher to be combined with Savage Roar for massive damage. DeckList DKMR Druid Tokens Innervate x2 – Used to power up your early plays to get out cards like Imp Master and Harvest Golem out. Sometimes, it is used for a quick Force Of Nature Combo. Argent Squire x2 – One of the better one cost creatures and works very nicely with all of the buffs you give to you creatures. Power Of The Wild


The Case For Naturalize

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Druid is incredibly strong right now in Hearthstone. It arguably boasts the greatest amount of raw power given its versatility, efficient board clears and Ancient of Lore. Quite possibly the only real downsides to the class are that it can be a bit slow to get rolling and it lacks a  kill card as efficient as say, Assassinate. In the place of an Assassinate, Hex or Polymorph, Druid has access to a strange card called Naturalize. Incredibly mana flexible, Naturalize costs all of one mana and destroys a target creature. It would be outlandish if not for the fact that it awards its victim two cards. That caveat is why the spell is generally not used. Druid Midrange is often looking to build card advantage, and Naturalize is counterintuitive to that agenda. That said, I believe there are a couple of reasons to run this card at present over something


Druid Midrange for a Druid Metagame

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Before I jump into talking about the deck of the week this week, I want to take a couple of sentences to introduce myself. My name is Michael “Shoctologist” Martin, and I’m a lifelong Magic: the Gathering competitive player and columnist; recently, I’ve also gotten into competitive Hearthstone as well, and the folks here at Blizzpro have let me come on to do articles here as well.  Last season, despite spending the majority of my time grinding arenas for missing legendaries (since I can’t afford to buy a ton of packs with four kids), I still managed to hit level four before the reset.  This season, I’ve already made it to level five in the limited amount of time I get to play (full time job, full time school, four kids) and I’ll hit legendary before the season is up. Now that you know a little about me, let’s jump