The Thailand localization will be coming with Patch 4.2 on March 29th. So far so good. There was a discussion on reddit that we might see the next expansion alongside. I will bring up reasoning why this is most probably not true, as was also already discussed there. Let’s get back in time a little to take a look at patch numbers at the release of adventures and expansions, as well as in the pre-release Phase. This will get a structured résumé over patch numbering by in Hearthstone: alpha open and closed beta initial release 1.1.0.xxxx: Curse of Naxxramas 2.0.0.xxxx: Goblins vs Gnomes 2.4.0.xxxx: Blackrock Mountain 3.0.0.xxxx: The Grand Tournement 4.0.0.xxxx: League of Explorers Also, we witnessed a localizations in the recent past, which did not come with any major updates. It came in the form of the Japan localization. This update increased the version numbers form 3.1 to 3.2 and happened on


Moments ago, the official Hearthstone blog announced a new feature called “deck recipes“. But what are they you ask? Just yesterday, I saw a reddit post tweeted by the Hearthstone subreddit that complained about basic decks. In this post by Arkonor it was discussed that the basic decks are very outdated and should be re-balanced, e.g. Warrior, which is built around the old “give charge” ability of Warsong Commander. It seems Team 5 already got that on their list and developed today’s announced feature. Simply put, these recipes are general decks ideas for each class, three each, to be exact. One will be a classic deck, consisting of only classic and basic cards. The other two will be a build around a specific theme, think e.g. Miracle Rogue or Freeze Mage. These decks should introduce deck building strategies to newer players and help them to more easily transition to constructing viable

In good old Blizzard fashion, a teaser letter appeared to get the hype and speculations rolling for this Friday’s event. This time, the guys and gals of blizzheart reported of receiving a letter first. It confirms that we will see the expected presentation of the new expansion. It reads: “There are whispers around the Tavern…” and “Come listen closely and discover the next Hearthstone expansion at a special live-streamed event!” The following images first appeared on blizzheart.com: It definetly teases something more dark or spooky. What will it be? Are we still in for the “old gods theory”? Leave a comment and don’t forget to tune in to the official Hearthone twitch stream on March 11, 2016 at 7 p.m (CET) | 6 p.m (GMT)| 10 a.m (PST) | 12 p.m (CST) | 1 p.m (EST).

The Hearthstone subreddit is going wild on speculations once again, with the upcoming announcements of March 11th only a couple of days away. This time, a post by PlayTank quotes a 4 month old reddit post by KarbyP from a japanese site. By accidently quoting voice-overs of possibly new cards it previously predicted some LoE cards right: Arch-Thief Rafaam, Elise Starseeker, Ethereal Conjurer, Museum Curator, Naga Sea Witch and Chieftain Scarwash (LoE Boss). The rumor is, that we might see new alternate hero skins for Paladin, Priest and Rogue by Lady Liadrin, Tyrande Whisperwind and Maiev Shadowsong respectively. I dug up alternate hero portraits on hearthpwn  to give you an impression what they might look like: Credits go tohearthpwn users Mountain Giant, Novice Engineer and  Hackergrad. Fullas Games already published a vision of how Tyrande and Maiev may look like: There is still room in the post to speculate about new cards that we might

A few days ago, there was a rumor on reddit, that the new spring expansion would be tied to the old gods. The rumor was first spread by an italian website in a post on February 23rd: La nuova espansione di Hearthstone sarà incentrata sugli “Old Gods”? Today, it came to public notice that the card carousel on the offical hearthstone site was changed to five very darkly themed cards: Cult Master, Dark Whispers, Faceless Manipulator, Mind Blast and Void Terror. Again, it is theorized on a post on reddit that all these card hint to the old gods. In preparation to what might come, it may be a good idea to familiarize oneself with the history of the old gods. There is a three part video by nobbel87 on youtube about the lore of the titans and the old gods. For those who prefer reading, head over to WoWwiki’s lore article on the old

Introduction Well met! It’s OtakuMZ again. Today I will not bring an infographic. Huge changes are coming with the “Spring Expansion”. Adjacent to the new cards, blance changes are looming over Hearthstone. There was no official date on when the changes will be officially announced until yesterday. There was a hint by Yong Woo on the 50th episode of the Well Met! podcast, that Wednesday would be a good day to run the next shows. Phil Kollar, senior editor of Polygon, commented on the 136th episode of The Angry Chicken podcast on February 25th, that he is invited to an event at Blizzard “in two weeks”. It is known that this meeting at Blizzard with community members and press people is to be held on March 9th. Our own guy, JR Cook (@eldorian), will be there. Anyway, it seems that we do not have to wait for a long time until all we will get to

Sponsors – GamersGearEU  |  Twitter – @Fade2Karma | Facebook – Fade2Karma | www.Fade2Karma.com Written by @F2K_Chalk Every week the pros from team Fade2Karma break down the “Deck of the Week.” These decks are seeing a lot of play either in constructed ladder or tournaments. Team F2K explain the deck lists and how to play them. View past Deck Lists of the Week. New season means a new start to this grueling ladder grind. For the past month (well even more), we’ve been seeing a lot of the same decks in ladder. Some of these are: Combo Druid, Secret Paladin, Renolock, Aggro Shaman, Zoolock, Control Priest, and Control Warrior. That being said, why haven’t we seen Hunters lately? It is because people thought Hunter ‘was’ dead. The League of Explorers (LoE) introduced a card named Reno Jackson that made it a lot harder to SMOrc: you sacrifice deck consistency for a worthy full life late


Secrets Infographic

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Well met! Today’s infographic is none of your business, haha … Ok, bad jokes aside, but I could not resist on this one. In the newest infographic I will dive deep into everything about secrets. In my personal experience, secrets part players in two. Some really like them and others despise them. I personally like them a lot because they are the only way to interact with the opponents on their turn. It feels really rewarding if you play secrets in a way it totally changes how your opponents have to play their turn. It is also possible to play secrets in a way to totally mislead the opposing player. Upcoming changes in Standard Up until now, one card, with the exception of paladin, went came always along with secrets: Mad Scientist. With the announcement of “Standard” and “Wild” though, it will fade into the oblivion of Wild play mode. I


Sir Finley Mrrgglton Infographic

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Hi OtakuMZ again with another (weekly) infographic, this time it is about Sir Finley Mrrgglton (SFM).  As with the last graphic, Sir Finley itself tackles a certain aspect of Hearthstone: the Hero Power (HP). Therefore I did not only cover the card itself but also all other cards that can manipulate HPs. After I put everything together, I was impressed of how many cards (43) are manipulating HPs. Mostly, these are the more recent “Inspire” cards though which knowingly underperformed in the most part in competitive play. Nevertheless, there are some honorable mentions, e.g. Confessor Paletress, Nexus Champion Saraad and more recently Tournament Medic. Who knows what Inspire card will pop up after Standard play mode hits – exciting! As many others already have acknowledged, SFM is a good card. Stats are above average for a 1-drop and the effect can be amazing. If you have at least 3 HPs that

Sponsors – GamersGearEU  |  Twitter – @Fade2Karma | Facebook – Fade2Karma | www.Fade2Karma.com Written by @F2K_Chalk Every week the pros from team Fade2Karma break down the “Deck of the Week.” These decks are seeing a lot of play either in constructed ladder or tournaments. Team F2K explain the deck lists and how to play them. View past Deck Lists of the Week. The meta has been the same this past few weeks. You will notice the same decks are being played like Freeze Mage, Renolock, Secret Paladin and Tempo Mage. Today, I take you back to 2015 with Deathrattle Rogue! This type of Rogue has solid midrange power that has a super sticky board. The whole list revolves around Unearthed Raptor: it is the only reason why you play this deck. It has the stats of a Spider Tank which can copy deathrattles of your minions on board. It is a really good card,