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If you want a pretty sweet looking Diablo themed card back, then you need to hop on and try out this week’s Tavern Brawl. This is a vs. AI tavern brawl this week where you will be creating a deck and playing against The Dark Wanderer. He will start the game with 3 various secrets. His hero power will summon a random imp. If you reveal all 3 secrets, the secret cow level event will begin. The Dark Wanderer will change into the Cow King and has a hero power of “Whenever a Hell Bovine Dies, Draw a Card”. You can get the card back without popping the 3 secrets and winning the game, but what’s the fun of that? List of secrets: Visions of the Assassin: When your opponent summons a minion with Stealth, All minions equip a dagger Visions of the Barbarian: When your opponent summons a minion with

A lot of turnover is happening in the Blizzard world these last few months. Just a few months ago it was announced that Diablo Game Director Josh Mosquiera had left Blizzard. World of Warcraft Game Director Tom Chilton moved on to an unannounced project leaving Ion Hazzikostas in his wake. Now it appears Hearthstone has a new Game Director in Ben Brode (and has been for a few weeks now). Ben Brode has been with the team since the very beginning, helping now former Game Director Eric Dodds in creating Hearthstone. He will be moving from his role as Senior Game Designer to Game Director. Eric Dodds has been fairly absent from the public eye. His last appearance during a reveal of new content was during BlizzCon 2015 with League of Explorers, and as far as I can tell was really the last time he was involved in an interview

Mean Streets of Gadgetzan is just a couple days old and like any expansion release, we’re seeing a hectic meta as people start testing out decks to see what works and what doesn’t. Also like every collectible card game in existence with a new expansion, aggro takes the early lead as people take advantage of experimentation for quick and easy wins. Aggro Pirate Warrior is such a deck that should be popular toward the beginning, but I’m not sure will have any staying power. Jade Golem Druid is a very popular pick as well and as people continue to experiment with it, it’s possible it could be a top tier meta deck for the next year – especially in any meta that you can easily control the late game. Other popular decks have been Reno/Kazakus versions for Priest, Dragon Priest, Reno style Mage, and Reno style Warlock. With Kabal focusing

An alert redditor /u/VdeVenancio noticed that the Hearthstone official logo was being changed on the official website, on the battle.net app, and was even changed on the Hearthstone subreddit. The subtitle of “Heroes of Warcraft” was being removed. Sure enough, if you go to the official pages you will see the new logo below: As opposed to the logo of old below: Hearthstone subreddit moderator /u/deviouskat89 even explained that Blizzard sent them the new logo asking if it could be changed on the subreddit. So this is a very intentional decision by Blizzard to start referring to the game as just Hearthstone instead of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. The subreddit made the change about 4 days ago, so it appears this has been something Blizzard has been changing in the last week. Several people are wondering, what does this mean? Is it possible we might be seeing other Blizzard franchises finding it’s

JR and John from Well Met Podcast were able to sit down with Rachelle Davis and Peter Whalen from the Hearthstone development team to discuss Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. During this interview we discuss a bit about the design process behind the new Hearthstone expansion, what we can expect from the tri-class cards, and even a little bit about the Heroic Tavern Brawl feature we will be seeing soon.

John and Kevin from the Well Met Podcast were able to sit down and discuss Mean Streets of Gadgetzan with Designer Mike Donais and Producer Yong Woo. In this interview the team discusses it’s design process for the new expansion, the decisions they made with the card design and theme, and also some hints for what might be coming down the road feature wise in 2017 for Hearthstone.


Hearthstone’s 4th major expansion is expected to hit early December 2016 and has 132 collective cards. As cards get revealed we will add them to the spoiler list until we have a full collection. We’ve arranged them by rarity and then by casting cost and alphabetical order with class cards being afterwards. There are 9 multi-class cards in this set. They are divided up as the Grimy Goons (Hunter, Paladin, Warrior), Kabal (Mage, Priest, Warlock), and Jade Lotus (Druid, Rogue, Shaman). For an evolving evaluation of the cards fell free to visit the Gadgetzan Power Rankings by OtakuMZ. Revealed 132/132 Last Updated November 28, 2016 Neutral Common Neutral Rare Neutral Epic Neutral Legendary Grimy Goons Kabal Jade Lotus Druid Hunter Mage Paladin Priest Rogue Shaman Warlock Warrior  Tokens Note on Jade Golem Mechanic: When you summon a Jade Golem the first one you summon is a 1/1 with 1 mana, the next

We are a month away from the Hearthstone Championships at BlizzCon, and much like last year, we have some balance changes incoming for some cards. Last year we saw the nerf to Grim Patron decks which dominated the competitive scene – this year we are seeing changes targeting primarily Shaman, overly aggressive decks, and a change to Yogg Saron. Shaman got hit with nerfs to Rockbiter Weapon and Tuskarr Totemic and Aggro Shaman gets hit a bit with Abusive Sergeant becoming a 1/1. Hunter will have to wait a turn longer before being able to pop off Call of the Wild. Warriors finally get a change that makes Execute a bit more expensive to play and also OTK Warrior gets hit with a nerf to the charge mechanic. Likely the most controversial card in competitive play right now is Yogg Saron – it will no longer cast spells if he


The Opera Heroic Deck Lists and Videos

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The 2nd wing for One Night in Karazhan has been released and I think this week you’ll find yourself taking a lot less time navigating through this wing as last week’s took. In fact, these deck lists should not only get you to one shot them on normal, but there’s a good chance you’ll one shot them on heroic as well. It might take a couple extra tries but for the most part, this week was fairly easy. Julianne Julianne is invincible for as long as Romulo is on the board. Her hero power brings back Romulo who is a 4/2 minion. She plays a lot of taunt minions and goes face a lot. The strategy here is to control the board as much as possible, keep yourself healed up and kill Romulo when you have additional minions to hit her face. For this fight I went with a Reno

One Night in Karazhan has dropped and the Prologue mission (free) and the The Parlor (first wing) is now open. Two of the boss battles on these use pre-constructed decks and I provided some videos below of the heroic versions. The other two heroic bosses require you to develop your own decks, and in this instance I found I could use the same deck list with ease for both encounters. If you’d like to see what cards you get for completing the wings this week make sure to check our spoiler list. Prologue – Prince Malchezaar This fight is all about recycling your spells and trying to get really big turns where you can pop off spells, get a ton of spell damage and just destroy your opponent. You can be more selective of getting certain spells back than I was, but it still seemed to work. Silverware Golem He

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