Famous streamer Trump brought us his card reveal in the form of Hemet, Jungle Hunter. Also E. Malone’s Journal #4, which came alongside a new Prof. Doyle video, gave us three new cards, two neutral Elementals and one Warlock Adapt card. Edit: Paladin quest also revealed! See for yourself: Ravenous Pterrordax looks very appealing for Zoo style decks or after you cast Mist of Corruption. In Wild you can make use of a minion which would die by Power Overwhelming anyway to trigger the effect. Servant of Kalimos is a good tools to keep the Elemental train running to keep triggering effects the following turn(s). Stats are below average but drawing a specific card might turn up powerful enough to justify running it. Galvadon looks very interesting but without knowing the Quest it the Kaleidosaur is tied to the card is very hard to evaluate. Hemet, Jungle Hunter is the strangest card released from

Blizzard announced the Year of the Mammoth Celebrations which will give players rewards while logging in daily between March 29th and April 5th. The details of this event can be seen below. Over the course of the weekend as well as today, there were some more cards revealed. Three of them belong to the Hunter class and I am very excited about those. It seems, after Shaman and Priest, Hunter gets a big buff. The overall picture regarding the class gets clearer with a focus on the quest, and 1-mana minions respectively, as well as the continued emphasis on the Deathrattle effect. Small Raptor is a great card for the Hunter quest because it generates a 1-mana token – and what a token that is: 4/3 Raptor for ONE (!) mana – 5/5 stars (see below)! The Hunter quest drove me to theorycraft on the decks it is played in. You can find the article here. Crackling Razormaw brings

Introduction The new Hunter quest ‘The Marsh Queen’ is very intriguing. Its flavor of swarming your opponent with a raptor army is so well designed I just want to play it. The question that bothers me though is how many one-drops I have to put in the deck to make the quest consistently trigger. Edit: This article was intended to just highlight a Elemental focused deck but as there were new Hunter Beast cards revealed over the course of the weekend, a Beast Swarm deck makes even more sense. Nevertheless, I will not bury my initial idea of a control focused Elemental Swarm deck because I still have hopes it might be a thing. Building a Swarm Deck Ville “Old_GuardianHS” Kilkku posted an excellent analytical article regarding the problem of finishing the quest in the Hunter swarm decks: Journey to Un’Goro: An early look at Swarm Hunter. He also released

Today, another big junk of ten new and exciting cards from the upcoming Journey to Un’Goro set were shown off by Blizzard on their  official Hearthstone Twitch channel at the beginning of day 2 of the HCT Winter in the Bahamas. Dean Ayala and Brian Kibler presented the reveal in the usual lighthearted and funny way we are used to from Kibler. The most outstanding one was . The images of all cards can be found below this paragraph. For an overview of all Un’Goro cards released so far head either to the Un’Goro Power Rankings or to the Un’Goro Spoiler Card List. Volcanosaur a double Adapt beast is interesting but hard to evaluate until played around with Adapt for some time. It is interesting enough to try though and everybody will be able to get the golden version for free as an Un’Goro login reward. Gluttonous Ooze might the weapon removal tool

Yesterday, March 21st, card reveals came late for me as an EU citizen and also those released were already covered in the E. Malone jorunal dissection #3. After yesterday’s focus on Shaman with Elementals and Murlocs. March 21st These cards are already discussed here. March 22nd Today, Peter Whalen revealed the Rogue Quest with a Shadowstep theme as well as another Rogue cards that copies a card drawn. Following are all cards made public. The Rogue Quest (The Caverns Below), is interesting, to say the least. There are a lot of cards that enable playing a minion more than once, but few are viable in the actual meta, maybe they will be soon?! The quest reward, Crystal Core, is fantastic, as are all rewards so far. Mimic Pod apparently supports the quest and is Arcane Intellect level of good. Hydrologist is at least decent but nothing to get too excited of IMHO.

Blizzard just released a new Fireside Chat blog post on the offcicial Hearthstone site. Mike Domais talks in it a lot about Elementals. We were all womdering about how the Elemental tribe would interact with each other and this article gives a lot of insight to it. The post is accopanied with some new card spoilers (Flame Elemental is a token)! See for yourself….

Spoiler season started fast in week one. We already got 4 8 new cards released: Fire Fly is the first of the Elemental flock and seems good value. It also plays in the “if you played an Elemental last turn” mechanic. Crystalline Oracle is understatted (in a vacuum, a worse Swashburglar), but has both quest and elemental synergy. We have yet to see what value comes from the elemental tag. The impact of being an Elemental in Priest still is unclear. Shadow Visions is a combo-enabler that could also find a place in control decks for the utility it provides; need an AoE damage for turn 5, go get it! Flame Geysir could be a cheap substitute for Arcane Blast in Elemental Mage decks. Clutchmother Zavas provides even more tools for Discardlock on the “card you want to be discarded” side. The picture of where this archetype is heading is getteing clearer and

The stream is over and we got some exting stuff that got revealed. We saw the Warlock Quest which is all about Discard. Hunter’s and Rogue’s Legendary minions were shown off and man – great mechanics! The craziest card by far, while likely not competitive, is a new Warrior Epic spell that replaces your ENTIRE deck with “Discover a card” cards!!! Anyway, without further ado, here are the cards: John “kickedtripod” Horstman made some nice GIFs of Elise, Sherazim, and and KingDred gameplay for you to enjoy: Here is a full gif of Elise the Trailblazer’s interaction. #UnGoro #Hearthstone pic.twitter.com/1YikG1q2MD — John Horstmann (@kickedtripod) March 17, 2017 A full gif of the Sherazin interaction. Notice the leaves light up as you play cards. #Hearthstone #UnGoro pic.twitter.com/XQ89WVMwQ5 — John Horstmann (@kickedtripod) March 17, 2017 Swamp King Dred interaction gif pic.twitter.com/5IMs7OSwTR — John Horstmann (@kickedtripod) March 17, 2017 We learned a few more

Introduction This is the fourth iteration of Power Rankings after MSoG, ONiK and WotOG. I will continue this tradition by evaluating the cards of the newest expansion as well. If you comment on twitter, please use the hashtag #UnGoroRankings. This time, this article will not be just me, Martin “OtakuMZ“, but Nicholas “hsdecktech” will join me on this journey. Additionally, there will be a added category above the normal rankings: Q: Quest Rankings. Legendary spells just deserved their own category. In this category we will rank all Legendary Quest with their subsequent rewards from best to worst. They will also appear in the normal rankings. The last thing we will add is a “Controversities” Chapter below the rankings. If Nicholas and I heavily disagree on a card, we will discuss it there. To see all the tokens and Adapt upgrades please head to @Eldorian‘s Journey to Un’Goro Spoiler Card List. If you want some more insights on card analysis, we invite you to check out Card Reviews


Dissecting E. Malone’s Journal #2

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Introduction E. Malone is getting insights of his second week of his adventures in Un’Goro Crater. Again, we, hsdecktech and I, OtakuMZ will try to unravel the secrets hidden in his journal. If you missed the first part of this series, you can find it here. The video we saw right before this journal got released is tied to these pages. Our analysis to the “Wonders of Un’Goro” #1 and the vid itself can be found here. Maybe there is more crazy stuff like Beast in Paladin buried in these journal pages below? But first, here read for yourself: Day 8? Another mention of these storms with green and blue lightning that we already saw in the Doyle video. The huge flash at the end seemed to teleport part of the expedition to another place. This could a) lead to another Shaman associated AoE but this would result in the fourth one (two

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