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Blizzard Entertainment is readying up to post more Class previews of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. One thing, though … they have no clue which class to preview next. Can you help Blizzard decide which Class to preview? Among the poll options are: Warrior, Warlock and Shaman. Choose your poison from this Poll of Power. Fortune favors the informed! You are, no doubt, brimming with curiosity about the powers, cards, and abilities that Hearthstone’s heroes will be wielding in the course of dueling for card-o-logical supremacy. Exert your will across the aether and cast your vote below to learn more about the tricks and tools that will be at the beck and call of your favored fighter in the poll below.

The Hearthstone team has put out a new Fireside Duel – this time in the form of Jaina vs. Thrall (mage deck vs. shaman deck). Some interesting points in this game – this is the first time we see how the secret cards work. Basically you play them, they cost mana, your opponent sees you have played something but it’s unknown to them what you played. When your opponent does something to trigger the secret card then it activates and says what it does. In the case of this game the card was activated when the opponent attacked with their minion and the effect in place was the player who played the secret got a copy of the minion card that attacked. The shaman deck in this case looks seriously fun to play (if not a bit overpowered) as the random totem ability and his wolf cards are really good.

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