Happy New Year Everyone! It is a new Year and a new Season 34. Of course, there is a new card back to be earned by placing rank 20 or higher in either Standard or Wild. After the Jade Lotus themed back last month, we will get a Grimestreet one in January. Despite the handbuff mechanic, that is not working out in the actual meta, the card back looks pretty cool! The red cobblestones with the Hearthstone logo as a manhole cover look really original, great design there. Well, get the grime from last night out of your head and start earning it!


Hearthstone 2017 Wishlist

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Introduction On December 27th, August Dean Ayala (@IksarHS) tweeted the following: What's on your Hearthstone wishlist for 2017? — August Dean Ayala (@IksarHS) December 27, 2016 Before I continue with my personal wishlist for hearthstone, there is one thing I wish of you readers. I only begun writing content for the Hearthstone community one year ago. My first article was published on December 21th, the Dark Peddler Infographic. Now, after almost 150 articles, which sum up to 2+ articles a week, there is one thing I personally wish for most in 2017 is feedback from you. As a content creator who, I spend as much time writing about the game as actually playing it. Therefore, feddback from you is the most important thing to not get stuck in my own world. In the end, I do this for you and to getting connected with the community is the best way to know what

Next week, we will get a new “Dark Wanderer Tavern Brawl”. It will be Diablo-themed, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the series according to a post on the official diablo blog (see the blue post below). A lot of details were already datamined. Hearthpwn has put together the details in this post. As a reward, we will also receive a new card back!

Introduction When Reno Jackson was first introduced in the League of Explorers Adventure, a lot of players doubted the viability of Highlander decks (decks with only one copy of each card) which we all know today in the Hearthstone universe as Reno decks. As it turned out, the doubts were unjustified, but these decks remained a niche pick and were mostly played by specialists only. This changed tremendously with the introduction of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan (MSG). Not only did Mage, Priest, and Warlock get access to two ‘if your deck contains no duplicates’ cards but, atop, the card pool we have access to in Standard is at its largest we ever had. Reno-Style Cards and Decks Kazakus is a powerhouse that has an impact comparable to Reno Jackson himself allowing for huge swing turns. The other fall off more or less ranging from Raza, the Chained being a staple in

Introduction Miracle Rogue (MR) in Standard, though not played as much as other decks on the ladder outside of high ranks, is a very good deck in general and an excellent tournament deck. Most Rogue specialists claim that they are favored against any deck. It is strong indeed, but tends to run out of steam or damage is the enemy is able to heal repeatedly. Nevertheless, the potential of huge burst is an always present threat when playing against Miracle Rogue which enables it to snatch some surprising wins. This article is no guide on how to play. It is rather an overview on the different iterations and a card by card explanation and providing a side by side comparison in an infographic. The Core The core of the deck has not changed a lot. It actually consists of 22 cards whereas few variations cut 1 or 2 in favor of

Introduction I already wrote the Karazhan Power Rankings and the Old Gods Power Rankings. I will continue this by evaluating the cards of the newest expansion as well. If you comment on twitter, please use the hashtag #GadgetzanPR. This is the last iteration of the power rankings for MSG, the pre-release version can be found here. I apllied changes to the ranks of 38 cards but mostly ony one rank up and down. There were just a few cards that I under- or overrated by 2 ranks, almost half of them being Jade Golem associated cards. The cards are sorted by gang and class. Underrated by 2 or more ranks (7): Aya Blackpaw,  Jade Behemoth, Jade Blossom, Jade Claws, Sleep with the Fishes and Finja, the Flying Star. Overrated by 2 or more ranks (4): Mark of the Lotus, Bomb Squad Madam Goya and Hobart Grapplehammer. It is debateble if there is a ☆☆☆☆☆☆ (6


Pirate Decks Overpowered?

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The Aggro Rant With the release of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, soon™, a vast number of Hearthstone players began complaining about aggro decks. Pirates, in particular, were the target of that hate because of Patches the Pirate and Small-Time Buccaneer. “Oh, these cards are dumb, everybody can win with these.” “Patches OP!” “The meta is broken because of SMT and Patches.” These and other comments can be found almost everywhere which raise the following questions. Why does Blizzard print these aggressive cards? Are they overpowered? Is Aggro the problem? Whether you like to hear it or not, aggressive decks are necessary and healthy to keep late-game oriented lists in check. If we had not these aggressive line-ups, there would be a meta with control decks getting ever greedier. Yes, on the one hand,  the above-mentioned cards can feel oppressive and frustrating when you got no answer. On the other hand,

Hotfix of Dec. 6th Blizzard applied a hotfix on Dec. 6th to resolve some issues with the initial release of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan: December Ranked Card Back: Paid in Jade Like every month, we will get a shiny card back in December too. Its theme is related to the Jade Lotus faction, colored in shiny gold and lush jade green. This month’s back is of the most beautiful so far IMHO. November Top 100 Ranked Players November Ranked Season Top 100 players were made public can be found in the blue post below or by following the link.


Official Tournament Mode (BETA) in China!

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Yesterday, the Team Celestial posted a series of very interesting tweets about an official beta tournament mode by Hearthstone BOX. First of all, read for yourself: Players in China now has an official tournament mode(BETA) provided by "Hearthstone Box"(info sees in pic). pic.twitter.com/ZL6ZF34ZT6 — Team Celestial (@CelestialSinn) December 8, 2016 No more decklist submit, no more reporting score, no more annoying printscreen, no more cheat and scam, don't even need an admin any more. — Team Celestial (@CelestialSinn) December 8, 2016 Even ban-pick is automatically done by the program. pic.twitter.com/tfk0gBkhD4 — Team Celestial (@CelestialSinn) December 8, 2016 Win/lose is automatically detected and score will be saved by the program. pic.twitter.com/gLwp0h67RN — Team Celestial (@CelestialSinn) December 8, 2016 When you're qualified you will automatically advance to next stage, no admin needed. pic.twitter.com/PGsON3uRzW — Team Celestial (@CelestialSinn) December 8, 2016 This seems too good to be true. This is what the competitive community


Paladin in Gadgetzan – A Blast to Play!

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Introduction Paladin, despite not being popular at the moment, received some very interesting and flexible card in the ‘Mean Streets of Gadgetzan’ expansion. It is also the most versatile class regarding the ‘buff your hand’ mechanic of the Grimy Goons. I did play-test the below lists to a good success. The strategy and planning involved feel rewarding. Do I have to dump my minions immediately or can I wait a turn longer to expand the value of buffing all minions in hand even further. This is only one of the decisions that you will have to make. Following you will find new cards wit explanations why they are important for Paladin right now. The article will conclude by providing deck list for you to try out. Noteworthy Card Additions in MSG All Decks: Generally (Ab-)Usable These cards are amazing! If you take a look at the below deck lists, they are

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