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Blizzard announced via the Hearthstone Forums today that two cards that have been hotly debated since the dawn of the latest expansion, Mean Streets of Gadgetzen, will be receiving changes. The first of the cards will be Small-Time Buccaneer will be getting its health changed from 2 to 1 which should allow for an easier time for players to deal with this minion. Secondly, Spirit Claws will now cost 2 instead of only 1. Shaman is clearly a strong deck and this should help with slowing down it’s ramp up. The other announcement included in this post has to do with Ranked Play changes, and ranking floors. As of now, the currently floor (the point at which you can no longer lose rank) is at 20. When 7.1 hits, this will add additional floors to ranks 15, 10, and 5. The explanation for this was outlined in Zeriyah’s post below:

Introduction Miracle Rogue (MR) in Standard, though not played as much as other decks on the ladder outside of high ranks, is a very good deck in general and an excellent tournament deck. Most Rogue specialists claim that they are favored against any deck. It is strong indeed, but tends to run out of steam or damage is the enemy is able to heal repeatedly. Nevertheless, the potential of huge burst is an always present threat when playing against Miracle Rogue which enables it to snatch some surprising wins. This article is no guide on how to play. It is rather an overview on the different iterations and a card by card explanation and providing a side by side comparison in an infographic. The Core The core of the deck has not changed a lot. It actually consists of 22 cards whereas few variations cut 1 or 2 in favor of


Paladin in Gadgetzan – A Blast to Play!

by OtakuMZ on

Introduction Paladin, despite not being popular at the moment, received some very interesting and flexible card in the ‘Mean Streets of Gadgetzan’ expansion. It is also the most versatile class regarding the ‘buff your hand’ mechanic of the Grimy Goons. I did play-test the below lists to a good success. The strategy and planning involved feel rewarding. Do I have to dump my minions immediately or can I wait a turn longer to expand the value of buffing all minions in hand even further. This is only one of the decisions that you will have to make. Following you will find new cards wit explanations why they are important for Paladin right now. The article will conclude by providing deck list for you to try out. Noteworthy Card Additions in MSG All Decks: Generally (Ab-)Usable These cards are amazing! If you take a look at the below deck lists, they are


Deck Guide: Tempo Mage (by Spark)

by OtakuMZ on

Spark  from the Good Gaming Inc. wrote a very good guide on Tempo Mage. He gives thorough inside in tech decisions, mulligans and match-ups. Even though the new set, Mean Streets of Gadgetzan is coming out today, it is worth a read. Until the new meta stabilizes and everybody is testing out new and unpolished decks, you can snatch some wins to climb ranks with a well rounded and fun deck. Make sure you check out content regularly on Good-Gaming.com. https://www.good-gaming.com/guide/605


Kazakus: Create Your Own Custom Spell!

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Note: This article will be updated as soon as new details arise. Bookmark it for your convenience. Overview: Who is Kazakus? Kazakus is the first Tri-Class Legendary that was spoiled from the new Hearthstone Expansion Mean Streets of Gadgetzan (MSoG) and he is a real interesting one. First, lets take a look at his card text and stats: Mana Cost: 4 Attack: 3 Health: 3 Type: Minion Rarity: Legendary Class: Mage/Priest/Warlock Text: Battlecry: If your deck has no duplicates, create a custom spell. Custom spell? That’s the way we want it! In fact, the community was asking for this exact thing quite a long time. Ok, but what is this custom spell thing? You obviously cannot just write a custom text down in your time limit and then fire it off. The process of putting together a spell is a sequence of three discover mechanics, discovering a potion/ingredient each which

Sponsors – Good Gaming –  | Twitter – @Fade2Karma | Facebook – Fade2Karma | Twitch – Fade2Karma | http://www.fade2karma.com/ Written by Alliestrasza Hello! My name’s Alliestrasza. If you’ve watched my stream, you’ll know that this is one of my all time favorite decks to play. I hope you enjoy reading my take on the deck. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to ask. I stream Monday – Friday at twitch.tv/Alliestrasza Play Style My C’Thun Renolock is the same play style as most Handlock/Renolock lists. I enjoy C’Thun decks and I like to play this version on ladder when I’m looking to play a control type deck or I’m running into a lot of Control Warriors because of the favorable match up. The general strategy is to use Life Tap to gain card advantage and eventually use Reno to gain back the life you lost to your hero power. This strategy, coupled with the

Introduction I saw DisguisedToast’s video yesterday which inspired me to write a short article why the formerly vastly overpowered card is not competitively viable any more. The full video will be linked at the bottom of the article for your convenience. The Nerf Before the Nerf, Tuskarr could roll for either the four basic totems or 3 special totems. Now, only the basic totems will be summed alongside Tuskarr Totemic. Stat-wise this leads to 3/2 + 0/2 or 1/1 resulting in 4/3 or 3/5 stats with the benefit of an additional effect from the 0/2 totems in 75% of the cases. This does not sound too bad on paper, but the numbers tell a different story. Let’s head to the actual data in the next section… The Anaylsis The Outcome and win rates of over 50.000 played Tuskarrs before the nerf were analyzed according to overall win rate for each

Priest is not top tier, that’s common knowledge at the moment. Anduin and Tyrande suffer from being too reactive rather than proactive. Nevertheless, Priest is one of the most interesting class mechanic-wise (tinkers around with the opponent’s cards). Rogue, the other class taht uses a similar mechanic, is very heavy on the RNG side of stealing opponent’s card whereas Priest interacts a lot more directly with the opponent’s deck. Therefore it is skill intensive, but yet more reliable than the burgle mechanic. I enjoy playing Priest despite it being rated low tier. Maybe you will appreciate that too by watching some “Hearthstone Priest Extravaganza”! Continue with the full official blog post below.

Sponsors – Good Gaming –  | Twitter – @Fade2Karma | Facebook – Fade2Karma | Twitch – Fade2Karma | http://www.fade2karma.com/ Written by Cipher It has been a while since Control Warrior (CW) was a tier 1 deck. The addition of one new card, Ironforge Portal, has pushed it back to the top though. The card only has average stats of 3.23/4.14 with 4 armor gain.  This seems to render it a worse Shieldmaiden. Yet, as we have learnt from cards like Bash, any armor gain card seems to be beneficial for CW. It aids CW’s desire to stall and activate Shield Slams. The other big deal is that Ironforge Portal is a spell. It makes Yogg-Saron finally viable in CW. Atop, Yogg-Saron himself got a better after ONiK with the addition of the portal cards. With Zoo, Dragon Warrior, Tempo Mage, and Aggro Shaman all being buffed, it’s the right time for an anti-aggro deck to enter the meta to prey on these archetypes. Here

Sponsors – Good Gaming – GamersGearEU | Twitter – @Fade2Karma | Facebook – Fade2Karma | Twitch – Fade2Karma | http://www.fade2karma.com/ Written by Cipher Secret Paladin making a comeback? It’s been a few months since we have seen this version of paladin on ladder, with avenge gone the power Mysterious Challenger has seems too low to be worth playing. Yet some players are climbing to Top 100 on EU with this deck, let’s take a look why. Why has it re-appeared now? Incredibly favoured matchup vs Dragon Warrior. Dragon Warrior has been the most common deck on ladder for a few weeks now so it’s not surprising counter decks are starting to appear. Paladin is so favoured against this warrior archetype due to how badly Fiery War Axe and Execute match up with the paladins curve. Secret Paladin literally doesn’t run a 2-drop, so it can’t lose tempo vs Fiery War Axe and all its late game threats Tirion

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